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  1. I think .ist of these guys got taken a round earlier than they should've. I do like where you're at and what you're thinking, but again I think most of these guys could've been taken one round later. Also I'm not a fan of Bolles.
  2. I'm very much with you on this. I understand the hate people have for Robinson as a tackle, but I'm very much aware of the potential and the immediate product that is Cam as a rookie actually isn't that bad. At guard I think he's better than lamp simply because he generates more push, power, aggressiveness, and has a mean streak. He will work fantastically as a pass protector at guard because his trouble in pass protection is getting depth on his kick slide and then also the occasional lunging forward with his punch, which will both be neutralized at the gaurd position for a couple of reasons. As a Tackle I think he'll be just fine in his rookie year because he won't face the speedy finesse rushers. We've got Pitt twice (Harrison, Dupree), Cincy twice (Dunlap, whoever) Cle twice (Ogbah, Garret) NFC north (Ansah, Griffin, Flloyd, maybe Matthews) and the AFC south (Watt, TEN rushers, Fowler, IND rushers) along with OAK (Mack, Irvin) and MIA (nobody). I think of these rushers Matthews, Watt, and Irvin would give Cam trouble at tackle and that's it. So I'm ok with Cam at tackle this first year. After all if that I would say that I don't want Cam at 16 because I think that's too soon, but I would love him in a trade back
  3. I know we won't draft him. I thought this thread was to just give prospects our seal of approval. I know we won't draft joe mixon, I don't even want Joe Mixon, but I still think he's going to turn into a consistent 1,300 yards a year kind of back
  4. T.J. Watt Cam Robinson Jabrill Peppers Ryan Anderson Corey Davis Chris Godwin All of the TE's Joe Mixon I'm pretty sure the worst for these guys is a serviceable starter and at best all pro. Love all of these guys. I actually like a lot of prospects that aren't listed but these guys I'm positive will turn out to be great
  5. Adams? As in Jamal Adams? What is that guy smoking? By the way Adams improved his 40 time from the combine (4.56) to a 4.38 at his pro day. That along with his size, athleticism, impeccable tackling, and mean streak/leadership pretty much ties him for second on my ravens big board with Malik Hooker
  6. Alright, I originally stated in my post a little while ago IF he can snap just fine, is he worth it at 16? There has been speculation that he can transition to center just fine. But I see your point. kelly played there full time while Lamp has not. However Asiata can't play center. The report is he filled in for Dielman for a certain game. I honestly don't think he actually played the whole game at center. On top of that even if he did play the whole game at center they moved him right back to guard the next game. Asiata can't play center. But again I see your point, my point is simply that if the speculation is true and Lamp can snap without troubles then I'd have no problem drafting him and putting him at C
  7. That's what I'm thinking. An early 3rd round pick has more value than a 3rd comp. I think we're priming to really make some moves on draft day, whether we're going to be moving back and getting more or moving up to get better players
  8. True. Plus I think it was our comp pick that got put in the trade. I think were priming for more trades to be honest
  9. In all fairness Jernigan wasn't really getting much of a pass rush after about the 4th game last year.
  10. As am I. It seems more and more like the players we really want will go 5 picks before us. I really want MWill and Barnett, and O.J. but by all rights they should be gone when we pick. And so I looked at Ryan Kelly's draft profile last year and it was like Lamp has a lot in common except lamp is even more explosive and stronger, just shorter arms. Short arms doesn't mean as much at center and so I thought dang let's draft him at put him at C.
  11. We may have already had this discussion, but if Lamp could snap and play center would he be worth the 16th pick? I believe he can play a mean guard and an ok tackle. If he can be an effectuve center though he could really have the OL do a 180 and go from mediocre to a cowboys/raiders OL.
  12. I think nobody wants Cam if people think one of the other "great" prospects is there at 16. I wouldn't have too many qualms with Cam at 16 (prefer him in a trade back), but if MWill is there, or O.J. or Barnett then I'm taking those guys. Personally I picked MWill for the want
  13. I wanted Howard, MWill, and Barnett. Alas, I can only pick one. I really envy the team's that have multiple firsts this year
  14. As far as Barnett goes you've got to understand that he was constantly playing against the spread option in the SEC and since he's actually dedicated to run defense he's cautious. However when the offense is in an empty set or it's an obvious pass down, emphasis on passing down, he sire does have a good get off. When he's allowed to just think about pass rushing he's awesome
  15. That's actually along the lines of how I usually do the mock. In the end I always notice that I neglected the offense, but then I picture the defense with 4 more legitimate starters to help with pass defense, which has been the Achilles of the team for a long time, and I think it's alright. I needed to get some opinions from you guys though