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  1. With Juice, I think it was what we were doing as an offense and the other weapons we had that were higher up the chain of known reliability (and the money of course). For Aiken, he ended up where he belonged on the depth chart, given his body of work when gauged against his competition as well. I see their respective team changes having drastically different results. Juice will flourish while Aiken will realize he's 4th on the depth chart again because he's setting the bar even higher for himself now. I wish them both well though.
  2. There has to be more the the Aiken story we don't know on why we let him go. After him having the semi-breakout year he was expected to have, I'd be willing to bet we let him shop around for a good reason though. Now, that puts a little higher priority on getting a veteran in here but I'd also be willing the bet they have something in the works for that as well. I also believe we'll be using our RB's and TE's in the passing game a lot more so, if we can get a good vet WR with a couple years left in his legs in here, on a 1 or 2 yr deal, we could use him to mentor a high draft pick on a promising WR maybe?
  3. IDK, I'm starting to think we won't take a WR or a Corner in the 1st round. A DB possibly. Of course, it all depends a lot on how the board works out during the draft but I believe we'll start with a stud for our O line, be it a Center or Guard. Could even be a RB if a top flight guy is there at 16. I know it's not a sexy pick but if nothing else, my guess is probably as good as any.
  4. Just a thought, As far as our offense goes, we need to protect Joe so he feels comfortable in the pocket. We can't ask him to be Rothlesberger and he'd not getting any younger either. We have a pretty good line now but need to bring in a stout guy or two, to fill in our offensive line. I believe since it is so hard to find a true #1 receiver, I think we'll rely on a lot of 6-10yd Playaction pass and run plays to our RB's, TE's and FB's and an occasional deep ball to Wallace and Perriman if, one of them beats coverage, then Pound it into the endzone if need be with our Elite RB behind an Elite front line. SOoooooo, If we're not sold on any of our RB's being "The guy" then we need to get one in the draft. That being the case, I see us drafting and RB and a LB very early. A WR or CB of quality can be found later and if they can't start and produce right away, it wouldn't be too bad because or offense is geared more towards the TE's, RB's and FB's and we picked up some vets in FA for our 2ndary that makes us better than last year I think.
  5. Great! We're picking up the veterans in some needed spots so we can draft replacements and have these guys groom them to take over. I Like the move!
  6. Ya, you gotta feel for Sidney, must be heartbreaking for him. Oh well, that which doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger right? He'll slide down in the draft for sure but how far and who'd be willing to take a chance before knowing for sure how he'll heal from it?
  7. Low risk for a possibly high reward. The boy has a motor so if the knee issues are behind him, we got a heck of a steal.
  8. I agree. That's what stands out to me as well. He has the passion for the game and actually wraps up his tackles old school, just like I like it. Now that he's paired with his buddy, they could really wreak some havoc. Time will tell but it sure looks good on paper right now.
  9. I've always liked Levine. Didn't play much but I like his hustle. Maybe this means he'll be in the lineup more often.
  10. Awesome! Congrats Brandon! He's not the end all get all for our team IMHO but we can't get there easily without him. Frees up another draft slot too. Can't wait to see how this all pans out. Defense in FA and Offense from the draft?
  11. Curious on how much we offered him. I'm glad we're keeping him because we need a good backup but surprised that no one else snagged him up.
  12. I'm a little surprised at this move and wonder what they're up to. Did we see enough from Dixon and West to determine we need a 3rd RB? I didn't think they did too bad considering the year we had and the fact that we rarely ran the ball. Also, nothing mentioned about how much we'll pay him, just cheaper than Juice. I'm not up on all the CBA stuff but can Woodhead be cut if he doesn't outshine our other 2 backs? Could he be a camp body for testing the waters with him or is he definitely on our team now?
  13. So far, all these moves make perfect sense. It's a heavy draft plus we have some young guys pushing for time. Folks may say that Ozzie has lost it but I don't think so and remember, he's not the sole person making these decisions. We only have cap room for a couple top paid stud players (Besides Joe of course :-) ) so in order to get more chances of getting another cheap phenom for 3-4 years like a Ray Lewis or Ed Reed, Ogden, we're probably going to trade back in the draft and pick up a bunch of guys to work out this spring. Going to be an interesting off season!
  14. I with you! and you're not being unreasonable. It's all true! FB sucks and is an intrusion at the very least and advertising is what it's all about. So sad. I guess they want a younger fan base as well as younger players. Out with the old......