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    How many would join if I create a message board/forum for us to migrate to?
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    Joe Flacco: 12th most sacked QB, sacked 14 times, 5 TD's, 6 INT's, 75.4 QBR Andrew Luck: 1st most sacked QB, sacked 25 times, 14 TD's, 4 INT's, 98.3 QBR Matt Ryan: Tied for 3rd most sacked QB, sacked 18 times, 16 TD's, 4 INT's, 113.6 QBR Matthew Stafford: Tied for 3rd most sacked QB, sacked 18 times, 15 TD's, 4 INT's, 105.7 QBR Philip Rivers: 6th most sacked QB, Sacked 17 times, 13 TD'S, 4 INT's, 102.4 QBR Facts: - Joe Flacco has the 29th worst QBR in the NFL - Andrew Luck has been sacked NEARLY TWICE as much as Joe Flacco yet is dominating him in every statistical category, Colts have what many feel is worst OL in football - Only other QB's besides Flacco in entire NFL with negative TD-INT ratio are Case Keenum and Ryan Fitzpatrick Enough excuses for Joe, I'm a long time supporter of his even through rough patches but this is different. This year so far he's not elite... not average... not even below average, he's amongst the very worst starting QB's in the entire NFL. Everything from his mechanics, to his accuracy, to his overall passing stats tell us so. Guys like Rivers have comparable weapons/OL and are blowing him out of the water.
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    Wow. Not happy. Will not be engaging on FB or any other platforms because it doesnt allow for actual discussion. Just one or two lines of unsubstantiated, emotional garbage or "hot takes." Plus, i dont want to be bombarded with advertising while discussing the Ravens... But, i guess you cant really advertise on here and capitalize on the "engagement" so why bother. Im being unreasonable, but i dont care.
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    Wow. As a fan who left Baltimore in 2003 and found this community I can't say enough about how upsetting this is. Facebook has some of the worst 'Raven' fans.
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    I have always been a big fan of Harbaugh but the Patriots game was a big eye opener in terms of how poorly coached this team is. It reminded me of those intramural sports games I used to play, where you eventually run into that one team that takes the sport seriously. The one that has a gameplan and looks like they care a whole lot more. The Harbaugh Ravens, since Ed and Ray left, have looked like a team with no ideas just hoping to hang on. The offense has been reactionary - never proactive. As if the gameplan is to work around whatever successful gameplan the opposing defense has. Nothing they do presents a challenge for defenses. Outside of Kubiak, they don't even have a strength that could be called an "identity", let alone a gameplan ahead of the curve. The defense is the king of unnecessary roughness, like it's a complete enigma how to play the game within the rules. There are botched coverages constantly. They look utterly lost when the other team picks up the tempo or finds something that works. And for some reason, their goal each game is to let the other team score just as time runs out. It's pretty much a given that any lead will evaporate in the 4th quarter, and the game will come down to a redzone stop or a big L in the standings. Every week I wonder what they could possibly be thinking, giving up the easy 1st down into Ravens territory to prevent the difficult touchdown throw, and - if required - subsequent meager 30 yard offensive drive for a field goal to win the game. Every week Harbaugh talks about tough-fought games being a staple of "Ravens football". Why is the mantra of this team to be satisfied with being taken to the ropes every game? Why can't they close the door on inferior teams anymore? I'm just tired of this "We'll find a way" attitude. Whoever is going to coach this team needs ideas, not hope.
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    I have a lot more thoughts, but the one that stands out is Hester. He's got to go. Making the same mistake over and over again. It's on the coaching too for continually throwing him out there like this hasn't been an issue for weeks now.
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    When they hire you, are you you keeping Harbs around as ST coach or bringing on an entirely new staff?
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    Quote from Russell street report: Ozzie: "we have to let you go, run Marc... Run away and never come back" Marc: "no thanks, I'll pass" Ohhhhhhh God too much
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    As some of you may know I was the winner of the you pick the 53 contest. I really didn't expect to win and the whole thing was absolutely surreal. I just thought i would share some of the things I got to experience. When people say this is a top notch organization they say it for a reason. They treated me like I was one of their own and made me feel like I was part of the ravens family. First off I would like to thank Dave Lang- the media director who led me through the whole process. This guy was really cool and went out of his way to make sure I had a good time. First he brought me and my fiance down on the feild for pregame warmups- as soon as I reach the feild John Harbaugh is directly right in front of me. He was beginning to walk back into the locker room when I quickly walked over and introduced myself. We had a short Convo about the contest, the forsett fiasco- and he joked that I did better than Ryan mink and garret downing at guessing the roster. My girlfriend off to the side video taped the whole conversation lol. Immediately my day was made and it was only just beginning. Dave went to get a photographer to take some pictures of me for twitter while I watched some of the players warm up. I noticed buck allen off to the side not in uniform in street clothes and realized he was inactive. Needless to say he didnt look too happy. Also saw keenan reynolds who gave me a high five. Dean pees walked by looking real timid but to my surprise he actually shook my hand. I then watched Tucker hit a 65 yarder in warmups with about 12 yards to spare. So yeah when he said he could hit from 80+ in denver- he's not Lyin. Off to the side I then saw ed reed and Steve bisciotti chalking it up. Just took a lot of pictures and what not. Didn't really get a chance to get any autographs but I didn't care , my day was already made. ( plus Dave had just given me the flacco autographed jersey) just when I think things can't get any better- Dave pulls me off to the side and pulls something out of his pocket. Its the 2012 Superbowl ring! Not only did he let me see it- he let's me try it on. That thing must have weighed 3 pounds lol. I took a picture with the ring and then headed off the feild. Instead of Dave taking us out the normal exit- he walks us through the tunnel where the ravens run out. After that it was pretty much time for the game to start. We thanked him and then made our way up to the club level seats. We had some of the best seats in the house, after the national anthem when the jets flew over the stadium it was hard not to get a little chill being 9/11 and all. Opening day was underway - and the only thing that could've made this day better was a ravens win. Ofcourse we got the W which was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Im probably gonna get the flacco jersey framed along with the tickets. Ive also got a rackload of sweet puctures and then memories that will last a lifetime. I feel so blessed to have been a part of all this and I had the time of my life. I just want to thank Dave Lang again for everything and the whole Ravens organization for an amazing and surreal experience. Don't mean to rub it in to anybody I just wanted to let y'all know how awesome this franchise is ( as if y'all didn't already know) and to share some of the inside details. Wish I could have brought every single member of the board with me, we're all part of ravens nation and I think were in store for great season. On to Cleveland baby.
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    Or maybe they didn't want to draft a guy so high (no pun intended) that hasn't completed a full season of football yet.
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    Going into flacco's 10th season why is WR still a huge question mark ?
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    I just can't wait to see who gives the defense a pass for this.
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    The UGLY: Allowing them to convert on 1st and 30. It went downhill after that. Nothing else matters.
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    This is exactly the defense you'd expect with no Jimmy Smith playing. Were we really surprised?
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    I just hope that when we need 7 yards he sends the receivers at least 8 out.
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    I will say, I've met Zach a few times and you can tell that he's a very smart guy. It sucks as a fan and a team to lose out on a young ascending player, but at the end of the day, you have to hope the best for him. I don't doubt for one second that he put a lot of thought into this decision and made the choice that he ultimately felt was best for himself and his future. I wish him luck. I'm sad to see him go, but I'll never blame a guy for walking away to try to preserve his health.
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    Offense scored 6 points without the gifts from special teams. The so-called #1 defense gave up over 500 yards. Hester should be released tomorrow. The coaching is laughable. So many bad calls, and abysmal clock management. I think I covered all of it.
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    The response I want to post would probably be my last straw here so... I don't think it's a good idea to sign him. Besides the domestic disputes, negative attention/media circus, alleged drug problems, being suspended already on his day off, there is also this big factor that he SUCKS! Manziel is AWFUL.
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    How is he overrated when he never gets respect to start with?
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    Frank Walker-CB David Pittman-CB Tom Zbikowski-SS Michael Huff-FS
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    It honestly has nothing to do with the aspect of smoking weed, but rather all to do with the ramifications that come from doing so as imposed by the NFL. First of all, smoking weed is one thing, but intentionally recording yourself and keeping said recording is moronic in and of itself. Regardless of whether or not it was personal, you've got to be aware of your popularity and the negativity that would inevitably occur should said video ever reach the public. You're a prime target for national media attention, you should have the foresight to at least ensure anything and everything that could possibly mar your image is deleted, not merely tucked away. Furthermore you act like as if there's such a disparaging difference between Tunsil and Stanley to the point where Tunsil is considered light years ahead of Stanley in any way. I know for a fact that if you were to own a business and you have two very comparable prospects in front of you for only one available position, you're honestly going to sit there and tell me that you're going to pick the individual whose currently going through a myriad of allegations and issues over the other prospect who is as clean as can be? Yeah, good luck banking your highest pick in over a decade on the notion of "everyone makes mistakes". There's no room for 50/50 in that regard here. We're talking game suspensions if caught, did you seemingly forget about Will Hill already? Look where that got him--it's not the act of smoking weed. I'll reiterate it again, it's the consequences that are imposed. This is far and above one of the most idiotic postings I've seen on this forum; you couch scouts are delusional.
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    Can someone tell the Ravens that cutting the costs of this board will not clear up any cap space?
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    Being a top 10 defense means nothing if you can't finish games.
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    Do yourself a favor and find yourself another team that has a QB you like.
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    Just a "heads up" to those who think they need to come into this thread to "keep it real", take your negativity to the hundred + other threads already open. Positivity also deserves a thread.
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    The offensive line we trotted out there today was pathetic.
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    Should be our best OT since Ogden. Blindside protector for the rest of Joe's career, and hopefully for the first few years of the next QB we take. Welcome to Baltimore, Ronnie Stanley.
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    Low risk contract that's easy to get out of (options to exit after Year 1 and Year 2 per Schefter) Starting, albeit unspectacular, CB on a playoff team Never missed a game in 9 year career. ...... I honestly don't have a single complaint
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    Wallace and I'm not thinking too hard about it. I got a lot of love for what Torrey has done here but I think Wallace can do a bit more than him.
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    Good for him. They need to be ticked off.
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    We already found him once, then he went to the broncos and won a superbowl
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    I'm sure this will be merged. Some people can't handle the truth on here. They'd rather burry it in an existing thread.
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    Just read a great article on NFL.com about Steve Smith and his decision to return for another year. You can read it here: http://www.nfl.com/curtaincall Lots of interesting stuff and great read overall. But this really stuck out to me -- and gives GREAT insight into Flacco's leadership... even though many try to doubt it. This tells me everything I need to about him and how great a leader he is. Smith is talking about how after the game he was injured, in the locker room he was all emotional with players/coaches telling him he could play again if he wanted to. But he says, Flacco had the biggest impact on him. "Joe walked over to me and said, 'There is nothing you need to be ashamed of. The impact you've made on us in a short amount of time has taken people years to do. You make me better. Whatever you decide, you need to be proud of that.' " Smith recalled. "That broke me down."
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    We picked up 2 extra picks and got kamalei correa, so let's break this down... For years now, we have been slow on defense, we have big strong pass rushers and DL who can play tough and push the pocket but we absolutely fail miserably to reach the qb in a hurry. We needed an edge rusher with explosion. Dodd I think was clearly our target but he gets drafted(remember there are 31 other teams drafting, guys get taken, and you can't trade up for everyone you want). So we trade back twice and pick up some good currency in a midloaded class, and we add... Guess what... An explosive edge rusher. But off with ozzies head for giving us what we want with good value... If you have watched his tape, you see he is a fit here, he has a first step that rivals anyone in the class, he plays heavy handed and plays like he's got something to prove, he hits hards, he moves fast, he plays with authority, and does literally everything better than Spence except for bending the corner. He isn't a rotational guy, he plays with a hard enough nose to be a starter, he can cover, he can move sideline to sideline, he punches blockers in the mouth and drives them back and sheds very well. Literally the only things holding back his stock was: limited array of rush moves(coachable) and weak conference. Boise also used him in a very wide role, if he was asked to pin his ears back his sack numbers would have been much higher. So, do you guys just latch on to Noah Spence and disregard every other edge rusher? Because I've done my due diligence on this kid, and he's a good pick and a great fit for us and fills a huge void. He may take some time to really catch fire because he does need to work on consistent hand usage, but Noah Spence has a lot more to work on than his hands... We wanted an explosive edge rusher, we got one, and we hate it? Come on guys. Due diligence, You may see that correa may not be that big a downgrade from Spence after all...
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    Should we act like Pats fans? It's somebody elses fault. The NFL hates us. Were were set up. No one knew that they had pads on. The weather made our jerseys puffy so it looked like we had pads on. Yeah I feel dumb. We made a mistake. Own it.
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    Hello everyone, As most of you know, with our current home closing at the end of the month we've begun the process of creating and searching for a new spot. Thank you to those of you that have joined the new forum already. Great to see so many of you that love this community as much as I do. For those of you who haven't joined and want to, check out: http://baltimoreravens.boardhost.com/index.php But, with us being forced out of our comfort zone a lot of exciting ideas are flying fast and furious.... and a simple forum may not be able to house what we need, or provide all the features we've become used to. With that in mind, still don't hesitate to join what we have set up and start using it. But, with some of the great community members help, we're looking into upgrading to something better that will allow us to do some really neat things in addition to just chatting. It'll also give us the ability to scale as we grow bigger. We're grabbing some potential domain names now, but if anyone has some slick suggestions for what our new home could be called, feel free to post em and we'll start looking into availability of domains. So keep an eye out. We'll try to have everything settled and finalized before this closes down... but just in case make sure to get registered over at the current forum listed above. That way, at the very least we can all stay in touch while our ultimate, new swanky bachelor pad is being built. Awesome to see so many of us really invested in building something great. And build it we will. Thanks, Bold (remember to register at the existing new forum.... and let those Forum/Domain name suggestions fly; want to get something locked up)
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    i wouldnt come here because the news section has gotten pretty bad. theres no news, no real information, all the videos and articles are basically "heres a long drawn out bunch of stuff you already know" or "lolfunstuff and amateur opinions"
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    At least we won't be exposed to your stupidity any longer
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    I haven't read most of the new posts on this board since yesterday's loss, but I've read enough to know that people are a little panicked about the rest of the season. Obviously, I think this team has A LOT of problems that need to be addressed, but I think there's a little reason for optimism. 1. We're still only 1 game behind Pittsburgh for the lead in the division and they play New England next week (likely without Ben Roethlisberger). Considering we face the Jets next week, there's a decent chance we go into our Bye week tied for first in the division with a chance to take control of our season if we beat the Steelers. Luckily, the Bengals seem to be struggling a bit this year as well and their schedule is pretty tough. 2. This team had a LOT of injuries last year and mostly less-serious injuries so far this season. Some of the players are still coming back and getting into form, and a lot of our players are young. I think most of us predicted for these reasons that this team would be better in the later half of the year than the first half, although most of us got our hopes up when we started 3-0. I think specifically Joe is still uncomfortable and uncertain with his knee, but there are reasons to believe the offensive line, Joe and our receivers will all be better after a few weeks under Mornhinweg I think we all know that a bit of good fortune will be necessary to keep this season on track, but there are still reasons to be hopeful.
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    It won't. We will probably continue to abandon the run. What we'd need to do is improve the oline but I don't think it will matter. its honestly the worst decision we could have made. I have 0 faith in marty
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    The ugliest, by far, was when Chris Simms said that SSS was not a HoF receiver because he was never a top 5 WR in a single season. Please, go back and watch the 2005 season. Please.
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    Duane Starks: Starks responding to a question about making a change at quarterback because Flacco was taking a beating behind a porous offensive line - “Beating or no beating, I’d pull [Flacco] out of the game. The honest truth is he lost the game for the Ravens. That is the way I look at it. He gave up ten points [off of his interceptions]... And Flacco did not claim it, when they asked about the interception to Perriman, he said it was a timing pass. No, it was a bad pass in a one-on-one situation. Claim it. Don't say ‘we’, it was you today!” Jackson followed Starks by saying - “[Flacco] has to play better, he is the quarterback, he is the franchise. They paid him a bunch of money, and that is fine....but when you come out in the second half and only have 43 yards of total offense in the second half, 2.5 yards per pass completion, 2 of 8 on third down. [He] is the quarterback, he is the engine, everybody is looking at him and he is not getting it done.” http://www.baltimorebeatdown.com/2016/10/24/13380522/icymi-former-ravens-duane-starks-and-brad-jackson-rip-joe-flacco
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    Not even upset anymore. Accepted that we are just the worst team in football. Sit Joe until he isn't afraid to step into a throw.
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    I’m not normally one for midseason firings, but Trestman has to go. The experiment has failed, time for him to go back to the CFL - he doesn’t belong in this league. What a frustrating game all around. Can’t expect the defense to hold on when the offense goes 3 and out on every drive, and the special teams guys consistently give our opponents great field position (or just straight up give them TDs). This team is not good. We’re playing a bunch of scrub teams and look absolutely lost out there. How are we going to look against actual good teams? We’re going to get absolutely demolished. What a sorry excuse for a football team.
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    If I'm going to be unbiased, my picks would be: Buffalo - win Cleveland - win Jacksonville - win Oakland - win Washington - win NYG - win NYJ - win Pittsburgh - win Cleveland - win Dallas - win Cincy - win Miami - win New Ingerlund - win Philly - win Pittsburgh - win Cincy - win #nohomer
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    Decosta would do a much better job If he lost 10-12 lbs and packs on 10-12 lbs of functional muscle