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  1. With the 23rd pick in the third round the New York Giants select: Desmond King, CB, Iowa
  2. Just on mobile and wanna double check that I am up?
  3. Ya I was debating between him and one other guy...thought he was a better fit. The name drop really didn't do anything for me
  4. With the 23rd pick in the 2nd round the New York Giants select: Alvin Kamara | RB | Tennessee
  5. my pick will be up in a couple minutes--last minute decision
  6. I do agree I may have the OL higher than most, largely because of the value I would place there. I love guys like Dalvin Cook and McCaffery and somewhat Fournette but I tend to devalue the RB position, also I have no QBs and I do like Watson. Also I think when making a big board for a specific team like the Ravens (or any team) it would be drastically different than a 'general draft analyst big board' as they really aren't ranking on scheme fit, need, what a 'ravens type' player is, divisional playing style, etc. From 9-12 I have a pretty big lump and is really interchangeable for me. I also noticed I forgot Quincy Wilson and would likely rather him over Cam Robinson, Peppers and Bolles
  7. I would personally say Solomon Thomas. But to each their own big board
  8. I'll give it a go too...As of now I would go (top 16 big board) 1. Myles Garrett 2. Jamal Adams 3. Solomon Thomas 4. Jonathon Allen 5. Malik Hooker 6. Marshon Lattimore 7. Derek Barnett 8. Reuben Foster 9. Forrest Lamp 10. Marlon Humphrey 11. Mike Williams 12. Corey Davis 13. OJ Howard 14. Garrett Bolles 15. Jabril Peppers 16. Cam Robinson 1-6 are likely no chance but doing a top 16 is easiest to show who i would take given any scenario. I may be higher on Lamp and Bolles but I love how both play with toughness and could see either at RT. Obviously Lamp could line up inside too
  9. My whole goal with the NYG was to improve their OL--I think I have done rather well at that: LT: Andrew Whitworth LG: Justin Pugh C: Weston Richburg RG: Forrest Lamp RT: Chris Hubbard or Ereck Flowers I did not want to have to trade up but I knew I would not have a shot at him with my original pick and I think he is better than the other OL in this draft by a large margin. Overall I actually think I may have one of the best OL's in the game now.
  10. With the 18th pick, the New York Giants select: Forrest Lamp | OG | Western Kentucky
  11. confirmed
  12. Not sure...my guess he would drop a little and not be nearly high on our boards and I would expect us to have 16 guys ranked ahead of him. If anything I think this opens the door more for us to take Humphrey, Forrest Lamp, Cam Robinson, Quincy Wilson, Barnett, we may even really like a guy like Reddick who could be very much like Orr.
  13. I personally can't see him going further than late 1st-early 2nd round. An achilles is not the worst injury and he has some talent..I am thinking if Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith still went early 2nd last year with far worse concerns (albeit higher rated prospects) he should not be hampered too bad by this one. All in all I expect him gone by our 2nd rounder
  14. I will not comment on most as much has been said. But I really do like the idea of getting Lamp in the first. I think he will be a great player and I love investing into OL in the first. The only concern is how does the line look. Lamp is a guard for sure and would be a great one. Alex Lewis has been proposed as either LG or RT--I think we all have heard that we prefer him at LG and I think I also read his transition to playing on the right side of the line was not the best so he may ultimately be our LG no matter what. Yanda I actually think in this scenario could be our RT and imo you could put him anywhere and his level of play will be elite, we saw this this year and in years past when he went to RT.
  15. That is rough. If it is significant this will likely hurt him a good amount, I hope Washington covered or he has an insurance on his draft position as you never want to see this.