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  1. Says who? No one thought we had a replacement for D Smith last year and then Orr stepped up big time. I am comfortable with Wallace, Perriman, Campanero, Moore. You have to play the guys you have sometimes. I'm sure Ozzie will also bring in a vet at some point just in case. Joe needs to be practicing with these guys now. Like right now if he wants to establish a connection with them. Something I feel he rarely does since starting his family.
  2. I feel like this was an appropriate response to Flacco's mediocre play since his big game and contract. They tried building the team around Joe, hoping he would be like other top QB's and carry the team but he couldn't. You can say he never had pieces surrounding him to succeed and to a point I would agree but remember it was just last year that many of you were calling our receiver group the best in Ravens history. At least before the season started. Fact is Joe had adequate skill players to work with and should be able to produce more than he has. His injury sucked, sure, but he was what 1-6 before he got hurt? I'm not Joe bashing. He is a serviceable QB. But he is not someone to build a team around. The FO has now refocused their attention to what has worked in the past and that is a dominating defense. I for one couldn't be happier. I am do glad we don't have to sit through another season of defense falling short at the end of games. Joe will score points and hopefully they will be enough to win.
  3. And just like that Ozzie is a genius again. You guys are too funny
  4. Well the Jaguars killed it last year and.....
  5. I believe we set a record for the amount of games won or lost by 7 or less points over the past 2 years. I guess I am the only one who watched the Ravens fail to hold the lead in most of those games. Not fail to gain the lead. With this defense that problem is fixed. I just don't see the offensive needs as drastically as some fans. One of the OL holes will be filled in house. Possibly Jenson the road grader at LG and kick Alex to RT. Cut Watson and Arrington and sign Mangold. The WR core is not as bad as fans make it out to be. Wallace is ready to step up into the 1 role and Perriman should at least be given the chance to play opposite him. Campanero in the slot. Moore as 4. I may be overly optimistic but you have to play the guys you draft at some point.
  6. Wow is this your first offseason? This is what typically happens every year. Relax. Ozzie makes his picks, fans complain and think they know anything about how to build a team, teams make cuts, Ozzie fills the holes in FA. Pretty standard stuff here people.
  7. I'd like to see Bowser rotate with Suggs while Williams takes over for Doom. Could be out OLB's of the future.
  8. Yup, he knows there will be offensive cuts to offset some of these picks and will fill out the roster through FA. I could get behind it.
  9. I think it is more that teams have watched Ozzie trade around and look like a genius over the years and are now suspicious and worried he will take a potential star that they should just take.
  10. I know everyone wants pass rush or a wr in the second but man would it be sweet if Lamp or Robinson fell to us.
  11. Your first mistake was listening to the so called experts. They are there for entertainment and have very little actual knowledge. Also, someone or something is worth what someone will pay for it. An antiques dealer can say something is worth $10,000 but customers will only pay $5,000 that is what it is worth. Draft "experts" can say players are ranked as they believe but it is how teams value them that sets where they are drafted. Technically no player is a reach and no player really falls down the board. What you are whitnessing is all of the "experts" being proven wrong. Nothing more.
  12. Since 2010 there have been 51 players from Alabama drafted. The Ravens have only drafted 4. The only one that didnt work out was Cody
  13. You must not believe in optimism. That's why you don't have any. 😀
  14. It's a good thing we have 2 all pro safety's to back him up not to mention Jimmy and Carr to draw the assignment if need be. I'm really excited now.