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  1. Glad there's general praise for McBride, I like him. Plus I'm probably going to take a guy not on many boards when I'm up next.
  2. Been pretty busy, apologies for not replying to certain trades. Really wanted Henry Anderson, but he was plucked off the board right before me. Settled for Tre McBride who I think will be a pretty good pro. Gives Luck a guy that high-points the ball very well and looks to have terrific hands.
  3. I hate the Colts for making it so far in to the playoffs with such a pedestrian Roster. Two quality defensive players, two average/above average o-linemen, couple of solid Tight Ends, Hilton and Luck. Interior offensive line was garbage, but if anyone can fix it, A.J. Cann. Do I get an extra compensatory pick for the pun?
  4. I was considering Orchard when I took Cann, but felt more comfortable with the Gamecock. Definitely a good value pick.
  5. I'd been itching to trade up for Cann for a while now. Strikes me as a Warford/Jackson type that's a plug-and-play from day 1 guy. Lets me kick Mewhort over to the Right, upgrading two spots on the o-line with 1 pick.
  6. Just waiting for confirmation to continue my work on the trenches.
  7. Trade: Packers Give - Pick 2.26 Colts Give Pick 2.29 and 5.29
  8. Trade: Raiders Give - Justin Ellis, DT, 0.5 stars Colts Give - Pick 5.21 and 6.9
  9. Colts are looking to trade up, assuming Gabe does not take our target....again.
  10. The Colts want to move up from 2.29. PM me with the sort of compensation you'd be looking for to move down.
  11. We're trend-setters. I'll happily replace Ryan Grigson.
  12. I like Flowers.
  13. I saw it posted by Schefter and thought it was a joke. How did they decide to do McCoy straight for Alonso?
  14. All Colts runningbacks bar Gordon are available.
  15. I was thinking about it, but Gordon was my last blue chip player and I think there are as many questions about the 1st round o-linemen as there are with the later guys. The left side of the line was fine while the right side and Center struggled. Didn't have any interior linemen with a 1st round grade left and I don't give 1st round grades to career right tackles.