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  1. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    Alexander is still there
  2. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    Nice call.
  3. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    And a whole bunch of Ravens fans exhale.
  4. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    Why? Only 6 players can be taken before we have to pick anyway.
  5. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    Traded 3 picks for a guard? Good call San Fran.
  6. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    I wouldn't - as good as he is, he's an ILB - we could get an impact pass rusher or corner with our next pick, and I think in today's league those positions are more valuable.
  7. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    That's not true at all - the only people who gave us a B- was Walterfootball (and that was Walt, their poor analyst - Campbell is the more knowledgable of the two and he has yet to say anything) and those know-it-alls at PFF who never have anything good to say about the Ravens. SI and CBS gave us a B, USA Today an A-, Mike Mayock loved the pick.
  8. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    Or they could try and keep teams from routinely scoring 30+ a game on them and not force Luck to have to throw 50 times a game, vary their offense more with a run game, and keep teams off Luck that way. They're basically giving Luck the Manning treatment, and he only won a Superbowl because his defense absolutely stood on their heads in that 2006 playoff run.
  9. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    So, Indy has been in the bottom half of the league in points allowed pretty much every year Luck has been their QB. They've spent 4 of their last 5 first round picks and 4 of 5 second round picks on offense. So the obvious choice, with some very good defensive players on their board, is a center.
  10. Welcome to Baltimore, Ronnie Stanley

    Watch the presser - they said there were offers pre-draft to move, but during the draft nobody called. So obviously we didn't like the offers we were getting beforehand, and nothing better materialized.
  11. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    Jack's knee must be very bad. Jadeveon Clowney has yet to look like the same player post his microfracture procedure, and it sounds like Jack is all but guaranteed to need the same thing in a few years, so I definitely understand why teams are passing now.
  12. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    I have to laugh at some of these comments - seriously, they had to have rated Stanley very highly to stay where they were and pick him. Guaranteed there were offers on the table for either of the top 2 tackles in the draft. I happen to think picking him means he was a top 3 prospect on our board - if everyone left was in the 5-7 range, we would have traded back and picked up an extra third round pick.
  13. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    It could also be the numerous injuries - maybe they just didn't want to take a chance post the Eugene Monroe Experiment
  14. 2016 Draft Round 1 "Game Thread"

    Too many good players left to trade back now.
  15. 2016 WR Prospect Thread

    With Wallace on board, it gives us 4 starting options - obviously if everyone's healthy it will be SSS and Perriman, but Aiken and Wallace can both be starters in a pinch. So we can afford this year to take a flier on more of an upside player in a later round. I'm looking at Sharpe, Listenbee, Higgins, Mitchell, Chris Brown as guys who could come in and contribute.