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  1. With the 30th pick in the 7th round of the 2017 Forum Mock, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Michael Dunn, OT, University of Maryland
  2. With the 12th pick in the 7th round, the Steelers select: Will Likely, CB, University of Maryland
  3. With the 29th pick in the 4th round of the 2017 Forum Mock, the Piitsburgh Steelers select... Carlos Watkins, DT, Clemson
  4. Case in point for some beers being better off cold.
  5. Thanks. I wasn't looking to trade up again, but when I saw Garcia still there at the end of the 3rd I had to do it. He'll make a solid addition of depth to my great OTs, where he can likely work on what he lacks for most of the season. He's a tremendous prospect to be had.
  6. @LosT_in_TranSlatioN is up
  7. With the 42nd pick in the 3rd Round, The Pittsburgh Steelers select: Antonio Garcia, OT, Troy
  8. Seattle Seahawks trade: Round 3, pick 42 Pittsburgh Steelers trade: Round 4, pick 12 Round 5, pick 29 @-Truth- @RavensFanMania
  9. Well not quite room temp, but ~55-60 degrees is best for many varieties. It really depends on the brew. Take Founders KBS for instance. Considered one of the best beers in the world by many, which I was lucky enough to come across on tap once, if served too cold would taste much like any other stout. Serving beer cold can make it refreshing, but it hides the flavors.... which can be a good thing as well, depending on the beer.
  10. Only the best beers are served room temperature. Just saying.
  11. I really like Shaheen's potential. He has very similar physical attributes to Gronk. If he's able to be coached up and maxes out his strength on that 6'6" 278 pound frame the sky is the limit.
  12. With the 19th Pick of the Third Round of the 2017 Forum Mock, the Pittsburgh Steelers select: Adam Shaheen, TE, Ashland
  13. Philadelphia Eagles trade: Round 3, pick 19 Round 4, pick 12 Round 7, pick 12 Pittsburgh Steelers trade: Round 3, pick 30 Round 3, pick 42 Round 6, pick 29 @PaRAYdise
  14. I agree. That's why I don't put much stock into that rumor. Unless they really see something most don't.