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  1. Welcome to the Raven family Carr.
  2. lol I hope that was an attempt at sarcasm. Josh Gordon is a tool at best and not the sharpest one either. I would prefer the 10 7th round picks.
  3. Good Luck Webb.
  4. I totally agree lol
  5. I do agree with the opportunity part lol. Jimmy is a far better player than Wright but only the games he is on the field the Games Jimmy is not on the field he is not making ANY PLAYS!!! that's a FACT but that goes for anyone (ex: Mo Claiborne) Guy just cant seem to stay healthy and rides the bench quite frequently. That's the point I was trying to make. I would much rather pay a guy like Carr who plays on game day and contributes more than a younger talent who cant even stay on the field. I cant argue and wont try to argue that Wright is better than Jimmy. Wright is a good football player obviously he is in the NFL but it's just my opinion that there are better options than him to start for the Ravens and that's why the rookie Young out played him last season and took his starting role.
  6. Not beat a dead horse but Carr is on the field because he just does not seem to be injury prone. You and I and most people on these boards know that a guy on the field makes a heck of a lot more plays than one riding the pine pony! lol just a pure and simple FACT.....
  7. I happend to catch the re-play of the Cowboys VS Packers playoff game last night on NFL network and I really was watching the CB play of Dallas and Rodgers did not throw to Carr's side of the field as often as he threw to Mo Claiborne's side. Carr looked pretty darn good. I watched the game live and did not pay as much attention to the CB's as much as last night after the signing of Carr it was nice to see him play in a game against a very pass happy team and he performed decently.
  8. Ya I see your point but I also would like the defense to get back to Top 5 talent but we have spent a lot on the defensive side of the ball for sure.
  9. Good point about the OL and Oz has a decent track record of being able to find stud OL in the middle rounds.
  10. Just another thought but with an improved secondary the front 7 can pin their ears back and get after the opposing teams QB even more so. Whooo-hooo going to be fun and interesting going forward next the draft then on to mini camp and pre-season then regular season which I hope leads to a post season birth.
  11. Very good point about AJ Green and AJ beat us with game winning catches at least twice if not more. SMH!!!
  12. Thanks for the fun read.
  13. One thing this deal does is open up options if Oz and the Ravens want to they can keep Carr for up to 4 years but if they want to they can opt out at any time from the way the deal sounds so more options moving forward is always nice.
  14. Ya Frazier knows his stuff for sure. I honestly don't know who we got to replace Frazier. But Frazier had to do what was best for him.