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  1. Now Pees has to make sure we are not only the #1 ranked defense but nobody can score on us period. We need to get back to the good old days of Ravens defenses where people were afraid to play us.
  2. I thought to myself after the second round how cool it would be to double down on both CB and OLB. We didn't quite do that but we got a DE and OLB both highly regarded players in the 3rd round! While I wasn't a happy camper with the unsexy pick in the first round, now I am seeing that Humphrey is an important piece of the picture that is taking shape! Go Ravens.
  3. Now looking at all the 4 picks on the defensive side of the ball, one can't help but get pumped up about the defensive potential this team now has. I don't know if players like Zadarius will now make the cut or not, but I am really thrilled to see our defense dominate. Think about how good we can be this year. Scary good.
  4. Good deductive reasoning! But you seem to take Ozzie literally.
  5. Man let's recount the draft so far. Now Marlon Humphrey pick is looking pretty darn good actually. So, we have him, Tyus Bowser, Wormley and Tim Williams. All in all will infuse real talent to our defense. But poor Flacco needs some help in protection. I think it is Dunlap and Mangold as free agent acquisitions.
  6. I love the defensive intent of the first 2 days. At least since it is a loaded defensive draft the strategy must be very clear. Load up on defensive talent when the pool is strong and give we have limited picks! Pretty cool when you think about it. Now in the 4th they're going offense.
  7. Chris Wormley? And you guys still insist Harbaugh isn't involved with the draft process?
  8. We are just terrible. I bet you whoever we picked is a special teams ace! We are just going backwards.
  9. I just knew it. Bengals are like a half way house between society and jail.
  10. Oh come on man... why are you doing this?
  11. Bengals are going to take Williams! If he is troubled in any way, he is a Bengal.
  12. You are playing a cruel joke right?
  13. Time to go for the kill defensively and double down on pass rusher and corner! Let's go all in!
  14. Coconuts are prolific breeders! lol
  15. I'll settle for ManSilver right now!