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  1. I don't think he'll be nearly as flexible once he gets put up against NFL talent. Creating mismatches on the outside? I'm not too sure about that. Slot? I think he is better off doing what Woodhead does in the passing game (another reason I don't see us taking him, we'll just use Woodhead for that), but I could definitely see that happening if he can translate well enough, but his size is an issue. I have no doubt that McCaffery has the ability to really be a great player, but I don't think he'll be BPA for us and I don't think we could really benefit from him more than other players that are more plausible.
  2. I really like the potential that Judon has going forward. I see him as being a big contributor for us once he gets some more playing time.
  3. I think the reason he's been dropping is the shoulder thing, I still don't think there's any chance that makes him fall to us. If he makes it out of the top 10 I'd be very surprised
  4. It also kinda breaks down to BPA vs just purely filling holes. BPA at 16 sounds better than BPA in the 20s, but 8 picks sound better when you're trying to fill holes. But of course we'll be doing both, so it depends on which we prioritize and/or what the board looks like before we pick.
  5. Yeah we won't take someone with the attitude of McDowell. I don't want a guy like that in our locker room.
  6. Exactly. Pretty sure it's a given at this point that everyone sees stats as way less important than film.
  7. I think Webb can still contribute whether or not someone goes down. We could find ways to get him in as a 3rd safety, but yeah I think if someone goes down he'll easily step up and we won't be in a bad spot. I really hope we get Webb back.
  8. OK. I though I remembered hearing something that could make us not pick him up, but not too sure that takes him off our list.
  9. I think I heard that Dunlap has DV in his past am I mistaken?
  10. I agree. Seems like great guy off the field as well as on as shown in this topic.
  11. We seem to have trust in Skura and Wesley I've heard, but I'm not too sure that I feel the same.
  12. I strongly suggest moving this topic to the 2017 draft discussion. Nobody's looking for posts in this thread.
  13. I've heard reports that we're still interested in having Webb on the team. I really hope so, he can still contribute as a 3rd safety.
  14. Some people want James Conner for the 4th (I think that's when he's projected) which I only see happening if we trade back and get an extra pick.
  15. I've heard we're possibly going to take him back. Heard the same about Webb, which I'd also love to have back.