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  1. Ray Lewis bulked up to 258 I read when Shannon Sharp coached him in 2000. His hits were that much intimidating like the Eddie George hit. Couple years later I read in the sun paper he slimmed to 235-240 to cover the incoming athletic TE's better. However Ray said he realized his hits were not having the same effect. I don't know what he did after that. If he bulked up again or not.
  2. Don't put words in my mouth. I know it can help a player. But make a loser into a stud. Come on now. And I know who you are talking about. He thought every football player should look like a bodybuilder. I'm a take a player for face value player. I like Garrett Bolles. His scouting reports says you will be getting a better player than drafted because he is late to filling out and growing. I don't buy that at all. I'm not for drafting a player and hope he gets stronger or faster. Especially in round1 or second. Would like Bolles to be stronger. But He isn't and is a third round talent. Why would you say maybe I'm him? You guys here are terrible Slueths. Devito accused me of being RayRay. Anybody with a different opinion than you must all be the same person? Like you expect everybody to agree with you? If people don't we must all be one person? You are going to be the new boards administrator. Grow up. Not everybody is going to agree with you. And for the record if you ever get outside. You will notice many people around raven territory that doesn't like using our funds on Brandon Williams. And for the record it doesn't make us any less loyal of fans than you are. For most part I'm optimistic about our front office. I researched cut candidates to see if Ozzie and company have reasons for not chasing free agents. And we could be interested in more than who was available this week. Duane Brown could be cut. Dolphins left tackle is being shopped for trade and will be cut if phins can't find a partner. Jeremy Maclin is likely to be cut because of young talent. Rams may try to trade Quinn. Like WOW, Brown and Albert would be upgrades over Wagner.
  3. Who are the cut candidates?
  4. Marqise Lee came on this year. Jacksonville already has 2 WRs under contract. Could Jacksonville trade Lee or Hurns? Free agency has dried up fast. Ravens have more needs than picks. So have to get creative to fill these team needs.
  5. I think Robinson could be a really good RT. His deficiencies are coachable. Like running his feet as opposed to lunging when it's unnecessary. He isn't Greg Robinson at all. Greg is very uncoordinated. Cam could be a pretty good RT with some coaching. But even at Guard he is a good pick.
  6. Hope it's Davis or Ross. I'm not a big fan of MW. I mean I would take him. But would prefer Ross/Davis
  7. We agree!! Man he was the WR sleeper I really wanted here
  8. That was thete with crappy coaches!! We have structure. Forget paying for the board. We have to begin a WR fund. Sell our houses and buy a WR
  9. DAMMIT!! Come on now!! Can pay Woodhead $4mil but not a talented WR?! What the heck?SLACKERS!!
  10. I'm listening but I'm not the one attacking anybody for their opinion. My opinions are my opinions. It changes sometimes. But not based on what players we bring in or let walk elsewhere. I'm warming to Jefferson a little I guess, But miss Wagner
  11. I didn't say that. I said he doesn't like dominant voices and personalities. Never said it was the reason for ravens losing. That can be connected to a lot of things. For the record I liked our identity under Billick. Maybe not the best but I kinda liked.
  12. Fluker is interesting as is Lang(can't help but to think clubbed lol) I like Claiborne and Brown. Who are WR's left?
  13. I know it's a crapshoot. No shame in being wrong. But you talk to me like I should be ashamed to not know all the traits to look for
  14. Lamp could play center or even RT. Can't go wrong with a stud like that.
  15. I agree Pryor is a work in progress. But that is a good thing. He has a higher roof than Aiken. Considering the upside I wouldn't call it stupid to pay him. Because it could very well work out in their favor. That is what free agency is about. Finding players that are hitting their stride before breaking out and costing a truckload of money. Some guys have enough raw skills to produce before learning all the nuances. Brandon Marshall was supposed to be an H back. But wowed the broncos as a rookie. One practice coaches knew he was a WR and he was special. Pryor inspires that kind of feeling about his roof. Aiken will have a tough time finding anybody that wants him. Their numbers were similar but that is the end of their comparisons. Their roof isn't even close. At all. On flip what about Michael Floyd? He has the DWI and jail time. But no DV at least. He is big and fast supposedly although I haven't watched him play really. I like Kendall Wright a lot actually. He is very underrated.