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  1. I do my fair share of Joe bashing but you know what, you make an excellent point.
  2. Yup, Aiken appears to just be one of those people we have all come across in out lives. You know the type of person that always blames others for why their life isn't want they want it to be. Wowes me, why not me, bla bla bla. People generally distance themselves from that sort of personality unless you also feel that way as well. Then its a pitty party. Cant stand it. Glad he is gone gone gone. It is more than likely that we will never hear his name again. Good riddance.
  3. Too bad they are not taking this seriously enough to make real changes. They are considering reducing overtime from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. Yea Roger, thats the problem. The couple of games per year that go into overtime, lets reduce it my 5 minutes. It couldn't possibly be that they are too greedy to even pause for a second before going to commercial. Or that they refuse to cut the commercials short like they used to and now bring back the game after the snap. Until they make changes that hurt their own self interests, revenue, they will continue to lose viewers. How are people at the top always so disconnected to reality?
  4. I lack the time and desire to find supporting stats but for some reason I remember Aiken getting his looks in the beginning of last season but he kept dropping them so Joe lost trust in him. You can call me crazy, I won't hold it against you. 😀
  5. Is it me or does the tone of Aiken and Juice feel like night and day? Juice sounds more appreciative while Aiken sounds bitter and whiney.
  6. Be that as it may, settling for FG was one of our Achilles heels last season. Since nothing has changed receiver wise it may be a problem this year as well. Sure signing a long term solution would be great if you can find one. If not I for one would welcome Boldin back as a one year stop gap. Beggers cant be choosers.
  7. Because he is a #4 receiver who complains all the time and bad mouths his team to the media. Would you hire an average employee who complained and bad mouthed his boss all the time. I am so glad he is out of out locker room. He is a poor me type of person and that is a miserable person to be around. Why is this so hard for people to understand?
  8. We could definitely use a red zone specialist
  9. 3 years 20 mil would put him in the top 7 highest paid ILB in the league. Even at 5 mil a year he would be in the top 11. Maybe he is worth it, I don't know, but I would be very careful not to create a situation where we can't resign Mosley next year. Would be even better if the fo can extend him this year to avoid the Fa all together
  10. I'm with you. If it's possible I would love to bring back Doom and Webb as rotational and backup players.
  11. I believe he also visited SEA. Yea I don't get it either. Maybe he just wanted a fresh start. Who knows, if he works hard enough between now and September maybe he can beat out whoever is above him. I read somewhere that Indy needs a possession receiver. Ironically so do we.
  12. Why are you surprised? No one else wanted him. You are what your value is in any given marketplace and the entire league has placed Aiken's skill at 4th on the depth chart. That's who he is no matter what he tells himself or others. Oh, and the way he publicly complained about the Ravens means he is not a very good guy. He was not a team first player.
  13. What was so wrong with how Aiken was treated? He failed to make plays when given the chance so he was pushed down the depth chart. One decent year among 4 non existent years doesnt qualify you for special treatment. In this life you have to earn your place and then continue performing to stay there. He has been signed by the colts to a one year deal as their #4 option. Seems they agree. I may be wrong and it wouldn't be the first time but didnt he have a bunch of drops in the beginning of last season and that was when Joe stopped looking his way?
  14. That's true and it is something but the fan lead forums seem to be where the most knowledgeable fans congregate. To be clear, while I do find you arrogant and judgmental there is no denying you are extremely knowledgeable about most things football, including cap and contract discussions. It's annoying to be constantly corrected but you do provide a rational voice in a topic that can be extremely subjective. Now go ahead, let me know why that is wrong.
  15. Of course you can rmc, of course you can.