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  1. I feel you. Our pass rush is non existent with Suggs/Doon aging, and injured why not give Correa a chance to do what he did best in college.
  2. Just for kicks I'm calling Baltimores 1st play on their next possession, wheel route to Juice.
  3. Let's introduce Vick to the purple death. I want him to think twice before stepping out for a run.
  4. At a boy Joe!! Nice catch Aiken
  5. The CHAMP is in for sure. Dont come on here often but this is one of my favorite leagues so I will gracefully show up weekly
  6. Well congrats to the winner. Whoever it may be..
  7. Lost by .02 points.... I swear this morning I put in Crabtree What the heck?..
  8. Im actually ok with my picks. Good season we have here.
  9. Draft room open for smack talk fellas.
  10. Yes i signed up. Kind of busy at work at the moment, but getting off in an hour just in time for ye old drafting.
  11. Too late to join? If not send me an invite
  12. Ill take a look at the format and definitely get back to you tomorrow.
  13. Yahoo sends you an email with draft results and an "expert rating".