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  1. true
  2. I can agree with you on that but the first round pick every avenue of scouting and prying should be exhausted to make sure your getting the guy you need. for the amount of money your going to pay him. Now that said yes it is less money than in years past but it is still 7 figures. I hope Humphrey does pan out and can contribute this season and not because of injury or just playing special teams this was pick number 16 that's middle of the board he should be able to contribute more than just on special teams and I truly hope he does.
  3. well said and with all the additions to the secondary we have made this year a MLB or OLB would have been more of a need at this time.
  4. My question is why have them if they are such a waste of time? The front offices and scouts should be managing their time more wisely then huh...
  5. With all the pre-draft visits you cant tip your hand how many visits does each team have?
  6. This is true.
  7. it will be someone did not do their homework and yes pre-draft visit is part of the homework for the draft.
  8. If he does not pan out this will be talked about in the future among the fans for sure. Just not on these boards.
  9. lol but that is low.
  10. I wonder how many Matt Elam type picks are going to be made in this years 1st round? A guy who could be good but just turns into a total BUST!!!
  11. sounds like the front office is trying to talk themselves and the fans into believing this was a good pick. I don't know if I like that because they should be more confident in the pick. Just my opinion.
  12. Pass rusher in the 2nd or MLB I hope.
  13. This is what people have been calling for on these boards the last few drafts is a CB in the first. Welcome Humphrey play like a Raven. I would have liked to seen a LB/DE at 16. Just my opinion but more of a need at this time with the recent signings to the secondary
  14. I think it might be more difficult this year because there is more talent across the whole board.
  15. get as many starters as possible with the draft picks.