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    1. Cleveland Browns - Myles Garrett, edge, TA&M 2. SF 49ers - Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU - really hard projection here, my gut tells me Jamal Adams goes here as he is probably the BPA, but the reports of the new regime wanting to move on from Hyde and being interested in fournette make it difficult to go a different route. 3. Chicago Bears - Jamal Adams, S, LSU - another tough one to call, i hear they like hooker, but i also hear they like adams. in this case, im gonna go stick to the board and give the bears the BPA who fills a need and brings a face of the franchise type of player 4. Jax Jaguars - Solomon Thomas, DL, Stanford - Jonathan Allen strikes me as a Tom Coughlin guy, but Im buying the hype around his shoulder arthritis, this early in the draft it is just too much risk. i think Thomas is overdrafted here, but Coughlin is no stranger to working with raw guys with superb athleticism, like Jason Pierre-Paul for example, Coughlin is also a very well known front seven addict. hopefully this pick doesnt sound too cliche 5. Tennessee Titans - OJ Howard, TE, Bama - too great a fit. this team has nothing as far as receiving threats, with a franchise QB who extends plays well and can get it deep on broken plays, so a 6'5" behemoth athlete like Howard will be able to get down the field and bail out Mariota often on play action passes. speaking of play action, theyre a power running offense, emphasis on power, OJ Howard is the best blocking tight end i may have ever seen, he never leaves the field for this power run team, is always a threat, this is just a match made in heaven. 6. NY Jets - Marshon Lattimore, CB, OSU - every source in the world seems to report either this, or a trade back with cleveland. either makes sense, i cant realistically think of any other options here. hooker is my BPA at this point, but i feel the jets are going to prioritize CB 7. LA Chargers - Malik Hooker, FS, OSU - if either safety is on the board here, they will be the pick. replacing weddle at all costs is almost certainly their plan 8. Carolina Panthers - Jonathan Allen, DL, Bama - and the tumble stops here. Carolina is a BPA team through and through, which is why i dont buy the mcaffrey rumors at all. they feel they have a championship roster, and they do, which is why they can afford to take Allen here, if his shoulder injury puts him out of the league by year 5, then they could have still won a championship with him as a major contributor. 9. Cincinnati Bengals - Derek Barnett, edge, Tennessee - sad face 10. Buffalo Bills - Mike Williams, QB, Clemson 11. NO Saints - Taco Charlton, edge, Michigan - saints are gonna address either secondary or edge rush here, im thinking the latter. i dont like taco much at all, but i can understand why teams see potential, he probably has the best blend of size and athleticism and really does have a high ceiling, i just dont like his floor. 12. Cleveland Browns - Mitch Trubisky, QB, UNC 13. Arizona Cardinals - Marlon Humphrey, CB, Bama 14. Philadelphia Eagles - Christian Mcaffrey, RB, Stanford - totally buying the rumors that a team in the top half has guaranteed him a drafting, why else would he have turned down all private workouts? he has nothing to prove, thats why. philly makes more sense than any other team, give the young franchise qb an easy outlet 15. Indy Colts - Forrest Lamp, G, WKU - theyve drafted a lot of linemen and they all seem to be failures, maybe because they have only drafted one high and have tried to get by with a bunch of flyers in mid rounds, they right that ship here and finally get luck a solid blocker 16. Baltimore Ravens Corey Davis, WR, WMU - is this finally the year? do we finally find the #1 WR? a guy who can get quick separation and make himself available? a guy who can turn 2 yard catches into first downs? decosta has been in full smoke screen mode, he spoke of all 3 first round receivers, and sounded indifferent about davis, very nonchalant, and with the rumors linking the ravens to john ross, it seems like classic decosta smokescreens. im calling his bluff and predicting that corey davis is high on our boards, and that we pull the trigger here. now i dont think corey davis is some sure fire savior to our offense, he isnt the concrete lock to perform well on day one, he has shown excellent and technical routes, but due to the amount of cushion he has faced he has never had to show creativity and savviness in his game, and when he has faced tight coverage he has struggled. now he has absurdly quick feet and is a big strong guy and plays very physical, so i dont doubt he can learn this part of the game. i just dont think hes as refined as some say, but he will continue to develop those finer parts and become a very good receiver for us. 17. Washington Redskins - Reuben Foster, LB, Bama - the skins have always been known to have a few knuckleheads on the roster, i dont think theyll mind the risk involved with foster when considering the gigantic upgrade he brings to their struggling defense who is in desperate need of an identity and a man in the middle. 18. Tennesse Titans - Chidobe Awuzie, CB, Colorado - buying the hype 19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Dalvin Cook, RB, FSU 20. Denver Broncos - Cam Robinson, G/RT, Bama - they need a lineman anywhere and this is a BPA to fill a need scenario. he isnt the BPA but he is far and away the best current lineman 21. Detroit Lions - Haason Reddick, OLB, Temple - the lions need some impact on defense, the best way to do that is to add some pass rush across from ziggy and the general motor and speed of reddick will be a huge boost in the pass happy NFC north. 22. Miami Dolphins - Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt - they have a need at LB, hes a reasonable value here, hes a rangy guy and a tackling machine, nothing too flashy but damn sound and gets around the field effectively and makes stops short of the sticks, should do well behind an excellent front, potential to stifle the patriots smallball game. 23. NY Giants - David Njoku, TE, Miami 24. Vegas Raiders - Gareon Conley, CB, OSU - the guy who was rumored to fly up boards goes on a tumble but it ends here. if the rumors of awuzie to tennessee werent swirling id slate him there, but thats the selection that hurts him here. im not his biggest fan, hes alright imo, but teams seem to like him, i could see him going to detroit, indy, cleveland, or arizona as well. 25. Houston Texans - QB, QB, Some School - dont know which one, but i think they take one. brain says Mahomes, gut says Watson. 26. Seattle Seahawks - Obi Melifonwu, S, UConn - very cliche pick, i know, but BamBam could be gone next year, and they dont want to lose that large enforcer who can play deep or up close. peppers is another possible candidate here but i think seattle places a lot of emphasis on size in the seconday, so the lengthy Obi gets the nod. 27. KC Chiefs - TJ Watt, edge, Wisconsin - tamba hali isnt some ageless wonder, hes falling off a cliff and justin houston has missed his fair share of time. they get a future all around edge defender who should be solid in year one, but while houston and hali are still around he can develop for a year, grow into an nfl body, and break out in year 2 28. Dallas Cowboys - John Ross, WR, Washington - i actually doubt he falls this far, tbh the guy slipped my mind a bit, he could go to just about any team, but addressing needs of teams had me take other guys over ross. consider this a slip up in my mock where i just forgot about a guy for a bit. but IF ross falls this far, its bad news for the league, this would just make dallas' offense a perfect storm, i dont know how youd stop it. 29. Green Bay Packers - Jabrill Peppers, SS, Michigan - they need help in a lot of places on defense, and peppers brings the kind of skillset that can really help change the complexity of a struggling defense. if you need a safety, LB, edge rusher, and cb, and just need to make your entire defense in general better, a great way to do that is to add an explosive, aggressive player with good instincts and textbook form tackling. peppers usage in college isnt indicative of his skillset, he was used as a blitzer almost exclusively, but he shows instincts and the athleticism to suggest hes got good range, plus the aggressive mentality, making him a great fit as an x factor strong safety 30. Pittsburgh Steelers - Malik McDowell, DT/DE, Mich. St. - this spells trouble for the ravens. if a reportedly unmotivated player needs to get motivated, put him in the steelers ravens rivalry, smh to us. this spot might not be a dire need but mcdowell is enough of a mover to say damn the need, he brings impact from all over the front. a legitimate top 3 talent with legitimate character concerns. 31. Atlanta Falcons - Charles Harris, edge, Mizzou - not this guys biggest fan but they need a pass rusher opposite beasley. they could also go with jordan willis here simply because he has an outstanding combine and the falcons have been very well known to take combine performers, which makes this pick kinda contrarian, but im gonna go ahead and think the falcons take the better player now, rather than the project, them holding a private workout for both he and willis says a lot, im thinking they like harris better on tape but wanted to see if he just had a rough day at the combine. secondary is also on the list here, possibly adoree jackson, a well know athletic freak. 32. NO Saints - Tre'Davious White, CB, LSU - its a rumor im buying, because it makes sense. bold prediction here, if lattimores injuries are a problem in the NFL then white will be the best corner of this class Ravens round 2(47th) Tim Williams, edge, Bama - i would tear my house down in celebration here. tim williams is an absolute menace. second best jump off the line after garrett in the whole class, and he plays with authority and violence. he punches, he presses, he rips and spins, he exploits the tackles movements, works one shoulder at a time to take on half a blocker and not allowing the OT to square up and latch on. he plays with intense passion on the field and brings the energy and motor you want, just absolutely relentless, but off the field in interviews he has been very calm and humble, and quite honestly seems mature and contrary to the reports. team first guy, through and through, he doesnt care about the personal accolades, he'll attribute his success to his team in a heartbeat while shouldering any blame, but dont mistake that for a lack of confidence. he is a relatively refined edge rusher, probably top 3 in this class in terms of hand fighting, decision making, and a general arsenal of pass rush moves. he bulked up before his final season, reportedly around 20 lbs, and most of that appears to be in his upper body, which i think could explain his slipping and falling in the championship game, top heavy guys struggle to stay balanced in the bend, but he doesnt lack the flexibility. he has room to add another 10 lbs in his lower body putting him at ideal OLB size. and honestly seems realistic, he is as low as 3rd round in a lot of mocks, but i dont think ozzie allows that. Carl Lawson is another consideration. side note, his run defense is really picked apart by people, it is better than hes given credit for, bama just has so much depth that they had no interest in NOT keeping his legs fresh. when he has had to defend the run, he shows a conceptual grasp of it, staying home on the edge, pinching the edge, gap integrity, backside pursuit, hes done it all well. one problem he has though is he gets trigger happy when a run comes his way and he'll run himself out of the play trying to make the TFL. Round 3(74th) Pat Elflein, C, OSU - a high IQ mauling center with a championship pedigree. i dont know how this guy isnt considered a second round pick, but it seems to be the general consensus that hes a mid to late 3rd. hes right at home here with the ravens, day one starter and pro bowl potential. 78th Desmond King, DB, Iowa another guy who is inexplicably regarded as a mid to late third rounder. typical though as the raw athletic dbs always tend to shoot up boards late in the process. but desmond king is a viable #2 cb, slot cb, and should do well at either safety spot. he plays much bigger than his size, plays with authority more than most corners in the class, this guy believes the man across from him is inferior, and he plays like its true. average athleticism and size has never been a factor as this guy plays big and physical, arguably the best ball skills in the class among dbs as well. ravens love versatility and this guy will step in any time there is an injury on the field, and do well. if weddle hangs it up in the near future, heres his replacement, same with carr. he just screams ravens and has since last year. Witherspoon is also a strong option but im not sure where his stock lies, mocks show him going in the third but i think he ends up mid second. Round 4(122nd) Adam Bisnowaty, OT, Pitt we address RT with a steal. this guys a late second early third in my eyes, but everything i see indicates him as a 5th rounder. hes a stud in the run game, needs work in pass pro, but the RT is the one spot you can afford to sacrifice pass pro, being the easiest part of the defense to avoid and manipulate. He fits the bill of bigger and stronger on the OL, he is a nasty brawler up front, gets the initial punch and drops the hips and drives upwards to put defenders on skates right off the bat, he doesnt lose the handfights because he extends quick and powerful and gets up in the chest early, and even when the defender staggers his engagement he is able to recover. he drops well in pass pro but gets stiff in the knees and ankles and may struggle to mirror guys who utilize inside lanes well. but as far as building a power run game goes, this guy is gonna make a quality RT Round 5(159th) Tarik Cohen, RB, NC A&T the ravens are usually always good for a small school guy each year, and they usually seem to turn out pretty well, heres that guy. 5'6" and 175 but holy hell what a spark plug, danny woodhead is a stopgap obviously, but we need a dump option for joe at all times. this guy leaves defenders eating grass and hugging ghosts, his cuts are absolutely electric. if he can pack on a little bit of weight and get up to like 185, he should be stocky enough to hold up consistently as a receiving threat out of the backfield. Round 6 Brian Allen, CB, Utah the ravens take another raw and lengthy project corner, 3 years in a row. 6'3" with good top speed and very sound in bump and run coverage, needs to turn his head and locate the ball better, needs to diagnose the deep ball better and flip his hips to get downfield. but definitely an intriguing project. he and maurice canady give us an interesting duo of long tall project corners. if just one of them pan out then we are sitting pretty in the secondary
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    There are not enough words to describe my disapointment.....
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    1. Jake Butt 2. Jake Butt 3. Jake Butt 4. Jake Butt
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    Im going for as little as possible
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    He was but he was the victim in that situation. She wanted to go home with him for some fun and he said no so she punch him in the face
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    touché or dont touche - it might get you a restraining order
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    I would absolutely hate him or any other running back at 16 this year
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    No i figured you did.
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    I don't want to have to deal with that stress on Christmas Day again. Give me another team's grudge match and let me enjoy my presents in peace.
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    To be fair, Stanley will man handle everyone
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    I didn't know mark Sanchez was in this draft class
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    This mock is soooooo..... ⊂_ヽ   \\ _    \( •_•) F     < ⌒ヽ A    /   へ\ B    /  / \\ U    レ ノ   ヽ_つ L   / / O   / /| U  ( (ヽ S  | |、\  | 丿 \ ⌒)  | |  ) / `ノ )  Lノ (_//
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    They get so creative with these schedules don't they.
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    It was just championship level hydration lol
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    Rey is the offspring of Yoda. Bank on it.
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    Buffalo Bills sign... Manti Te'o, LB/WAG Depth
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    Nobody but Todd and Jesus can feel Todd's pain or understand it, but we all share in his sorrow. May God comfort the entire Heap family at this time of unimaginable loss. Keep the faith, Todd!
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    Myles Garrett gets man handled by Stanley giving up zero sacks and zero QB pressures.
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    I think we like Corey Davis, I'm calling decostas bluff
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    Ozzie's draft bread & butter positions are: LB, D Line, and O Line. If he decides to draft another OT 1st round, he must see something the rest of us don't and I'll be happy with his decision. So much hinges on a strong O Line, especially for the Ravens. A weak O line will mean terrible offense because Flacco falls apart when he's pressured, and our current RBs need some legit, great blocking to gain any significant yardage. God help us if we end up starting the season with the line we currently have. I'm really hoping we upgrade between now and Week 1.
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    mine would be... 16. Corey Davis 47. Tim Williams 74. Sidney Jones 78. Ethan Pocic
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    I mean, if the picks fall in such a way that OL meets BPA, then I'm all for it. However, every OL in this draft is a reach at #16 overall, at least in my opinion, so we'd have to trade down for OL to be the BPA. Furthermore, it should be recognized that Alex Lewis is best as a RT; he lacks the leverage and push to be anything more than an average LG. Given this, any RT that is drafted essentially addresses the hole at LG by forcing a RT to play out of position at LG. If they reach for someone like Cam Robinson at #16, then I hope it's because they think he can be the next Osemele at LG; otherwise, it's a terrible pick.
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    Give it time, it will soon turn into the usual Flacco sucks thread.
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    Is litty Malik hooker? Heres the thing... I don't do mock drafts to try to land the guy I like most, I try to be as realistic as possible for all teams. I am 100% certain the ravens aren't trading up to 6 to take Malik hooker, so why the hell would I mock that? I didn't post this to appease morons such as yourself.
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    I enjoy seeing scenarios where Barnett falls to 16. Lol
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    What the hell are you talking about? We don't give up any home games at all let alone one to Pittsburgh
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    If you read what the report said via score mobile, he said something along the lines of that he is not a people pleaser, he is a coach pleaser. After a few coaches mentioned him possibly weighing in too small at the combine, he then drank a bunch of water and ate a bunch of food to the point he almost threw up to get a heavier weigh in. Luckily Ozzie is in the shoes to get the full reports on him. I think he goes round 1. I would be ecstatic with him at #16.
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    the NFL is so stupid with this garbage. His piss is too clear? So he loses millions before he even gets a chance to earn it? Garbage system. Fall to Baltimore Please.
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    Myles Garrett changes his mind and decides to attend the draft. Once picked first overall, he comes out on the stage to greet Roger Goodell. After an intricate handshake that Goodell completely bombs, Garrett chest bumps Goodell and sends him plummeting through the stage. The crowd roars. Goodell awakes from his stupor moments later to say that the Ravens are on the clock at #2 overall.
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    This draft is so deep....that it only makes sense to trade back! there are over a dozen DBs that we could land in the late first or 2nd round 1. TreDavious White- CB- LSU 2. Jabrill Peppers-DB- Mich 3. Sid Jones- CB- Wash 4. Fabian Moreau-CB-UCLA 5. Marlon Humphrey- CB-Bamma 6. Cordrea Tankersly- CB- Clem 7. Jalen Myrick-CB-Minn 8. Chidobe Awuzie (sp)- CB- Colo 9. Quincy Wilson-CB- Fla 10. Adoree Jackson-CB-USC 11. Teez Tabor-CB- Fla 12. Desmond King-DB- Iowa 13. Cam Sutton-CB-Tenn 14. Budda Baker-DB-Wash there are at least 8 pass rushers available late round one and into round 2 1 Tim Williams- OLB- Bamma 2. Takkarist McKinley- OLB-UCLA 3. Charles Harris-DE-Mizzou 4. Taco Charlton-DE-Mich 5. Zach Cunningham-OLB-Vandy 6. Tyus Bowser- OLB-Houston 7. Carl Lawson-DE-Auburn 8. TJ Watt-OLB -Wisc There are at least 5 OL available late round 1 and early round 2. 1. Cam Robinson-T-Bamma 2. Roderick Johnson-T- FSU 3. Garrett Boles-T-Utah 4. Taylor Morton-T-W.Mich 5. Forest Lamp-G- W. Kentucky At least 3 RBs 1. Dalvin Cook-RB-FSU 2. Christian McCaffery- RB-Stanf 3. Alvin Kamara- RB- Tenn At least a half a dozen WRs 1. Chris Godwin-WR-PSU 2. Cooper Kupp-WR-EMich 3. Curtis Samuel-WR-Ohio State 4. ArDarius Jones-WR-Bamma 5. JuJu Smith Schuster- WR-USC 6. Zay Jones-WR-ECU and a handful of ILBS 1. RaeKwon McMillian-ILB-Ohio State 2. Reuben Foster-ILB-Bamma 3. Jared Davis- ILB- Fla. SO that is 39 players over the last 10 picks of round 1 and the next 32 picks of round 2. In other words over 42 possible picks there are 39 players that could really be a steal for us. IF we could trade back and end up with an extra pick there (or more) it would only make sense. If we traded back and got somebody else's 2nd and 4th or something like that that would give us two picks in the 2nd (lost of those guys above will be available to us and to land two of them would be great) 2 picks in the 3rd and 2 picks in the 4th. This draft is so deep that while I am not typically a fan of trading back... I feel like it does not make sense to not trade back this year!
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    Just wanted to post a Manti Te'o meme for the road
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    Well. Given that the forum is shutting down.... I don't care if you are of the opinion of "you're making too many mocks. You need to stop. Devote your time and energy elsewhere. Make another mock "draft telking lyke diz. Et wuz funne" ". Well screw you, I am making one this week, next week, and draft week just to spite you! And then I'm making one the week after that! Why? Because we are going under anyway. Why the hell should I care? Here we go. Round One: Corey Davis, WR *As soon as we draft him. Joe Flacco goes down on his knees in the war room and starts kissing Ozzie's feet.* Joe: "Finally. I have a guy I can build with. Why have you neglected me for so long?" I love Perriman, and I think Joe and Wallace have great chemsitry. But we have the chance to draft a polished guy who can come in immediately and be a #1 WR. He's a good route runner, and smooth. He'd be a hell of a compliment to Perriman, and a red zone threat. Oh, and like Perriman he's good at jump balls. It's about damn time we catch up with the rest of the AFC north. Round Two: Tim Williams, OLB I'd be happy with either Alabama OLB. Williams is the better pass rusher between the two and I think he could have an immediate impact here as an edge player. I have a feeling that Ozzie would be a little more lenient with an Alabama player. Round Three: Pat Elflein, C See literally almost all of my mock drafts. I think with us trading Jernigan(the dumbest move of the offseason by far), we could compensate by finding a future center. Elflein would help our offensive line find an identity. He's nasty, but has some clear-cut issues. However, these issues are coachable, and some of them resulted from unconventional playcalling(credit to @-Truth- for pointing this out to me) that honestly set him up for failure at times. Round Three pt 2: Jake Butt, TE Spoiler alert: Jake Butt will be in every single one of my mocks. Round Four: Cameron Sutton, CB Round 5: Conor McDermott, OT "Bigger and Stronger Offensive line". Well, at 6'9, McDermott covers the bigger part. Let's finally get rid of Hurst shall we? McDermott is NOT a LT at the pro level. But with proper coaching and conditioning he could turn into a very intimidating RT. Which is something we need. He's a much better run blocker than pass blocker and was the only good player on UCLA's oline last season. Overall, even in the piss poor oline class, I feel that McDermott has potential to be a starting RT at the NFL level. Worst case scenario is that we sign a stop-gap like Dunlap and develop McDermott who could be a backup swing tackle. Round 6: Ezra Robinson, CB Another CB. Because we seem obsessed with adding some depth there Anyway, that's my mock. You'll be getting another one sometime next week, and then on draft day. And then after draft day.
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    Flacco should be 4-0 vs the Pats in their house. If Lee Evans holds on and if the defense could hold onto either of the 14 point leads.
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    Derek barnett will have a better first year than Myles Garrett!!
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    ^ goes out of his way to make a re-final mock to have us taking McDowell in the first round, guy comes out a few hours later as a flat Earther on twitter...whelp, guess who's making a new mock next week.
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    "If you are not already engaging us and other members of the Ravens Flock on our Facebook page, Instagram account, through Twitter or Snapchat, we invite you to follow us on those channels and continue to participate in our social communities." Go see the freakout on FB about the Jernigan trade and you'll realize how much more stupid shutting down this message board is. This is about as close as engaging in the ways they want us to as they will get. By closing the boards, your shutting down THE major social community you have. Then the draft will come and it will be worse because instead of engaging in football talk about the draft picks, it will be random comments one after the other without any football talk at all. While having all the social media is great, shutting down one form of a community(message board) and having one less way to communicate with fans is terrible. You should be looking at ADDING more ways to communicate and interact with fans, not removing ways.
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    Here is another one for you Ravens fanatics: Do any of you yell like maniacs during the games (especially the Ravens, Steelers, and Patriots)? My wife says that I can be heard by all the neighbors walking by my house and they "must think I am a mental case." I do tend to get a little crazy when I am in my house watching the game. Who am I kidding, she is right, I do yell like I lost my mind. Please tell me I am not the only one..........lol. I really do have a serious blood pressure problem, I was on 4 meds, but was able to lower it to 3. Since it is rare with our offense that we ever blow anyone out, my pressure can really spike during games and I get terrible headaches. If we lose, I really take our loses hard, and talking on this website is very therapeutic for me. I am going to miss these boards so much!!!!
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    obviously the Ravens will go 16-0!!!..... i reserve my right to adjust my predictions on a week to week basis once the season actually begins
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    And then Garrett gets hurt repeatedly and you have nothing to show for 3 high draft picks. What if we have another 5-11 season and pick top 10 or even top 5 next year? Bigger blunder. Never sell the farm to trade up unless you absolutely have a winning roster and you only need one player to get you over the hump.
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    Draftsite.com has us taking: Derek Barnett Zay Jones Carlos Watkins Sidney Jones with our first 4 picks. I'd be happy with that so long as we sign Mangold.