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  1. Man.. Always hard to handle. Lets rebuild and come back better next year

  2. Ill see you in Dallas, and it ain't to play the Cowboys

  3. Pats next weekend... another beatdown?

  4. beat the a dramatic ending...yes please

  5. Can we get on the same page as a team for next week?

  6. after a long week... a Ravens game is just what the doctor ordered

  7. Sick off fake *** fans who drag this team under the bus after one game. give me a break, you call your self fans? take your fair weather to Pit.

  8. September is finally almost here!!!

  9. Lets get this season under way huh?

  10. Well, it seems we finally found a kicker who can make clutch FG. However i don't believe that it should have come down to it the score should have been more lopsided. The defense showed up and played great but there where ALOT of missed opportunities early, and even more missed tackles. Although the offense didn't play like we remember them last year a pretty good performance either way.

  11. I think we have a chance to win tomorrow but the defense has to show up and the offense has got to get started early don't you think.

  12. defiantly important that we won. Even tho the browns sucked its a good moral booster. And oh boy do i hope we smoke the steelers!!!!

  13. We got the win that is true ,and now looking a little ahead the Steelers are the ones I hope the Ravens beat the snot out of because of last season.The Browns offense sucks that will help the statistics for our defense but the only thing that matters is we won.

  14. Ok well we picked up the W. The d played good? or was it just the browns offense making us look that way? wither way Indys gonna be a true test. Where back on the good side of five hundred so lets keep it going. the offense needs to get back to the team we all saw in the AFC Championship game last year. Lets beat Pit when we face em and get some divisional ground. at least a wild card.GO RAVENS

  15. Glad that we finally have a monday night game. Who better to play than the divisional rivals the Browns. Lets go Ravens