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      After careful consideration, we have decided that we will sunset our message boards after this year's NFL Draft. Since we opened our boards a decade ago, the digital landscape has greatly evolved. While we understand there remains a smaller group of highly-engaged fans who participate in conversation in our forums, a significant amount of the dialogue about our team and our games has migrated away to other social media platforms over the past several years. Our message boards will remain up and running through Friday, May 5th, and will be removed on May 6th. We recognize that this change may upset avid members of our community. However, we look to utilize our time and resources to focus on how we can best connect with our fans across an array of digital/social outlets. If you are not already engaging us and other members of the Ravens Flock on our Facebook page, Instagram account, through Twitter or Snapchat, we invite you to follow us on those channels and continue to participate in our social communities. In addition, the commenting feature on our website articles will remain intact. Members will be able to continue using their boards account to log in and share their thoughts at the bottom of every news story. We’d like to thank all the Flock members and our moderators who have brought thoughtful conversation to this space and made our community great for the last 10 years. Ravens Social Media Hub »


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  1. Still not sure Cowan can be a really good PG and that is the key position in college basketball. I expect Heurter and Jackson to take big jumps next year. The freshman big man will he a big help, not so sure about the guard Morsell helping much as a freshman. One knock of Turge that I think has merit is the lack of player development, few seem to improve dramatically over the years.
  2. Xavier is making a run but it ends soon. Looking at the teams playing this weekend it's clear the Terps don't come close to matching the athleticism we are seeing now. And those teams don't have their star player go 1-9 from 3. Melo is gone and he hopes to cash checks overseas. Nothing wrong with that at all, I wish him well.
  3. I'm on a Terp board and don't understand the entitled attitude. They want a coach fired after 3 straight tourney appearances, makes no sense to me.
  4. Oh I did not mean to appear as if I was complaining. I've been a mod and totally get that you need to make sure a new poster isn't here to sell Ravens gear made in Thai sweatshops. Just looking for a home. Interesting you would link another site, is there a relationship between the two?
  5. Boy you nailed the NFL Network, it is geared to the 26 year old while alienating the older viewer. Unwatchable for me.
  6. New board is just getting started, not much action. My posts here are still under mod approval in case I say stupid stuff. Redskins are still owned by Daniel Synder. I feel so....so....alone.
  7. Probably picking the wrong battle here but how was that any difference than the O's blocking baseball in DC? Washington adopted the Orioles, Baltimore rejected the Redskins.
  8. Will your new home be offering refreshments? It's Girl Scout cookie season you know.
  9. As I live in Carroll County a few times a year the Skins were not on Comcast so I had to break out the backup TV with rabbit ears. It will be nice not to have to do that but I had to do it, I have missed 2 1/2 Redskins games in 45 years and only because of circumstances I could not control.
  10. Thanks for the welcome. This move goes against everything I stand for as a hardcore sports fan. You pick a team when you are 8, you have one and only one team in each sport, and that's your team for life win or lose. And with the Wiz, Maryland Football, Redskins etc I took plenty of shots as I stuck by my rules. But this is different, just can't root for anything but failure for those 2 in Ashburn.
  11. LOL. I have been a Redskins fan since '71 and over the past 4-5 years have been warming to the Ravens. These last few weeks have been the final straw with Daniel Snyder and I have decided to move my support to the Ravens. Not exactly an easy decision. So I found this board and registered, only to learn that it is shutting down. I'm not having a good week.