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  1. [News] Wide Receiver Braxton Miller An Intriguing Playmaker

    Not necessarily the same hype or type of player, but I remember how everyone in the NFL was gushing over Tavon Austin when he came out three years ago.  Again, Miller is a bigger, stronger guy, but Austin had much more from an experience perspective, and he was being talked about much more.  So far he's really struggled - a lot has to do with the QB situation, but it just seems to me that a lot of these guys who don't fit into a traditional role and are looked at as more of a swiss army knife kind of player (the term "weapon" gets way overused for guys who I just think don't have any defined role at that point in their careers) end up struggling a lot at the NFL level.
  2. Why is everyone assuming guard is NOT a need?

    I would say define need in terms of draft position.  Yes we've taken guards with top 100 picks before, but for the most part solid starters can be found in later rounds.  Unless we're looking for an elite prospect at the position, it can be addressed later.  I think most of the players and positions people are discussing right now are guys they want the FO to target in the first 3 rounds. As an example, Jensen, Urschel, and Wagner were all later round picks.
  3. [News] Wide Receiver Braxton Miller An Intriguing Playmaker

    Maybe in the third round, but no earlier. Transitioning positions is not easy though there are plenty of players in the league who have done it. But WR in the first would be Treadwell, and in the second round there are 6-7 receivers I'd take over him, especially as high as we're picking. I expect no more than 3 receivers to be taken by the time we're on the board in the second round.
  4. [News] Scouting The Senior Bowl 2016: Pass Rushers

      I keep forgetting about Ramsey.  He'd be a great pick also, but like I said he'd probably not look like a player worthy of a top-10 selection until year 2-3 given the difficulty of transition for D-backs from college to the NFL.  The one big question mark I have about Ramsey is that he had so few INTs in college, and we badly need a guy in the back end who's a threat to take the ball away either from a sack or an INT.  
  5. [News] Scouting The Senior Bowl 2016: Pass Rushers

    I wish Buckner hadn't skipped the Senior bowl, I wanted to get a better look at him. But aside from Joey Bosa, we should have our pick of the top pass rushers in this class, and unless it's a left tackle I don't see any other position that would be as valuable for us going forward. Corners, safeties, wide receivers often take years to really start going in their careers, but a great D-lineman, like Suggs or Ngata, can be great from year one and be a cornerstone of your defense for a decade or more.
  6. Has Ozzie lost his touch?

    I hate to pick on the Panthers or the Broncos, but lets just take a look at draft position: Since 2000, the Panthers have picked in the top half of the draft (top 16 picks) 9 times, or just over half of those drafts, including 4 top 10 picks.  The Broncos Have picked in the top half of the draft 6 times.  In that time, the Ravens have had the following picks in the top 16 - Jamal Lewis, Terrrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata.  And I can't put either Flacco (18th) or Mosley (17th) in that list because they are both technically bottom half of the first round picks.  We've pretty much nailed our top pick every time we've drafted high.  Now, with us picking so high this year, IMO this is a serious make or break draft because we should be in position to draft a 10 year starter at whatever position we draft first.  But the bottom line is the Panthers and Broncos were bad for a very long time, and missed big on some players in order to hit on their current stars.
  7. Flacco Speed envy?

      PolishRifle and JoeyFlex5 already alluded to the point I'd make - I don't think Joe would be necessarily envious of "speed', but of other quarterbacks having "the guy" on offense.  Think Brady and Gronk, Ryan and Jones, Manning and Thomas, Stafford and Megatron, Ben and Brown, Eli and Beckham, Dalton and Green, Romo and Bryant, Wilson and Graham, Rodgers and Nelson, etc.  Whenever you mention the top quarterbacks, every single one of them has "the guy" to throw to,  Cam Newton might be the exception without Kelvin Benjamin, but Benjamin would be "the guy" for Cam.  Maybe it will be Perriman for Joe; it probably would have been Dennis Pitta had he been healthy.  But it's clear that (like SSS was in 2014) the better statistical quarterbacks in the league all have a guy they can just throw it up for grabs to and know he'll come down with it 9 times out of 10.
  8. The 2016 AFC North

      The other thing people aren't considering is the health of the players and who was actually available.  Cam got nothing out of Benjamin this year, Joe got nothing out of Pitta or Perriman.  Of the 700 snaps Joe played, He had Pitta and Perriman for zero, SSS for 350, Campanaro for 50, Crockett Gilmore for 580, Max Williams for 11, etc.  The top 5, so basically the weapons Flacco had the majority of the time, were Gilmore, Aiken, Givens, Williams, and Marlon Brown.  Cam had no Benjamin, but Corey Brown played 750 snaps, Ted Ginn 670, Funchess 500, Cotchery 400.
  9.   My issue with a team in St. Louis is simple - over the last decade they've consistently been in the bottom 5 of the NFL in attendance, often bottom 3.  Whether it was the terrible team, poor stadium, whatever the reason, I'm pretty sure they were losing money there, or at least not as popular as you'd expect an NFL team to be - and as I stated earlier, the Houston Texans' attendance history, especially in their early years, proves winning has little to do with it.  Ultimately, the NFL is a money-making business - if a team feels they can be profitable in St. Louis, I'd support a move there.  But if Stan Kroenke feels LA is a better market for selling out his stadium, I have no problem with him wanting to move his team there - he's the one paying for the team, so if he thinks the LA market brings a better return on his investment, I think he's entitled to move.  Plus, I'd imagine, at least in the short-term when the Rams are rebuilding, being in LA will help draw some better free agent talent to help them.
  10. Elite Pass Rush is a MUST!

      There's a reason we haven't really had that kind of impact player since the days when Suggs and Ngata were young - we simply don't draft high enough to have shots at these talents.  Let's run down the 2015 list of top 10 sack artists: Aaron Donald - 13th overall, Kawaan Short - 44th overall, Von Miller - 2nd overall, Geno Atkins - 120th overall, , Whitney Mercillus - 26th overall, Muhammed Wilkerson - 30th overall, Chandler Jones - 21st overall, Carlos Dunlap 54th overall, Ziggy Ansah 5th overall, Khalil Mack 5th overall, JJ Watt 11th overall.  Notice something - only 3 of these guys was NOT a first round pick, and 5 of them were top 15 picks in their respective drafts, and two others were taken in the top half of the second round.  We have been picking in the late 20s of every draft since 2008 except 1, and then we were still only 17th.  We had a shot at just 3 of these guys.  The last time we took a player regarded that highly was Suggs, and he's got a chance to finish his career in the top 15 in NFL history in sacks.
  11. Next up: Pro-bowl, Free Agency, Draft and the Salary Cap

      Dude ignore this person.  Clearly he has no clue exactly how "well" Carolina's line is performing.  Their adjusted sack rate (Sacks  compared to number of dropbacks) was in the bottom half of the league this year.  And their worst performer on the line the entire year, by far, was Michael Oher.  I mean, the Ravens won the Superbowl with Oher at right tackle also.  Didn't make him a quality starter at the spot that season either.
  12. Next up: Pro-bowl, Free Agency, Draft and the Salary Cap

      The CB market isn't so great - Leon Hall might be the best affordable one, but he's affordable because of age.
  13.   I didn't have a problem with the Colts moving.  The problem was the manner in which they did so.  When Art Modell moved the Browns, he told the city of Cleveland the year before that he would strongly consider moving if stadium changes weren't made.  He was petty about it, but he was up front about it.  Robert Irsay went on national television and said "the Colts aren't leaving Baltimore".  Then he vanished in the night.  I could partially understand it because at the time the Maryland legistlature had pushed through a bill that would have allowed the city to take control of the team from Irsay the following season, so he was running short on time.  But there's a big difference in threatening to do something and then doing it vs. lying through your teeth to the public and going behind everyone's back.
  14.   Right now I'm leaning no.  The EJ dome had a capacity of 66,000.  From 2008-2015, that team couldn't average even 60,000 in attendance in any single season.  To put that in perspective, that puts them in the bottom 5 in attendance in every one of those seasons.  They can cry about tradition and fandom, but the bottom line is the NFL is a business - if a team feels they can make more money by relocating, then they have the right to do so.  You bring up these other moves, and I agree - the Ravens and the Texans have finished in the top 12 teams in the league in attendance in every season since 2006.  And that's in spite of having close competition in the form of Dallas and Washington right down the road from them, basically. The Texans also buck the idea that "the team needs to win to earn support" - they have finished .500 or worse in half of their seasons, have 3 playoff appearances and 1 playoff win in that time, but people still go to their games.  The Rams have legendary players in their St. Louis history and still couldn't get people to go to their games.
  15. Next up: Pro-bowl, Free Agency, Draft and the Salary Cap

      Not just this year - since the Superbowl we've tried to shore up the secondary in FA every year and so far we've not been able to do it.