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  1. everyone knows the Ravens need at least one CB in this draft maybe even two.
  2. That's hard to say if he would make a good coach I know he has the ability to get players ready to play and fire them up and he has the football knowledge / smarts but until he does the job you cant really say how good or bad he would be.
  3. I would have liked to see the Ravens give up the draft to get Julio Jones for Flacco to grow with and develop together. The Falcons gave up some stuff to get Julio and I would say it was definitely worth it for both him and Ryan.
  4. I would like to see Oz and staff pick a top tier CB in the first but we also need a pass rusher a O-lineman and WR preferably a couple at each position. They are all needs as we go forward.You can even add MLB to that list with Orr retiring earlier this year.
  5. Its stories like this that should get reported on. Way too many times these stories are put on the back burner and the stories of players making mistakes are what get front page postings. Jacoby Jones is a class act and we would probably not have a second title if he never became a Raven. and as for Coby R. keep fighting man!!!! GO RAVENS.
  6. Wallace showed he can run more routes than just going long. Wallace went over the middle of the field and caught short to mid range passes through out the season. I want Wallace to stay. I dont believe Wallace is a true #1 WR bur he is a very viable #2 WR and Perriman can keep growing into a viable #3 WR . Oz and Decosta need to find the Ravens a true #1 WR that can compliment Wallace and Perriman.
  7. Camp can make plays and has made plays but he is very injury prone.
  8. I agree with you that we will probably get a WR in free agency that seems to work for Oz I also like your thoughts about the O-line plan you and I both know next few months are fun to watch and see how Oz and his staff work these things out. But every draft I always hope for players who play in the trenches to be drafted.
  9. Games are won and lost in the trenches PERIOD!!! If your team blocks great and pushes the d-line around you can basically run the ball at will and pass the ball at will. Same goes with the D-line if you are constantly blowing up the O-line your stuffing the run and putting extra pressure on the QB so I would say up- grade the O-line and D-line every chance you get through the draft and build strong trenches. Joe now needs a sure handed #1 WR to help him out I think offensively O-line and WR are the needs but defensively CB,ILB and OLB/DE are needed. I do think that Wallace and Perriman can be a legitimate #2 and #3 WR in this league. As of right now we dont have a true #1 WR on the roster.
  10. We need vocal leaders on both sides of the ball and I am not just talking about guys who just talk but guys who talk and back it up with their play, practice and film study. SSS retired and he was the only noticeable vocal leader on offense. Suggs is getting towards the sun setting on his career those 2 guys were probably the most vocal leaders who backed it up on Sundays. Weddle was vocal in his first year and he was a leader who made plays on the field. But right now on the roster there are only 2 guys going into next season who are vocal and back it up by their play and that's Suggs and Weddle. We need guys who are going to call each other out when someone is not playing to their full potential and guys who can go out and cause something to happen when we need something to happen. Notice both vocal guys are on defense with SSS gone now we need guys who will call the offense out and make plays on offense at key times in the games and get the team fired up. Everyone remembers R.Lewis and "ANY DOGS IN THE HOUSE" chant guys were fired up before the game even started and at that time we also had E.Reed and Sizzle and S.Sharpe guys who could get the whole team excited.
  11. Ravens need to get their rears in gear to catch the Patriots. I dont care about the rest of the AFC teams.
  12. I am a big Flacco fan PERIOD!!! That said this year he has to improve but Oz and Harbs have to get him guys who can make plays at the right time.
  13. NO!!!!!!! Target a first round DB, OL, DE/OLB Dixon and West have proven that they can be Starters at the NFL level.
  14. I dont like the Patriots but the Steelers I just HATE!!! EDIT: I want an NFC team to win the Super Bowl but this week I am pulling for Brady and the Patriots. Atlanta is my first choice Green Bay my second and Patriots my third FOR THE SUPER BOWL WIN!!!