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  1. Considering the only two that were fired were Cameron and Trestman - no, they both have a history of terrible coaching and Cameron couldn't even do it in college FB
  2. lol ok, whatever buddy. He's the only player that's every played that wasn't amazing his rookie year, every that "knows what their talking about" gives up on players after 7 games, keep thinking that.
  3. Overly cautious coaches, figured they'd wait until he was unquestionably 100% after the bye
  4. Stanley has been practicing for a week and a half
  5. Give you a break? I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you You can complain that a first round pick isn't the most amazing player on the planet, but to act as if he's a bust 7 games into pretty much his rookie season being behind multiple other receiver is just plain moronic
  6. Yeah, he's our first round pick in pretty much his rookie year and is #3 on the depth chart, #4 when Smith is healthy. You're just being extremely ridiculous.
  7. Even if we were considering moving on from Flacco - which I guarantee we aren't - then who exactly would be the replacement? No QB in the draft is worth taking high if you have an adequate QB, only desperate teams would be forced to take any of them high, any FA won't be any good. Like Flacco or not, we're sticking with him
  8. Because if there's anything wrong with this team it's the third/fourth string WR - nice logic bro
  9. Time to buckle up
  10. Don't mind me, just listening to Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy"
  11. Shockingly, a million injuries on defense have taken their toll, who'da thunk it
  12. In short yardage, probably - but I doubt he gets any real chances outside of that
  13. I can't believe Stanley is inactive again, he's been practicing since last Wednesday. I guess the coaches are playing it extremely safe on him and waiting until after the bye. Thats sucks, I was really hoping our oline would be mostly healthy today, the Jets' dline may be underachieving at the moment, and Wilkerson may be nursing an injury, but they can explode at any team. Week one they destroyed the Bengals' oline. Our oline wasn't terrible last week - even Hurst was meh, which is good for him. Now we have Wagner so our oline will be better, so I'm not hitting the panic button on this injury, just surprised he isn't even suiting up.
  14. I don't think Aiken is definitely going to leave, with Smith retiring - and if Wallace is gone like you think - then there's plenty of reason to keep him around as he'd be unquestionably the starter. Levine will probably be re-signed, provides solid ST play and is a tool on defense. I don't think there's any way we let Juice go, great blocker and receiver and FBs don't demand much money. Mallett is tough, but I'm sure he'll be re-signed as he would be cheap and is a solid backup I wouldn't say Doom is 100% cut, we're still incredibly thin at pass rusher and now Suggs' future is in jeopardy. I doubt Zuttah is going anywhere, we currently have no clear backup at center - we have guys like Urschel who can step in in a pinch but Zuttah has regained his form the past couple weeks and he's our best option there until we draft and develop someone to take over. I'm still skeptical if Urschel is our long term solution there, I think he's our long term guy at LG when Lewis is moved to RT.
  15. If you listen to some fans on here, every week is a must win. There has never been a game in our 20 year history that we could afford to lose.