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  1. Dude, I said a million times I think Judon is going to be really good. So strong and slippery. Just cuz I say we could use a young disruptive rusher to complement him. Doesn't necessarily mean I do not have confidence in him. I'm guessing 12-13 sacks for Judon this year
  2. Yep, couldn't think of his name for a minute there lol
  3. You know something. I was splitting hairs with Feeney and Robinson. Next week I may go Feeney. I'm not sure myself White is there at this point. But if he is I think Oz and Biscotti race to the podium. I will check into Jordan Lewis and Rogers. It is so early in draft season. I'm sure all opinions will change some. I like Lewis at RT. This is a little off subject but would you be interested in trading a round 5 pick or signingdolphins LT? I ask because he is only 31 and from Maryland. And he could play RT or Guard. Which would really shake things up some. BTW what do you think about fitting juju into our draft in round2 maybe3?
  4. I agree it happens. And it should be investigated before judgement. There are so many different instances. How many times girl hits boy. Boy holds her arms bruises girl. Girl calls the police. Is girl going to acknowledge it? Just because lowlife Ray Rice knocked his wife out cold. Then looked as if he didn't give a crap. Like it's a day at the office on Saturday night. Doesn't make everybody who is ever charged a guilty lowlife. And the charges were dropped on every occasion. Not saying he is innocent. I'm saying we should look into it. Would not want to overlook a potential perennial pro bowl talent for no real good reason. As for his talent he has speed similar to Will Fuller. But probably not quite as fast. Especially on breakaway long speed. But he is nonetheless very fast. However I do think he is a savvvier route runner than Fuller.
  5. We are looking for a triple threat at the position. Waller runs a 4.4 but is not much of a receiving threat. Tyrone calico was 6'4 ran a 4.2 but was not a receiving or running threat. Engram is a football player. He can line up as Fullback but will have to be respected like a WR when coming out of the backfield. Or he will burn them for a TD.
  6. I know he is far from a reliable blocker. But he has the size and skill to become a serviceable blocker. His size and skills are compareable to Hernandez who became a serviceable blocker. If Engram were to be a west coast fullback, he would be the first one as dangerous as most WR's.
  7. Juice isn't nearly the athlete Engram is. Engram is very elusive in the open and catches like a receiver can.
  8. Engram is interesting. He could be lined up at Fullback next to running back. He could be a real weapon receiving out of backfield and blocking. Defenses never covered that kind of speed and athleticism from a fullback He would totally roast LB's out of the backfield. He could be a weapon lead blocking for Dixon. He could even carry the ball to keep defenses guessing. Dixon and Engram in the backfield would create so many mismatches. Then if Max Williams could ever get it together the ravens could run a very explosive version of the W.C.O. With a fullback far more explosive than any Fullback in the most successful WC offenses of previous. Engram could be as potent and productive as a WR from the Fullback position. Engram and Williams would be quite a tandem at TE and Fullback. Then you factor in Dixon's receiving skills and it throws a lot at opposing defenses to consider
  9. I like Garçon and Britt. Would like them in ravens offense. Marshall not so much. Will be 33 yrs old and a headache everywhere he went. You make a good point of Garcon and Marshall's previous production. But that is only one slice of the pie. We should take in consideration their skill set, system, QB and age. Then project them into the ravens offense. We don't want to pay for previous production. We are only interested in the player we think he could be with us. Finding free agents that we think can perform better with us than their previous team is how we find bargains. Brandon Lloyd is a classic example of a player coming from seemingly nowhere to lead the NFL in yards. Many players that burst into the spotlight on a new team site various explanations for their newfound success. All ranging from opportunity, coaching system, coaching, discipline,work ethic supporting cast and confidence. Joe Flacco is a superior QB to anything Britt has ever worked with. He is superior to Kirk Cousins so Garcon should see a spike in production to. I like Garcon but I don't know the word on Washington bringing him back. Same for Kenny Britt. Marshall should be available. With his rep and age there may not be many teams interested. Then there is the question of Do the ravens want more WR's 30 and Older? Ravens could be interested in receivers that will play better in the next several years. As opposed to a temporary receiver
  10. Can Robinson is actually a pretty safe pick. If he can't play left tackle or needs time to clean up his techniques; He could be a fine RT or even a fine guard.
  11. Albert should at least be able to play guard at a high level. Gives us flexibility on the line if he can play RT and Guard. Maybe Yanda could even play center. Yanda and Albert manning the interior could make for a nice veteran combo. Albert could actually really help.
  12. Kendall Wright can get that early separation our offense needs for moving the chains. He is a wildcard because he can get deep as well. Really makes the defensive backs have to cover all the turf. Then Kenny Britt could be the big fast physical West Coast receiver. Im not sure ravens could swing Kenny Britt and Kendall Wright. But both could have very prominent roles in our offense. Michael Floyd could be a cheaper option to Britt with similar skills. A 6'3 220lb WR that can get fast separation with speed and late separation with physical play.
  13. I agree guys on everything. However somebody is likely going to take Engram before we pick in round 2. Max Williams and Engram would be tough to defend. I'm open to Howard in round1. He is as explosive as Engram and will block. He and Williams would be potent. Howard and Williams can block so coordinators could move them around.
  14. I wouldn't cut Wallace unless we signed Britt. Ideally we could get Britt and Wright whom would outperform their contracts in our system. Britt and Wright can get early separation. If you watch highlights alone it isn't even close. Wallace Isn't quick in breaks on crossing routes. Wright and Britt are south of 30. Wallace is now 30 which doesn't bode well for a limited receiver and deep threat. If we want our offense to step into the top3. I don't think it will be with Wallace as a prominent player. If we are happy with a top15 offense and a dominant defense then stability on offense is the calling.
  15. Would like to keep him. But not at the expense of not getting better on offense. I don't think he is going to be any further productive. And the offense isn't getting any better as your # 1 or No.2 reviever. An upgrade is needed somewhere and it isn't coming from Wallace. It would have to be Perriman or Moore maybe even a rookie which is no promise.