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  1. So you're implying that the Ravens 2017 secondary, which several NFL pundits have already called one of the best in the league, will get "torched"?
  2. Very well presented, factual post.....which has NO business being in here. LOL.
  3. That rat dare is funny!
  4. If you think Kap or Cutler would be a "stopgap" in such a scenario, you are delusional.
  5. Do you really think a QB is going to say "we need better WR's " in public? And a team that's won a SB and been to the playoffs 6 of the last 8 years is not "mediocre"
  6. I don't have a problem with some celebrations, but carrying a sharpie in your sock, jumping into a giant Salvation Army kettle, etc. is stupid.
  7. Sorry, but I personally don't want a WR diva. I don't think all that jawing and crazy celebration antics do a team any good.........remember Chad and TO? SSS took it just far enough for my liking.
  8. "Joe's brother threw passes to Davis...." LOL, six steps to Bacon!
  9. Totally disagree. Our offensive success has to be credited at least in part to the coaches. The inmates do not run the asylum in Bmore. Players just cant say screw them, I'm doing it this way. Credit is rarely where it is due. So I guess the coaches had nothing to do with winning the Superbowl in New Orleans, it was all Ray Lewis and the players. well, to be fair, other than Kubiak, have we had any "offensive success" worth crediting to anyone?
  10. Hmm, I don't see anything saying he's 22. Per the screen shot of facebook, the conversation took place 02/28/2011. Jefferson was born 01/27/1992, so would've been 19 at the time Bartick was 14 = 5 years apart. Bartick is now 20.
  11. I would take that to mean the Ravens offered less than Cleveland, but more than Cards.
  12. The Ravens had either 7-0, or 10-0 leads in the 1st quarter six times last year. Then never scored more than 23 points in any of those games. COMPLETE tank by the AWFUL QB and the AWFUL HC and OC the Ravens pay to LOSE. The Steelers scored 14 points in the first game also, in the fourth quarter, with their offense on the field for nearly 12 minutes. Same as the Ravens O scored the entire game. It's money wasted, no matter who they sign, as long as Pathetic Joe and Self Righteous John are still on this team. Educate yourself. So by your thinking no matter how many points an awful D gives up, it's the O's fault for not keeping up? Uhh, OK, got it. smh.
  13. I'm a huge fan of McCaffery myself but did you just say he's hands down better than Edlman? no rookie is hands down better than a proven thousand yard receiver before they play an NFL snap "no rookie is hands down better than a proven thousand yard receiver before they play an NFL snap" Yea, I hate when people start giving props to untested rookies. I don't care how good you were in college, after all, 90% of the guys you were playing against aren't good enough to make the NFL. Play your first NFL season, then we'll start making comparisons!
  14. the last three paragraphs are the same as the first three.....or did I go through a paradoxical time looping black hole, lol.
  15. Must win today. Next week isn't a must win yet.