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  1. Hopefully Nembot or Skura step up and help our problem at O-line. Not saying I think they're the next big thing, but finding a solution in one of those guys would be ideal (kinda stating the obvious here).
  2. What happened to superbowels? Did we find a cure?
  3. I really like our team this year, our problems are very fixable in the draft. There are guys already on the roster that can hopefully compete for a starting spot in the O-line alongside whoever we take in the draft (which will be someone early) and I love how our defense is coming along. I like Judon as an edge rusher and if we add Tim Williams (even better if it's Barnett) our pass rush is looking good. Not sure if we take Humphrey, if no one slides I see us taking Tim Williams, Robinson, or Ramczyk.
  4. I'd say he has closer to pounds.
  5. I really like picking up Gordon, I think he could be a great player and if he messes up again then he's not our problem anymore. Low risk, high reward. If he can't stop violating the rules in a job that gets him millions of dollars a year for playing an awesome sport, he won't be able to stay on the team. Just an ounce of maturity could get us great talent at a low price.
  6. I more meant that what I've seen of him doesn't make him best pick for us in the second at such a crowded position. BPA wasn't the word to use.
  7. I'd switch it if I could lol
  8. i argee. trad joe hes ogre qb. dey shuld of lefft him at da swomp. wut wii do w/o rayray
  9. The only TE we have the slightest chance of taking would be Howard as a BPA, and that's also unlikely with all the TEs we have already. Njoku won't be BPA in the second and we'd be wasting such a high pick on such a crowded position with lots of potential.
  10. I think Ross meant if we do have Flacco take a pay cut this year then what FAs would actually be a surefire way of fixing the O-line. As in where would the money from Flacco's cut go.
  11. OK I see what you're saying. I saw "Adams could fall out of the top ten" and assumed he got Sidney Jones'd. Probably cause I don't see him falling unless something like that happens.
  12. Why is Jamal Adams expected to fall now? If he was injured at his pro day I haven't heard anything about it.
  13. Thanks for explaining the limited suit-up rule I had no idea what the point of it was. I think maybe the suit-ups should be altered to where you can only suit up to the team with the lower amount of active players, so for instance if it's a 49-53 battle then the 53 team will still have to only suit up 49 rather than the suit up rule now that makes it the same for all teams despite roster condition.
  14. The only reason I would like a roster boost to around 60 is so there could be more of a rotation of players, but as for realism, yeah I see what you're saying. As for how the minor league would be supported maybe I could reference how the MLB handles the minors but I have no idea how they do it, maybe the NFL could absorb a league. Owners might be more enticed to have a minor league because it gives a large pool of potential talent to pull from and improve their teams with, profits from things like ticket sales and merch could help but they won't gain nearly as much as they would with any NFL teams and starting the minors would be costly whereas maintaining them shouldn't be as bad. So I agree with you, but I still think the boost to 60 and minor leagues could work.
  15. Honestly I'd love to see a minor league implemented, it helps the NFL in revenue, teams by picking up good prospects with a better alternative to the practice squad, and fans for more football as well as the aforementioned gains from their teams' success. Not sure if other teams should be able to grab players from other minor teams though or in what circumstances they'd be able to do it, but I've thought of possible pathways for this.