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  1. I'm not surprised to see this move. He's inheriting a pretty good nucleus of a defense. Granted a few of those defenders will be free agents, like gillmore and brown which i hope for his sake they resign, but frazier will have them in the top 5 next season. I'm unsure of his impact on our secondary. People will say getting weddle shored us up, i believe that to be more likely as hes like a coach back there. I think Frazier had those guys in the right mindset, but our secondary didnt improve on the turnovers, and when jimmy went down the entire secondary played down, we had little depth, and i think that hurt what Frazier was able to really do, I still wish we had kept terrance brooks. Best of luck in buffalo.
  2. Everyone doesn't need to go. Wallace should be kept as he was the best receiver in our passing game last year, but ravens history at wr suggests they don't care about that. We let boldin walk after a great superbowl season. Aiken was hardcore demoted this year after proving to be a play maker. Suggs still has it, i dont know what people are talking about, he still sets the edge and still causes havok in the back field. He did that with one arm this season. Doom can walk as judon looks ready for his job. Keep zuttah hes truly not that bad. He was playing with a back injury almost all season or are people forgetting that? Keep wagner, but that's unlikely. No chance we can afford bwilliams unless he takes a discount, and we need juice. Hes too good in all facets of being a fullback. Cut webby so hopefully we can get a young rangy kid to put opposite weddle, if not webby wasnt so bad this season. But id rather have a playmaker at safety than a good cb, qbs can't account for safeties the way they can corners. Cut watson, id like to see pitta go too, but his contract suggests otherwise. Id like to see us keep aiken but he looks like hes gonna walk. We need to get a complete wr bar none. Cut wright, Arrington and lewis they are all bad. Man i could go on forever.
  3. Absolutely part with doom, he can't stay healthy and I believe Judon can step up and take over his role. Cut Arrington and lewis both are bad. I feel like we will let big brandon walk, which I would hate to see happen. Its also a mistake if we let juice walk. I honestly would like to see Aiken back, but current reports say he's too salty to resign with us. Pitta will cost a good grip of dead money to release, but i think that we have enough good TE's to let him loose. Ben watson will be 36...i mean id cut him as well. We need a rangy kid to put next to weddle because webby isnt living up to his contract, i feel like we had one with terrance brooks but we let him loose. I also wouldn't cut wallace after he just played pretty well for us this year as our resident deep threat. Keep Zuttah. Lastly, i dislike shareece wright so much, he had a great game against buffalo and was abused the remaining 15 games, id love to see him go.
  4. Zachary Orr got up to a 79 ovr rating by midseason, for some reason hes down to a 70 ovr now, no roster updates have put him back. Now granted i know i can change him myself, but the dude outperformed mosely this season imo, and was deserving of a pro bowl nod. He also was second team all pro. More complaining here than anything. Just wondering if anyone knew anything about that. Don't even get me started on Brandon williams disgustingly low rating.