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  1. "He did also not run at his pro day on March 15." Seriously?
  2. Aiken was a classy guy and a team player and for some reason that isn't good enough? Talk to John Harbaugh about his dog pound first and then come back and re-write this article!
  3. That 8 point move up was worth 40 points. That means, for Ealy the differential worked out to the Patriots giving the Panthers pick #132 in the 4th round. So, it really wasn't all that poor when you think about it. But I really like Jernigan's potential as long as he can show some consistency. Also, players tend to leave it all on the field in their contract year and I would like the Ravens to capitalize on that possibility.
  4. That is the consensus push back I've received for my post. I'm not saying you guys are wrong at all and will admit perhaps you may be proven right. However, Jernigan is the only penetrating D-tackle we have right now on the roster with Pierce a close second. To eliminate that pass rush for a full season with the anticipation that he may not get big money is a little off for me. When players like him will get teams salivating over him all day long especially in free agency with all the cap space some teams tend to have. Also, remember Williams may push the pocket back some but somehow can't get to the QB and is a stud up the middle against the run. Jernigan on the other had has heavy hands and can squeeze hom to the QB as long as he shows consistency. This year if he shows consistency, we'll have a great D-tackle playing for us and helps the team. On the other hand, if he does play well, he's likely to surprise all of you and get a big deal elsewhere which will lead to a good comp pick in the 3rd or maybe 4th. I get what you're saying about getting a bad teams 3rd or 4th which is essentially quite a few spots away from a comp 3rd and a comp 4th but still... As a tradeoff I will amend my requirement to get at least an early 3rd round pick or a late 2nd rounder to actually warrant a trade.
  5. @Sami84 is a really friendly chap! He exudes friendly vibes where ever his presence is felt!
  6. The more I check out my favorite board and type away and read away, I'm struck by how lonely and uneventful my life will be when they yank away this board for good May 5th! I just don't see why they're doing it because I promise them on my future grave, I'll never ever follow them on facebook or twitter ever period! You still have time to reconsider and make Ravens fans really happy and relieved!
  7. Here's my logic on that. Why would we trade him for anything less than a 2nd? Think about it, we lose his game for a full year (this year) and then we let him walk next year because we couldn't afford to pay him (afford being the operative word). Jernigan will make silly bucks in the open market for sure and will assure us a 3rd round compensatory pick in 2019. I don't see us trading him for other than a 2nd round pick or an exchange for an equally impactful player. I would be disappointed if we just traded him now for anything less than a 2nd and lose his services for 2017...
  8. That's a stunner! I never would've thought that but the more I think about it, sure makes sense. Where did you hear this?
  9. Here's my priority if all of those players magically came available at !6. Adams (simply because of his off the charts leadership and great talent - a combination that in the past has led to HOF players) Foster (Incredible complement to Mosley) Hooker (great player) Lattimore (CB - He is a shut down corner pure and simple). Fournette (Game changer - will win us games single handedly on offense) Davis (will make catches outside his catch radius and will what Julio is to Ryan) M. Williams ( Same as above except not that dynamic and fast but will improve Joe's stats by leaps and bounds). Humphries (Pretty close to being a lock down corner but doesn't come down with 50-50 balls)
  10. I had believed that we are the ones with 'one', but the last few years have begun to poke holes in that belief. I feel like a robust boat with massive holes in it taking in water faster than I can put it away. Bottomline, Joe needs to perform commensurate with his salary and start playing like a great QB. That means pre-reads, post reads, great decision making, great movement in the pocket avoiding pressure and yet with his eyes on his receivers, good accuracy, and most importantly sound judgment when passing the ball. Right now he is pretty average in most of these categories and a high score on all these categories is what makes a QB great and become 'one'. Right now, Joe Flacco isn't playing like the 'one'.
  11. None of the above. Barnett is the only one I would take at 16. The only other LBer I would consider in the first would be Rueben Foster but I doubt he gets to us. I think here's a list of players I wouldn't mind taking in the first. CBs: Lattimore, Humphrey (Humphrey possible) Safety: Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker (both doubtful) RBs: Fournette, Cook or McCafferty ( I think we may have a chance at Cook or McCafferty) WRs: Any of the top 3 - Williams, Davis or Ross (reluctantly) OT: Cam Robinson or Ramszcysk. I believe we'll surprise everybody by taking somebody we haven't thought about in the first that'll shock us first, intrigue us next and make us giddy with joy last.
  12. 'Briefty is the sole of wit'!! If you gave me a full day to come up with that I would fail miserably! That was just too good RayRayRaven! Don't ever do emoticons any more. Just type away because reading and understanding them while really taxing, is also quite intoxicating!
  13. The whole fan base knew that Marty wasn't doing a good job, maybe he knew it as well. Now both Juice and Aiken confirm that they weren't being utilized appropriately. Yet Harbaugh stood by him with some misplaced sense of loyalty at his own peril and at the peril of our offense. Unless internally some arrangements have been made top down to have Greg Roman design the offense moving forward, I see us in big trouble frankly. All we know is Joe and Pitta wanted him back perhaps due to comfort level they had developed (even though it stifled our offense) and hence the whole organization starting with Harbaugh caved. It is just depressing to know that despite clear evidence we are trying to do the same thing over again expecting a different result. It doesn't work that way unless of course Greg Roman was brought in precisely for that not to happen.