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  1. Thanks for the links. I stand corrected on time of possession then. I could've sworn were terrible. I wonder if we could get stats for the 8 games we lost and how we fared on ToP in those games? I am probably still not completely off base perhaps?
  2. Overall situational coaching by Harbaugh and poor offensive play calling not utilizing offensive skills of players. QB play was sub-par, RBs not utilized adequately. No receivers stepped up big. Then as a dagger, we couldn't hold a lead if it were a feather in the finishing stages of a game because of poor substitutions by coaches that left the players too tired. But, mainly because Joe and the offense couldn't wait to get off the field on 3 and outs. Defense was forced to play too many snaps and by the time they needed to step up they were dog tired.
  3. In my mind they're both gone and we'll still be okay. Pierce, Henry and Davis will step up and pick up the slack for Williams and Nembot and Lewis will have to pick up the slack for Wagner. However, the one guy I don't think we can't afford to lose is Guy. We better figure out a way to keep him. As for Juice, unless we have a coordinator that can fully uitilize him, he can leave too.
  4. I think 2 4th round picks unless of course the Dolphins pay ridiculous sums of money to Williams which I doubt seriously. Even they can't be that foolish.
  5. It doesn't matter what I want or you want or for that matter anybody other than Steve Bisciotti wants. A lot of money's been invested into this chap and I mean a LOT. He's been extended through 2021. Unless all his guaranteed money is fully exhausted and the cap hit of releasing or trading him doesn't impact the rest of the team adversely, he isn't going anywhere. Doesn't make sense financially speaking. Decisions like these have a lasting impact on a franchise. You can't wish it awsy. Only thing we can do is support the team and give Flacco every tool possible. A strong O-line, a great run game, great receivers and great coordinating and not to mention a quarterback coach that can continue to be in Flacco's ears about his decision making and mechanics. Providing him all the above will help Flacco be successful.
  6. Also, about time we let go of the dinosaurs like our old strength training guy. Its time to do the same with some dinosaurian coaches like Pees and Mohrinweg.
  7. I can't wait for the "Holy ....., did you see those guys"? days again in Baltimore. Kinda missing it actually. Over the past 5-6 yrs we've gotten progressively less imposing. Its time we get back our toughness and defensive mojo. When we step on the field, the other team needs to be intimidated period.
  8. Reality must sink in folks. This right here is the truth. No matter how bad Flacco is or people think he is, he's here through his final contract unless of course he becomes a plague in the locker room and/or we go 0-16 because of his inept play. Otherwise, we need to reconcile and give him all the tools and weapons necessary to succeed to the extent his ability provides. That is it.
  9. Also why is Pat Moriarty, Ozzie and John given a free pass in how we are pressed against the max cap every year? Forget that, the amount of dead money that keeps getting accumulated? That directly falls on these guys' heads. Dead money only means wasted money period. We have much more than the average share of dead money every year. How is it that the Patriots who have a SB winning HC/GM do such a great job managing their cap? They have 3 times the cap space we do and yet are contenders year in and year out! Time to turn the focus back on the our front office and coaches. They aren't doing a great job at cap management period.
  10. Okay here's something nobody seems to discuss. Yes we are at that time when free agency begins and we could lose some players. However, what I don't get is that we are going to cut 3 productive players (or players that can be) in Doom, Wallace and Webby to keep 3 other players that were here the entire last season (8-8)? So how is that extra space going to help us? It keeps Williams, Wagner and Juice (not even Guy who's the most important imo) and releases Wallace who was the only game changer on offense last year, Webb who did fairly well as a safety and Doom who was hurt but if healthy can easily have double digit sacks for us? Doesn't make sense and doesn't assure us that our season is going to be better than 8-8. If anything we'll only be worse don't you think?
  11. Marshall or Garcon as a free agent signing. The safety from the Cardinals if possible and that's it. The rest we'll get from the draft. We need draft picks this year because it is a deep draft with good talent all around. If we can't get the player we covet or there are more than a few we covet in the first that are available when we are drafting, I say trade back into the low 20s' and accumulate more picks potentially a late second or an early 3rd. Those picks have potential to be starters.
  12. Right now I would be happy if we let Williams walk and would be okay if Wagner walked, but would be disappointed if Juice walks. But, will be devastated if we don't find a way to resign Lawrence Guy. He is the most critical guy we absolutely need to re-sign. He delivers the most bang for his contract buck hopefully.
  13. As much as I hate it, I must agree with you. I don't think he's going to slip past the top 6-8 picks.
  14. I'll take your confusion all day if we can land Jamal Adams. Seriously though, I think we need to grow a pair and trade up to land him because he's a player that is going to alter the chemistry of our team just like Ray Lewis did years ago. I'm using an extreme example but this guy is a huge talent especially in the leadership department.