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  1. awesome at least no one will Boo him great story
  2. got to love the smoke screens we could go in any direction can't wait 3 more days lets do ravens nation P.S Go Wizards
  3. !st round RB cook who would be mad?
  4. i wouldn't mind taking him in the second round I just think there will be better playmakers on the board when we pick
  5. imo it would be a reach we could use 2nd an 3rd maybe but not our first pick but i had a dream last night we traded our 16 pick 4 round pick an a 3 round pick from next year to move up to #8 in the first round for fornette RB LSU i was so happy until i woke up lol
  6. imo don't think we will draft him but at this point who knows anything can happen between now and the draft can't wait 6 more days
  7. no thanks on foster in the first round same thing happened to TJ an we got him in the second but if we don't hit a home run with at least 4 guys in the draft people saying we going 9-7 10-6 11-5 if we don't put a good O-Line in front of joe and give him some young weapons it really don't matter how good our D is if joe can't get us in kicking distance we can't score P.S Go Wizards
  8. I remember how a lot of fans and pundits said picking Ronnie Stanley at #6 would be a colossal reach, because this and that... We"ve seen how much of a "reach" it was... The same could be true about Robinson. I for one, would be happier to see the O-line addressed in the first round than the WR corpse added to... I don't think out WR need even compares to the glaring holes at OL... you need to watch more tape on our WR none could get open even when joe had time lol
  9. why with the secondary we have we could almost put anyone on our D-Line and we can get to the qb an stop the run and we have matt judon smith KC plus suggs will play 2-3 more years unless we win a super bowl but i like the guys we have an i don't see us reaching for one
  10. not too bad of a schedule but it still depends on what we do in the draft
  11. mike williams is my pick or cook
  12. smoke screen on the WR if mike williams falls to 16 no way we don't take him lets be honest and mccafery RB/ mack in the second that would be #1WR and a true home runner RB for years to come we just need to hit on O-line man in the later rounds as far as the D goes with our secondary going into next year as of today we should have a great pass rush our secondary should give the D-line man at least 3-5 seconds before a WR can get open we should do just as well against the run but I'm really hoping we go offense the first 2 rounds at least even if cook was there in the first an take Ju-Ju in the second i can't wait one more week until it kicks off lets go ravens nation P.S Go Wizards
  13. Saunders might help with the playoff push from the looks of it