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  1. I remember the days of Travis Taylor and what we almost had with Michael Jackson, not to mention Mark Clayton and the "Demetrius Williams watch" years. We were fortunately to have gotten what we did out of Torrey and JJ.
  2. For the right price I'd bring him back as a situational pass-rushing specialist. He did well when he was here in that role, and he did okay in Cleveland when there was someone there taking the pressure off of him. Plus I thought Pees got the best out of him in 2012.
  3. I don't hate them. We have a team in Baltimore again, and as far as I'm concerned, the most important players involved, the players of the Baltimore Colts, chose Baltimore over the Colts. Johnny U was a fixture at early Ravens games. Guys like Lenny Moore, Tom Matte, Stan White, Art Donovan always maintained they were Baltimore players, not Colts players. So who cares that Baltimore had no football team for 12 years - Baltimore has 3 Superbowl titles, 5 NFL titles in total. The same people from the same City cheer both versions of the Baltimore football team. Am I ticked the Colts left the way they did, and on top of everything threw sand in the face of the city of Baltimore by preventing the USFL team from playing in their ABANDONED stadium, sure. But Indy has its football history, and in Baltimore we have ours.
  4. Is this best Raven's player or favorite? Best is Ray hands down, although J.O. is a step behind him for me, and Ed Reed a step behind J.O. But my favorite Raven of all time is Peter Boulware. One, I'm an FSU fan, and two, I loved his approach to the game - super intense on the field, but he wasn't an "in-your-face" kind of jerk (the ref chasing notwithstanding).
  5. Uh, what? Since 2011, Dalton has 2400 yards, 10 TDs 13 picks and a QBR of 75 vs. the Ravens. Since that same time, Flacco has 2400 yards, 13 TDs to 10 picks and a QBR of 84 against Cincinnati. Since 2011, Cinci has been in the top 3 of opposing QBR against 3 times while Baltimore has been there just once. In the last 2 years Baltimore has been in the bottom half of the league in opposing QBR, Cincinatti hasn't been that bad since 2010. Head-to-head matchups are a fallacy in rating quarterbacks since they don't play each other, they play their opponents' defense.
  6. Everyone knew this was coming after the first night of the draft. You don't draft a guy 6th overall and not expect him to start at left tackle in the near future. Monroe still had 3 years left on his deal, there was no way Stanley was playing RT or LG for 3 years and then making the switch to LT. At most it would have been one season, I just think the combination of Monroe's injury history and off-the field stance plus the fact that they like what they've seen from Stanley so far in OTAs prompted this move sooner.
  7. Hope none get injured. We thought we had the same "problem" last year, didn't we?
  8. I really don't like Tomlin that high - the Steelers were a very, very successful team in the years leading up to Tomlin replacing Cowher - from 2000-2005, they had 4 double-digit win seasons and won a Superbowl. In the 6 years prior to Harbaugh replacing Billick (2002-2007), the Ravens had 2 double digit win seasons, 3 losing seasons, and lost both of their playoff games. Tomlin has had a lot of success, but the Steelers as a franchise have been a very competitive team almost every year since Cowher took over in the early 90s. IMO easier to sustain success than it is to build consistency after what we had here in Baltimore during our first 10 years as a franchise.
  9. Well I'd say lock simply because he's the only guy who has any starting experience besides the vets. Real game production > preseason/OTA reps, since we've already got proof he can play against NFL caliber DBs. And I'd say we do have decent depth compared to some other teams in the league - we know that at least 4 or 5 guys on this roster can play in real games against real NFL defenses and do something - and that I think is more valuable than one beastly receiver and a bunch of guys who are easily covered by number 4 cornerbacks. Some teams don't even have 2 solid NFL starters. Individual talent wise, yes I wouldn't put us very high, since SSS is at the end, Wallace is a number 3 at best at this point, Aiken is maybe a poor mans starter, and we don't know about Perriman - the rest of the guys are unknown, but Camp showed something when healthy, and Chris Matthews played very well with us at the end there. But I'd rather be us than the Bengals with AJ Green, and their next best options being a rookie draft pick and a guy who has spent 5 years with 2 teams.
  10. IMO not much - there are still 11 receivers on the roster and only a total of 7 active roster spots. If you assume 4 are gauranteed - SSS and Wallace the vets, Perrimen the first round pick, Aiken last year's breakout player - that leaves 8 guys competing for 3 spots, which includes two players we drafted this year. So Camp still has quite an uphill battle left to make the team.
  11. I really don't think we need a TE - we have Gilmore, Williams, Watson, Pitta, Waller, and eventually will get Boyle back from suspension - yeah half of them need to be superglued back together before seeing the field, but there will be cap casualties in July/August if we really need a body by then. The TE class this year IMO was very, very underwhelming. Any guy we picked up, based on talent alone, I think would have a hard time even beating out Waller and he's probably the low man on the totem pole given he's relatively new to the position. I think as of right now, Jeff Cumberland, Garret Graham, and even old man Owen Daniels are without teams.
  12. Interestingly, coming into this draft I thought we a corner, offensive lineman, depth at the defensive line and receiver positions (to protect in case some of our injured guys aren't ready to go at the start of the season). I think we ended up with 2 of each. Here's to hoping all of them have a place in this league, even if it's not with the Ravens.
  13. One guy who I'm glad to see that hated it - Mike Preston.
  14. Yeah, I mean easing J.O. in clearly didn't work out for us...
  15. Norman didn't become a household name until his 4th season. Webb was on his way there before injuries derailed his career, Pitta possibly the same way. And everyone you mentioned - remember 31 other teams also whiffed on those picks - IMO it's much more luck than anything else, some of these guys do things in the NFL that you NEVER could have projected from their college tape e.g. Sherman was a WR at Stanford until injuries forced a position switch, so there really was limited tape on his abilities as a CB coming out. We do have 4 shots in the 4th round this year, so maybe this is our year to unveil one of those guys. But again, that guy may already be on our roster, and just hasn't developed yet.