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  1. Couldn't be happier as a RAVENS fan schedule should work in our favor if we can stay healthy. Biggest Complaint is how does the NFL not schedule the PARTIOTS @ M&T.........I know the schedules are done in advance based on blah blah blah, but the NFL should realize the RIVALRY these two teams have been progressively making and cash in on it........Yea it could be a loss but I want the challenge and I want the best at home for a change!!!!!!!! Wake up NFL schedule makers.......
  2. Here is a question....We have given Joey F millions of dollars to lead us to another ring. Why hasn't the brain trust invested in a offense line to protect him. I don't understand letting the talent and pro bowl players we have had on out "O" line leave. Think about who we have lost over the last 5 years. IDK is it me? Joe isn't going to beat to many teams running for his life. Wagner loss this year KO the year before and the list goes on and on its mind blowing........We need help in other areas granted but please you have spent how much on a QB its time to protect the investment!!!!