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  1. What about Tarrell Basham? He seems to be getting some love lately and looks like a guy who once in an NFL strength and conditioning program and with some coaching on hand usage could be something...thoughts on him (anyone)? I have seen his draft value all over the place. Really like his motor and size/quickness combo
  2. As you say either way this will not effect him much. If I were to advise I would say save your time/energy you don't need to be a 'tough' guy all day everyday, and a different advisor may say attend to it head on. Either works but overall it really doesn't matter for him and we likely don't need to overthink it. Enough has been done on the field and through everything else that you have 99.9% of the picture of what/who you are getting
  3. I tend to agree that we will likely wait till the late 3rd or 4th..I really hope we don't wait too long as this is one nice looking class and sometimes it bugs me to say when there is depth at the position you can afford to wait. Clearly there is value in both. But thinking forward Carr could be a 1 year rental, Webb I am not sure on but his contract could be year to year also. I really don't want us in this position of next year, Jimmy a year older, Tavon I love but not sure on anyone else, and I don't want us to feel forced to bring back Carr
  4. I dunno if I was him and a surefire first overall and someone offered me to come on where I would be critiqued just to be critiqued I too would likely pass. He really in every single way has absolutely nothing to win by going on the show and can only make people have question marks..seems like a good call to put his time and energy elsewhere as he probably is stretched already
  5. It is interesting--I will just say I think the Panthers used a 2nd round tender on Andrew Norwell, I think I would rather that if we did something like what you are suggesting..but I still would rather we keep the pick. The difficulty for me is that La'el Collins is close to getting his second contract and if he plays up to his potential (which he has not yet) than we likely would just let him walk. I would much rather we just draft an OL at some point keep our first, have several good years and plan for a contract extension if/when it all works out
  6. Well I will say it. I was a huge fan of Carl Davis when he came out and I still hold some hope. I really hope he turns the corner as physically when he puts it together is impressive. I don't mind the trade. Maybe because I was bracing for it and was a little frustrated with Jernigans timing of penalties and end of year play. I think I would have waited a year for the comp pick but this also opens the door that we can make signings in FA and not worry as much about comp picks. I don't know if we have any more big names hitting the market next year but it may allow us to load up on some mid tier guys to add some solid depth.
  7. I tend to agree with @GrimCoconut on the hesitancy on Barnett. I have my doubts of his game transitioning we'll to the NFL. I think Grim points out a lot of the issues and things we need to think about. I would add his case reminds me a lot of Jarvis Jones when he was coming out of Georgia and what the Steelers go out of him. Both were amazingly productive college players and there is no question about...both had a nice dip and under move in college and knew how to finish. I also think Jones struggled a lot in the NFL because of length issues, a lot of NFL OT's use their length to their advantage much better than in college. I am not huge for how Barnett takes on blocks, often not keeping as square as he could, and lets be honest a little bit of healthy skepticism is always good at this point especially when the board starts clamouring for one guy or demonizing another.
  8. Never really understood the Cooks comparison. Size wise yes but they play very differently. He reminds me much more of TY Hilton in playing style. Both are very proficient and productive deep threats--they are the type of guys who once they establish themselves as a deep threat they get separation because of the cushion that DBs must give them. Cooks on the other hand is a guy I see who establishes separation because of his disturbing quickness at the top of his routes/when coming out of breaks and works the inside, outside and deep. I think Ross is a really good player and could have a career like Hilton, he isn't my favourite for us but I think he could do very well as he is an amazing perimeter/deep threat playmaker
  9. predicted: Corey Davis preference: Forrest Lamp I really hope we have Lamp higher than Cam Robinson on our boards. As a G I think Lamp is better and as a RT I think he would be better too. If I recall correctly Yanda started his career at RT for us and was pushed inside when we had the chance, I think Lamp could follow a similar path. Like Yanda I feel they just both get the job done and position on the line likely would not change their play as much as some guys
  10. well that ends my draft and likely all moves in this game. Was a joy and really like what I did for the NYG
  11. With the 20th pick in the 5th round the NYG select: Nazair Jones | DT | UNC
  12. With the 23rd pick in the third round the New York Giants select: Desmond King, CB, Iowa
  13. Just on mobile and wanna double check that I am up?
  14. Ya I was debating between him and one other guy...thought he was a better fit. The name drop really didn't do anything for me
  15. With the 23rd pick in the 2nd round the New York Giants select: Alvin Kamara | RB | Tennessee