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  1. I apolgise to the board for not gettin my final 100 posted pre draff. had to go unexpected out of town and missed the firse to days of the draff. I will tell you that i'm disappoinned with our numba 1 he was one of the few top cornars I tabbed no draff. for the bd my surefire corna is jalin myrick he the guy for me
  2. let me help ya joey. set up you pics to help the ravens. set up ur top guy with continjecies so oz can read what u wrote down. u got davis raven numba 1 fine but right down how u wil improv the ravens if davis gets snatchd up befor we get to slot 16. see what i'm sayin joey? now I may like litty best but if I have him as numba 1 in my top 100 and the chargas grab him at slot 7 I doan get credit in my raven draff for him cuz he weren't availible at slot 16 see what i'm sayin? Now if I have him numba 1 and we move up and snatch him not only do I get credit but for once in he life oz do to. last keep in mine we need dinamic we been draffin bodies and not game changas yah u got it horseman projectin where otha teams are gonna draff is only good if u thing they are gonna draff ur guy and you wan him so bad u'd deal for him. it mattas nuthin to the ravens who clevland takes unless they afta r guy. one otha thang draffin at slot 16 is the worstest place a team can draff means you missed da playofs and u missin a chance to get a guy like litty less u trade up. to draff at slot 16 yr in and yr out is death by mediogre that why I formalated the deal joe comprehensuv plan
  3. I'm in on robinson dispite the alambam connectshon
  4. red it but hav to say didnt make a lick of out of it so our d is on the page but our o is not? was that it? or was it joe needs guys? yah he do he aint gonna do it himself but we been sayin thatg for yrs now r leadin receiva has been steve smith kamar aiken marlon brown had a good yr when they took joes bolden away. in the end joe still like to lock on a guy give him weapons and he woan read the d he gonna lock on and fire his heat seekin misile
  5. well I gettin serreous here midst all this fun here we go safety and corner you draff a safety or a cornar job one is can he catch if he cant catch doan draff him that simpal tool gets us off da matt elam hook qb can u qb throw long accurately and can he read a d iffen he cant read a d and check to the one on one doan draff him runnin back can u runnin back make a guy miss in open space half the time if he doan make a guy miss a one on one half the time doan draff him powerin through a guy doan count o line does ;you oline draff prospact hold his ground at worse wiff benefit of knowin the snap count if he doan hold his zone at worse you doan draff him gm do you gm draff startas wiff his one and two pics if ;you gm has to get his team from lowar than the 2nd round you got a gm you gotta replac
  6. gawd u know a thang or to cuz you seen a thang or two truar words was nevah wrote down joe is not a read and react kinda guy he is this centuarys version of Darrel lamonica joe is not a thinkin qb he is a chuck it long qb he need a runnin game to be that but u sur know wher joe is still doan thing our office do though they thing hes gonna thing his way threw a game
  7. unless u project another team will pic a guy you gota have. in this draff I call la chargers havin r guy and wuld attemt to trade up for litty
  8. doan buy the noteshon that you make your pics based on who you thing other teams will pic. you set down ur pics an rate them by need or best available joey has some has some hes off on none of which matta to the ravens so per joey if tenissee takes cory davis we take who? projectin what otha teams will do jus doesn't even matta
  9. didnt make a point to watch the ravens last yr. tuned in most times but no rittual any more. havent been to a game since the yr after the championship. tv is losin accountable to the ravens not many prime time anymore heres the thing though when a team is pickin at slot 16 that is the worstest place you can be. you are not riding high at the playof leval you are not in it to win it wiff da best of da best. you are not lookin forward to knockin noggins in the playoffs. you are jus cruising along at 8-8 or 7-9 or 9-7 missin the chance to shine in da playofs and than missin the chance at the best playas in da draff cuz you are pickin at slot 16 and the very best playas are usualy gone by than. you pick at 16 you get a useful guy like cj mosely but you doan get a game change. you pic at 16 this yr and you get ur gm talkin trade back right off. if u not the new England pats if u pick at slot 32 u get a guy like mat elam cleats and than you team start to decay. it decay cuz you got over valuated guys and next thang you kno you are stuck in limbo for yrs at 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 picin at slot 16 stuck unda the glas cieling that you can't brake trough unless u da patriots. and this my fiend is wher we find urself. so r da ravens becoming accounting for this limbo. yah they are
  10. maybe u doan but havent bought a jersay in 5 yrs stil got my ed and bolden jersays lik I sayed this yr says it all it calld watchful waitin biscoitti is not only one doin it
  11. well see what m Wallace has left if he can put 10 tds on da board maybe we bettr than thought
  12. let the good times hes ready doin that. its calld watchful waitin hes already a cuple yrs behind makin the change agree 8-8 wuld be overcheivin
  13. yah they accountible tickets and mercandice doan even know whos jersay to buy on the team. betta get playoffs this yr fur sur
  14. not a fan of givin up r home game to pitt but hopes they wil be more distractd in London than us. if we can win that game maybe we have a bettr season than thinkin otherways doan like openin at cincy that troubl then jags at jags they play us tuff and one day they gonna jell maybe not this yr. thing we can beat the bears but then tough stritch wiff vikins dolphins titan packers texas 2-3 wuld be outstandin. culd be interestin this season tells r we near or r we far
  15. he wont be thar for us but afta reviewin his tape I wuld not take him early. most of his big plays come agains weak schools an his move is oftan not dinamic