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  1. The draft room is going to be hectic and fast paced, just the kind of thing DeCosta likes. I really don't care "Who" we get because I know we'll get at least one stud of a player, regardless of position. Everyone else will be a, wait and see as usual. I'm actually looking forward to what guys like Moore, Kaufusi, Young, Nembot and of course, Perriman will do after a year in our system and more opportunity to play.
  2. I think Sanders is one of the best things we've done for our team. Can't wait to see how it plays out during the season but having our guys in better "football" shape can only help us.
  3. As we get closer, I do believe we'll go O line first. Nothing else can improve if we don't have a dominant O line, in my opinion. Most of Joe's issues come from when he's being hurried into throwing. A dominant O line will help that a lot, not to mention helping the running game.
  4. A fight? He repeatedly smashed a guys head into a brick wall. He's lucky he isn't in prison. Ya but, if we could harness his "enthusiasm", Oh boy!...............
  5. I guess they only had 10 seats left on the plane.
  6. Not a bad schedule at all. Having our last 2 games at home will be a big help. The Bye is in a good place and I think who we play, opens up the opportunity to be 6-3 by then (when looking at the schedule with my purple glasses on).
  7. I'm not sure why Joe thinks having a brace on his leg is necessary. With his reasoning, he should wear a brace on every appendage. I say ditch the brace and move on girly boy! :-)
  8. Our WR core right now is, Moore, Wallace and Perriman who I believe are great or going to be great players for us but we also have Kenny Bell, Vince Mayle, Chris Matthews and don't forget Keenan Reynolds. I realize half of these guys are unproven but we did pick them up for a reason and it's time to throw them into the fire in training camp. I don't put all of our WR woes on just the WR's. We know Joe hasn't been the greatest at eluding pressure then making great passes and dump offs are his forte plus, 1st year guys (whether they're rookies or just their fist year on our team) aren't going to always run the right routes etc. We upgrade our O line and I believe these guys will do even better this year.
  9. I do believe that Moore and Perriman will break out this season by being our 1 & 2. I'd like to see our O line get better as it is the key to everything we want to do. Protect Joe and open running lanes. Our current WR's can get the job done. We need a center we can count on too.
  10. Ya, Joe has taken a beating on his worth as of late (and rightfully so) so, it's good to see him out there with everyone. I'm hoping he's a man on a mission because the heat will be on him again and once we get him some more weapons, the heat cranks up exponentially. I believe Joe will be on top of his game this year.
  11. Embrace the grind boys!
  12. I just don't see us picking at #16. I do believe we'll trade down for more picks. We only have 7 picks so it would make some sense unless a top #3 - #5 guy falls for some reason. and even then, I'm not sure we'll stand pat.
  13. No, No, and NO! We don't need another injury prone player. We've had enough of them already.
  14. Terrible news, I can't even imagine! Very sad.