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  1. Well there's an opinion. #1 and #12 (I think) for a guy we should bail on. To a team in the same division. But they will probably do it cuz Hue Jackson and Browns.
  2. Thank you for that explanation, very informative. So cutting Zuttah makes sense to me. As far as Mangold, my guess is that we look elsewhere if our options in house have potential to step up. Our cap space is probably pretty thin by now.
  3. I see this as a popular suggestion, but I don't really get it. Zuttah was at least average last year and Mangold is aging and coming off an injured year. To me this is a high risk low reward situation, given that Zuttah has been serviceable.
  4. And he got a $50K fine for making contact with the ref. That was the cherry on top.
  5. Much appreciated. I think I've already registered but thank you for keeping me in the loop.
  6. Hey now, no need to demand for the man's job even if you don't like him. The cost of running this forum is negligible compared to his salary I'm sure. Since I see others doing the same I'll also get on board. There is NO CHANCE I will be using this site at all once the forum goes down. And Twitter and Facebook will NOT be my relocation for conversation regarding Ravens football.
  7. I feel this forum gave us, the fans, a good reputation for other teams looking to know about us. I found this place by typing in "ravens forum" on Google. Later on, I did the same for other teams like Steelers and Patriots and I've always felt that by comparison we have it pretty good here if you want some intelligent conversation. Granted the other team sites are/were probably not hosted by the teams' front office. I'm worried that we could find ourselves in a similar situation. I take pride in what we have here. Please reconsider, I would also be willing to donate to keep this going.
  8. Boo. Oh well I guess. Thanks mods for the times you've helped me with my account and the questions I've pestered you with. I'm sure you've offered the same support to many others. Thanks to the many who have helped educate me on many subjects even if I may not have directly replied. I can honestly say I understand much more about the team I support and the NFL in general thanks to the many intelligent people on here.
  9. As per the comprehensuv plan, it is possible. We convince a team to take Joe and most of said 40+ million dead cap, while in return they give us multiple 1st rounders. Read the spec. /more sarcasm
  10. Not that digging deeper is helping, but I'll shoot. How does your "6" key stick when up to that point you hadn't used it once in that post?
  11. I know what you mean. It's a path I'd only enjoy seeing another team attempt
  12. Why not just cut a number of additional players so we can cut the Flacco? We can make X more than Y+Z if we try! Don't worry about signing draft picks this year, we can trade them all away to other teams for picks in the 2019 draft, and (like in Madden) we can get more value for those future picks (example: 2017 1st for a 2019 1st and 2nd). We would literally be golden by 2019! Not like there's any chance we whiff on multiple quarterbacks with that plan. Or that the fan base would lose faith in the franchise who is legitimately without a doubt tanking for 2 years straight. In fact, it's completely sane to think people who work to keep this team afloat would agree if we drew this up and lay it down in front of them they would say "hell yes! Sign me up and put my name on that!" /end sarcasm
  13. "ima type sum nan sense nd cee if day act smert four my lulz" Whole lot of that going on in here. Slightly funny though. We know they can't be serious right?
  14. I find it shameful that even in the superbowl, they play those stupid overtime rules that potentially (and in this case, did) remove the better half of one team to decide the outcome. I'm talking of course about the Falcons offense. How is that fair? It's fair, only knowing it could have just as likely gone the other way. Funny, I recall some stats that the Patriots are super lucky at coin tosses. With my least favorite team that loves to cheat winning yet again, and off of rules I've hated for years no less, I feel more and more like my emotional attachments to the NFL are wasted. Cheaters can and will win. They can also use your calling out of their shady ways as "fuel" that drives them apparently. And then they won't even retire once they reach "GOAT" status. Sigh...Rant over. Go Ravens.
  15. I noticed the same thing! When the Falcons got their pick six to start the second half, I almost expected a power outage lol. Edit: or was it late 1st half?