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  1. Always been a bad butt love Marshal Yanda and the work ethic he brings to the squad.
  2. You do know Coach was a huge advocate for the hiring of Kubiak don't you? And Pitta still proved he was a great target and option for Flacco regardless of the hip injuries.
  3. 1.)Steve Smith played at about 80% all last season, I doubt he was irritated at all with the check downs and more with the run game fluttering just like the other members of the team. 2.) Flacco got Mike Wallace back on track with a 1,000 yard season which on his last two teams didn't happen...mmm wonder why (*cough QB) 3.) Brandon Marshall put up 1,500 yards and had Geno Smith/Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing him the ball imagine what he could do with a QB that you know actually has won a playoff game and a super bowl. 4.)The young WR's will still get touches trust me, we'll have Mike, Breshard, Moore and Camp. Add Brandon Marshall and its all over.
  4. Guy needs to learn how to tackle 89 Tackles bro...as a safety. Highest overall safety of the year what team were you watching?
  5. yes, especially that last paragraph. Agree. Not only has the Ravens' ability to identify & draft playmakers diminished in recent years, but so has their ability to hire (and retain) quality coaches. Not even remotely true. Our biggest problem area when drafting used to be offense. In recent years we've seen Ozzie get bolder with the picks and 9 times out of 10 the picks push us in the right direction. Last years draft was used to boost the defense. This year it'll be offense heavy with some CB's and pass rushers taking as well. And whom are you talking about? Gary Kubiak was so good he got an head coaching job after one season and won a super bowl within 2 yrs of being in Denver. I don't wanna hear this we don't have good coaches crap when a majority of the NFL wants our players and coaches. Oh and Leslie Frazier just became DC for the bills after the improvement of our Defense so you logic is flawed bro.
  6. Here's the line next year...starting with LT and moving down: Stanley, Lewis, either Jensen or Urschel as the center, poppa Marshal, and Wagner if he stays. The two dark horses are Center and RT. Not sure who replaces Wagner wether a vet or rookie but I know for a fact Zuttah is gone. He's been a headache the last 2 years with these holding calls. yeah I do miss KO a bunch but Alex Lewis was getting pretty high grades up until he got hurt.
  7. Dude... first of all just stop. Second we are 4-5yrs removed from a Super Bowl with the same coach and QB tandem. You know how many teams wish they could say that? I'm excited to see what plans are put into place to get us back on top next yr and like coach, Ozzie, and Steve said the needs will be met by draft and free agency so have some faith dude. At least we aren't the screaming dumpster fire that is the Browns so don't act the sky is falling. Hasn't been 10 yrs since a playoff win or super bowl.
  8. Top 3 will eventually be Pitta, Williams, and Waller. Boyle will be our blocker on run situations. Ben Watson(if we cut him) and Gilmore are as good as gone. I don't think Gilmore's finished a whole season.
  9. Daryl Smith made perfect sense, yeah he was an awesome player and didn'y show signs of slowing down but the front office wants to get younger and Daryl was on the back side of 30 and they want more of dude that can pass cover while CJ checks the run of goes after the QB. I will miss the picks though what a LB. I still think he'll be back
  10. Defiantly could have sworn Matt Elam had a torn bicep and not an acl, so I'm going to need people to chill on the him being a bum thing. Two season in and his third taking away by injury. I'm sure what we saw his first second year isn't something writing in stone. Give the guy a chance to prove himself. Oh and Weddle will definitely be playing the FS position..why move him to SS?
  11. I'm just as shocked as you all, think he comes back on a lesser deal or he's as good as gone? Really thought they would have cut Kendrick Lewis over Hill
  12. I didn't even look at it that way, damn I forgot all about Hightower and Collins but man did they lose a great guy.
  13. We wouldn't have giving Pats a second round pick for him though. I'm not sure who this hurts more, Arizona for giving up a second rd pick and Guard or the Pats letting go of Chandler Jones
  14. CJ isn't going anywhere and neither is Brandon...both dudes are under contract this year and next year and will be taking care of. This year is about the core, Kicker, Long-Snapper, Oline(if KO stays), and CB. Watch what you say and pay attention to how we operate.
  15. Your whole statement makes no sense. Why draft back when we have a possibility of grabbing Ramsey or Bosa. We pretty much have 3 top picks in the first 3 rounds so a receiver will be drafted just not in the 1st that will be all defense. You've yet to see Perriman play and can't attest to him being injured a lot. D line is fine yes but we still need a pass rusher, thats where Bosa comes into play if the titians don't yank him or we might draft Buckner if he's still around. Pitta's injuries were a freak accident and no one could have seen them coming. What team have did you watch last yr? Because Crocket, Maxx, and Nick were doing the damn thing and I see nothing but upside to all three(If Boyle can get it together after this suspension he'll be a hell of a dual threat TE). If you paid attention to how Trestman operates we won't be doing what the Pats do and dink and dunk with an uptempo type offense. We run to set up the pass and then we take the top off or run the shotgun and boot-legs. O-line keeps Flacco safe and healthy so ask the Pats and the Chiefs what happens when your online is trash...you get smacked around and sacked all game.