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  1. The repeating of stupid dreams of every homer. Teams are going to kick him aside because of his traits don't add up to elite player. But the ravens are going to see the good and draft him anyways and he will reward the ravens. That's every homers pipe dream. Drafting a try hard player nobody else wanted and him becoming an elite player.
  2. Didn't say it was the only reason we shouldn't take. Was saying in general Stanley will swallow him up. Stanley is going to be great but I don't put much stock in PFF. Fans love it when it supports their home team players but attack it when it is harsh on their players
  3. Some of the most elusive running backs have 3 comes above 7 while some QBs that aren't real dual threats run below 7 and a touch over. It isn't even close to determining the players overall athleticism
  4. The homer way negging things you don't like to hear. That's really going to help Barnett sack the QB. Lmao
  5. Dude come on now. We're talking world class athletes. He isn't getting that low that a tackle can't get his hands on him. NFL tackles have stronger hands. Barnett's hand usage isn't going to mean jack. The holding happens when an edge rusher gets by him so fast while low. NFL tackles will mirror him and get their hands on him.
  6. If Bengals take Barnett, Stanley will swallow him up!!
  7. 3 cone is a joke determining that. Not in same galaxy as getting by a hulking tackle with strong hands. Stanley's 3 cone was terrible but look how well he moves in his blocking. You can practice the 3 cone not wasting motion through it. He isn't in the same galaxy as Tim Williams and Charles Harris
  8. You are correct but it begins with the getoff cuz you can not allow NFL tackles to get their hands on you. Even the chumps are masters at locking rushers up.
  9. Doesn't have to get below his shoulders. NFL tackles have stronger hands to control. If that were true Von miller would have over 30 sacks a year. But he is stunted to when the Tackle get his hands on him. Take his getoff away and he isn't the same edge rusher by far. Ware can bend very well. And at 35 has a better getoff than Barnett!! Sorry dude it's the one player I don't want ravens to get. Maybe Robinson I don't want as much there at NO.16 overall
  10. There are 7 edge rushers I would take before Barnett. His getoff looks like he is wearing lead shoes. He plays hard and He can bend pretty well. However if any edge rusher allows the bigger tackle reaction time to get his hands on him. Then he is going to have a hard time getting to QB.
  11. It would be cool to do so. This dude is the real deal.
  12. Corey Davis will get drafted top15 maybe top10. His tape is to good. He could be drafted as a BPA by any team even those that don't need a WR. Bengals/Bills could even draft him
  13. You know something. These dudes are taught by their agents to avoid situations like this as well as keeping out of all dramatic situations leading to draft. Projected high draft picks are taught to pretty much live indoors until the draft.This moron isn't even drafted yet and he is already out there flashing around. These players are COACHED on avoiding situations like this. Because these dudes have no way of knowing if a girl is in it for the night or plotting financial gain. And high profile players are repeatedly taught this. Girl lying or not there is no reason for this clown to be in this situation leading up to draft. I mean come on we overlooked Tunsil the top overall player in the draft cuz of a video during his freshman year!! And this dude can't keep out of nightlife leading up to the draft?? What is he going to do after he cashes his check? These dudes are taught to adopt a low profile leading up to draft day. And even after drafted to avoid situations like this. I'm not saying he is guilty but for her not to be allowed back up. Something went on. Not saying rape but some kinda altercation.
  14. It has to be Corey Davis. Even if it means giving up a round3 to move up. The dude can do it all. I don't care about his school and competition. If we don't draft him and he blows up the NFL as a rookie the collateral damage will trash managements rep. A WR that will get better with experience next year as opposed to slower like the over the hill retreads. He can win on every level. He doesn't have as many contested catches as mike Williams because Corey can separate. When he blows it up the fans that wanted to draft him will go ballistic calling for the regime fired. The fans calling for anybody else to be ravens pick will all say it wanted Corey Davis after he blows up the league. and join in the hailstorm totally thrashing management!!
  15. Corey Davis all the way if Available. If he gets by every fan will be so upset by his rookie season!! Reddick a touch overrated at this juncture. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't be to angry if we picked him. But a touch overrated so far. Not the thumper with instincts that Foster is. Not an elite edge rusher. He is somewhat a project edge rusher and ilb. May not be ready week1