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  1. Definitely have mixed feelings about sharing this 'story'... Well all know Harbs and fam are competitive but this is a bit extreme. Taking 14 year old girls to the hoop, family or not, especially when your 6-3, is weird and NOT competition. Makes me feel even better about John Hardball. I'm confident that he would not allow his players to have a bounty on hurting opponents. Play tough, but don't go out to purposefully hurt. One of the reasons I'm a Ravens fan. I like the character of the owner and coach. Players will be players (I was a young man once - not an excuse but a reality). I like the guidance we give and what it means to Play Like a Raven. Go Ravens!
  2. They were wrong about Young...
  3. So, 2015 is an outlier because they threw him the ball? Not very good logic... We need a receiver to complement Wallace and Perriman... who would you choose? I'll take Aiken in a heartbeat - if we can afford him.
  4. Not a reliable receiver by a long shot. And did you see his terrible special teams play, did you watch the games? I wish him well and success on another team. The stat line disagrees with you... http://www.thebackyardbanter.com/reception-perception-kamar-aiken-is-the-answer-to-the-ravens-receiver-riddle.html Sure, this is previous season article but that does not detract from his abilities... He is (was) probably the most reliable receiver on the team. Go Ravens!
  5. Aiken IS a very good receiver along the veins of Boldin... I can't think of any other receiver out there that you can make the same comparison and definitely none in FA. I do think he got a raw deal as we did nothing to get the ball to him this last year... instead it was just feeding Smith's ego which really did not need feeding. We are going to regret seeing him go. :-/ Go Ravens!
  6. I would have to agree, I don't want to find fault with T West however he just seems to have trouble with consistency. He had the same problem in Cleveland. Too many times he would put up 3-5 yards and then nothing for the next two plays. Dixon seemed to have a little more success and also found a few more holes. I think the Ravens should try to land a playmaking RB if they can land one, such as Lacy or Murray. Then Dixon can have another year to mature. West can be the alternate back. That would be a great 1-2-3 Allen can compete in camp but I see him as a practice squad player or let go unless West takes a dive. The Ravens should pull out more stops this year in FA. My FA picks are keep B Williams (10-11mil) - grab RB L Murray (8 mill)- WR V Cruz ( 5 mil) and- Sterling Moore CB (4 mil) = stay under 20 mil to get them I would release Dumervil, Zuttah, Aiken, Price, Wright, Arrington, Watson, Elam, Powers, and Wagner. ( including SSr and Orrs $) that should be enough salary space.= gain 26 mil ( im considering J Smith and T Young as the starting CB and Weddle and Webb as the starting S) keep the rest of the starters- and 2nd string as possible. keep everyone else possible in balancing the cap and leave just enough $ for Draft money- get 2CB, C, WR, OG, S and DE or OLB. in that order. I know that leaves the O line possibly with a rookie Center, however moving Yanda back to Right Guard changes the O line tremendously or Lewis can play Right Tackle. The Ravens will need to get more from the second stringers, someone has to step up! Stanley, Lewis and Yanda are going to have to anchor the offensive line. But then I'm sure there are plenty who disagree with me on these choices. Probably glad im not making the decisions. lol I would not ravage our O-line for VCruz, Murray, and Moore... Cruz is a cripple, Murray adds nothing that we don't already have in spades, and moore is a CB that we can get in the draft many times over and a lot cheaper... Don't have problems with any of your cuts...
  7. I agree...
  8. What is it that people don't like about West? Talented and durable, and a runner that does not want to go down... Both Dixon and West make people miss... what is it that people don't like about West? Slow? Ezekiel Elliott looked like West with good blocking... Heck, West even catches the ball better than Elliott...
  9. Great Story. Thank you Mr. Mink! I am still a fan of Jacoby and wish him well.
  10. BestFriendofBaltimore Mr. Steve Bisciotti and Pres. Dick Cass are a class act. One of many reasons I'm a Ravens fan. Go Ravens!
  11. There are certainly a lot of Hardball haters out there... I will say that I screamed the loudest and longest to get rid of Billick... awful coach... I like Hardball... I like his style and I appreciate the team of character he puts on the field... save Cincy game, Ravens come to play in every game, players support each other, no silliness that you see come from all the other teams... Ravens from the owner down realize that this is a team effort and Hardball echos that... responsibility... Joe haters too... no I'm not happy but I do see a 6'6" man coming off a torn ACL that really does not do anything until training camp... he has and will play better... I hope we can keep Aiken... he is the closest thing to Bouldin out there... want Wallace as well but cap... going to be an interesting off season.
  12. I like that fact that Hardball kept Marty. We always mention the turnstile at OC but we never seem to mention why... Cam was the only person that was driving me absolutely crazy... Marty will at times do so but I understand that being OC is building a sub-team that gets fine tuned... I see the progress and growth Marty and Joe made over the season... they are getting better... Marty is smart a chance for him to catch his breath and to properly assume OC duties... Hardball made the right move. fans seem to have forgotten Joe had an ACL and really was not doing a thing until training camp... For the fine edge that pro football is, that is an issue... I expect and know Joe will be leading his receivers next year... I am one of the few people that hope we can keep Aiken... he is the closest thing to Boldin out in the market that I know of... he really is a beast and I hope we can afford him... going to be an interesting off-season. God that Squeeler loss still makes me sick... I will say one thing about that game. Living in Portland OR... at a Squeeler bar with about 150-200 squeeler fans, and 4 Raven Flockers sitting upfront at the main entrance (first thing people see when they came in)... It was a good/great game to watch as a Raven fan except for the last 10 seconds. :-/
  13. Why would any business lower the price of something when the demand for the product already exceeds the finite supply of it? "Giving back to the fans" is done by putting a quality product on the football field, since that's what you are paying to see. Increasing player moral by investing in the infrastructure of the business is a great way to do that. I agree with you.
  14. This is ONE of the reasons I love the Ravens... Owner. BestFriendofBaltimore Mr. S. B. knows what it takes to build a winner... invest. Go Ravens!!!