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  1. like the fac brandan carr is durable did u kno he has been a starter evah since his rookie season and has nevah missed a game. which prolly means acl for us. hes also a pretty good tackler. but what hes not is dinamic and at this stage beatable. not sayn he wont help some. we had some pretty bad guys on the edges. jus doan see the difference maker. every move is da death by 1000 pin prics
  2. eraven u r legend man, nobody has posted numbers like u an u deserve respekt. when u say walkers like wagner can be supplemented by decosta with cutoffs from other teams why cant they come from r own rosta that decosta builded? thats what funny yah mighta been a good post anywhares from 2008 to 2012, but that dog wont hunt now. briefity is the sole of wit
  3. jus pulld qbr for the season. everyone above joe had better numbrs. but I judge joe by the eye test and he's not doing well. im spellin better payin attention to red underlines now, but i'll see ya on anotha board. we have to to see how our pics outplay oz's pics. signin Jefferson and bwilliams pretty much put the kabach on the compre hensuv plan. we coulda done it. it wuld have been painful this yr fur sur but the pain is comin anyway. u gotta make bold moves to boldely improve his bess yardage yr last but he looked like a guy that had collectd same as it evah was joe kilt my roster wuld rather have traded him and eaten the bad record this yr it already settld. isn't it a question of when?
  4. we shulda resigned torreysmith, but other than him oz and decoste have no good record draffin wrs. we need big oline to. but some truly believe oz and decoste shuld not be makin wr decisons cuz addin a wr is pointless if they cant pic a good one.
  5. doan think fans will evah hate joe. he was there in that happy time. I had high hpes for joe. I truly did. but you cant spit inta the wind. the wind tells ya somethin. in my neck of the woods we have a sayin for raccoon dogs that cant get the job done. that dog wont hunt
  6. ur gonna need gary kubeack for that
  7. with you on tradin joe. theres still a window, we need our leadars to be men of courage and have a comprehensuv plan. this is not jus about joe, but he is the tool to work this machine it is much more than possible. the move to get free of joe does involve some dismantle and draffing hi with th e pics we get and our own higher draff position. but you picture it a much longer rebuilt than it will be. we must pic well but we will be pickin high. very high. we can be the bess team in the leage by 2019 2020 fur sur you say it but you doan understan it. cleveland is the one team joe can school. they are stil our oyster if we have the resolushion. prolly not joe got his check and hes more than happy joe has 9 yrs in and one time where he plays good for 4 wks. he stil has residual value cuz of that but we must take ou r profit on this stock. it time to sell high and go back and buy low. for real? matt ryan tom brady dak prescot aron rodgers dree brees kick cousin andy luck matt staffords ty taylor andy luck alex smith marcas mariatta jamis winson phil rivers russl wilson derak carr sam bradford carson palmer. joe flacco, joe is the holder of many many interestin stats none I wanna talke about here though. I want to trade him this yr.
  8. aiken was nevah gonna be our guy. had a decant yr when we had nobodie but ya jus knew he and joe were not like peas and carrots. now this said, watch him have a reel good yr with andy luck
  9. wat r u tryin to say. I'm draffin a RT in this draff and garantee he wil pic it right up.
  10. u cant draff like that. if ya wanna play th e draff game you have to make a list of ya 100 best playas to draff bpa or bap bess avail playa or make a list of ya top prospects at each position and set up ya draff by need. y a cant put one name down.
  11. sheez, we restructure pitta, we got Gilmore, boyle Watson, Williams and wallar. and we need to draff anotha tight end? if we need to draff anotha tight end someon needs firing
  12. ya'd haveta take that trade straight up. at lease kirk can read a d
  13. ya lose s.smith who was joes trustd ball catcher, ya let wagner walk and cut zuttah. pitta lookd about as quic as a fast Maryland box turtle. yanda is anotha yr oldr an will be as old as mangold when the season starts. one of our runnin backs is probated, the other is small and injured. we still doan got kubeack bac. how can you not be worryied?
  14. aint it the truth. oz and decost are like Memorex cant tell em apart and doan know who to blame