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    There are not enough words to describe my disapointment.....
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    Cam Cameron. When all else fails.... blame Cam Cameron.
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    I think we like Corey Davis, I'm calling decostas bluff
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    Ozzie's draft bread & butter positions are: LB, D Line, and O Line. If he decides to draft another OT 1st round, he must see something the rest of us don't and I'll be happy with his decision. So much hinges on a strong O Line, especially for the Ravens. A weak O line will mean terrible offense because Flacco falls apart when he's pressured, and our current RBs need some legit, great blocking to gain any significant yardage. God help us if we end up starting the season with the line we currently have. I'm really hoping we upgrade between now and Week 1.
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    I mean, if the picks fall in such a way that OL meets BPA, then I'm all for it. However, every OL in this draft is a reach at #16 overall, at least in my opinion, so we'd have to trade down for OL to be the BPA. Furthermore, it should be recognized that Alex Lewis is best as a RT; he lacks the leverage and push to be anything more than an average LG. Given this, any RT that is drafted essentially addresses the hole at LG by forcing a RT to play out of position at LG. If they reach for someone like Cam Robinson at #16, then I hope it's because they think he can be the next Osemele at LG; otherwise, it's a terrible pick.
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    Derek Barnett will fall right into our laps
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    My advice to the new OC? Get the Old Bay Ribs at Mission BBQ. They are amazing.
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    Never did a mock before, so I figured its time! And with the number 16 pick of the NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select... RICK ASTLEY He'll never give you up, he'll never let you down. He'll never run around and hurt you. And with those intangibles, I think he's worthy of our first rounder. Ill see my way out....
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    I feel like all of us with our fingers crossed for an exciting pick like Mike Williams or Corey Davis are going to be disappointed. I expect a good, but underwhelming pick like Cam Robinson or Forrest Lamp. I feel like we're looking at the Cowboys offense right now and trying to build a similar unit that can bully opposing defenses in the trenches. Also the Alabama boys Humphrey and Foster would be likely picks if either last that long. Last year we pretty much knew the few players who could possibly be the pick, this year it could be so many different players depending how the board falls, Thursday night is going to be very interesting.
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    We have 7 pics this draft. There's not that much trading back in the world to turn 7 picks into 13 picks. Nice try tho!
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    The more I think about it unless one of Corey Davis, Lattimore, Allen, Jamal Adams and/or Fournette is available to us at #16, its extremely likely we pick either Cam Robinson, Forrest Lamp or Marlon Humphrey. My money is on Cam Robinson.
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    My heart is set on either Corey Davis or Mike Williams, whichever is available.
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    I'm in on robinson dispite the alambam connectshon
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    This thread is roastworthy
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    I'm surprised no one has done this before.
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    I'm of the mindset that he's very refined and going to be a great pro, but he just lacks the elite athletic traits to make me think he could actually be an elite DE.
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    The NFL was different 25 years ago. But let's use your example - the Cowboys spent high draft picks on Dez Bryant, Felix Jones, DeMarco Murray, Julius Jones & signed high priced FA like Terrell Owens, etc. It wasn't until they drafted 3 x OL with their 1st Round picks did they actually become a play-off team.
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    Just reporting what I'm hearing. I can't decide whether I'd be happy to have Barnett or really pretty meh. Like, I fully expect him to be a really good pro; I just don't see that elite pro
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    I'm actually thinking there may be a sort of hand shake agreement with Mangold. A deal they both like on the table but both sides wanted to wait til after the draft. Mangold so he can enjoy a full offseason and also keep options open in case a vet goes down early in OTA's or something. But I have a feeling he ends up a Raven. Which imo does make the Cam pick more likely as he and Mangold would give us a big, nasty run blocking line. Stanley-Cam/Lewis-Mangold-Yanda-Cam/Lewis..... I like that. Grab Elflein if possible in the 3rd for the future and let one great Ohio State center help develop the next great one.
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    Well, since the boards are closing soon, this may your last opportunity to give some feedback to Marty, our latest in a long line of Harbaugh OC's. Honestly, if we see another steady diet of checkdown offense, he wont make it past the BYE. Some call it the West Coast Offense. The problem here, is Joe is not a west coast Qb, square peg in round hole. Joe has won a ring already, throwing deep passes, we brought in Perriman to get past defenders, only to check down to Juice. We used to see curls, deep crosses, outs, (to Mason, Boldin, Torrey) and now its a checkdown offense. Marty needs to be watching past tape on Joe, sees what he does well, draw up similar plays, and build the offense around that. Play to your players strengths, not make players play to your play calls. I did like the frequent crossing routes Marty used last season, but for whatever reason, we abandoned almost every other possible route options Joe used to have called from previous OC's, and that actually worked. Lets see some creativity this year, not predictabile vanilla offense, lets see Joe change plays at the los, based on what the D is showing him. Lets see some growth from our Franchise QB, and an OC who can call plays based on the personnell he has, not what he wants to do. Thoughts?
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    He is going to be a beast in the category of Julio Jones! I badly want this dude to catch Flacco's rockets this year.
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    I thought we had a generic video game thread, but I guess not... This game was an absolute gem. I never get 100% completion on any game, but I got every single trophy and 100% in game completion. This game was challenging and wasn't like many games where you can run and gun. It required actual thought and stealth to complete and avoiding combat was generally recommended. The main story by itself probably takes around 20 hours, but with all the side quests and getting all collectibles, you're going to spend probably closer to 75+. 10/10 would recommend.
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    I don't really know players value/stock, so I use big boards and Moton is generally outside the top 100, so that automatically puts him in the fourth. Couple that with the lack of quality footwork and being pegged into a man scheme and I think he could fall. I had him in the fourth in my last mock, but with these day three guys, you just never know where they'll go. I have no desire to phase Joe out, honestly, unless he continues his current play. I think he's capable of so much more, but this is two years in a row that he's showed shaky play. If he goes on for another year or two with mediocre play, I think Peterman could eventually take over. Plus, as the Patriots showed, is there really any harm to taking one?
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    A draft day surprise hits and Jonathan Allen takes a tumble all the way into Black & Purple. JK JK. I'm hoping for Barnett or Williams, but this one shot vote needs pragmatism. With that being said, I'm ticked everyone beat me to the punch already. I like the odds of Cam Robinson being the pick. Bama boy, check. Versatility, check. Offensive line has been ignored for a little while and I think the FO knows we need a great one to revamp our run game and get the most out of our QB. I have a hunch that Reddick could be our pick, but I am going with, Cam Robinson, Final Answer.
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    One thing for sure is, with Fosters dumb decisions, it actually effects us negatively. He was for sure going ahead of us. Now scouts are saying he may not go until day 2. That's one more prospect that's going to go ahead of our pick because he's an idiot. That is unless we decide to take Foster. But I don't see that happening at all. We have way too many holes to waste that high of a pick on ILB.
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    Probably because our wr's are not targeted as much as our backs are on the checkdowns, our fav passing play
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    I think if we spend some draft capital on the Oline it will make everyone on the offense look better. Marty just has to do his job and scheme to our strengths like run first and play action. Kubiak made Forsette look like a top 5 RB and Joe was on fire in 2014. Line and OC will matter more than using a first rounder on a RB or WR.
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    Not sure why this is getting hate. This is a pretty good mock draft. I like Humphrey and while there were others on the board I would've taken over Humphrey I still like the pick. Lawson is an injury concern but there's no denying him in the second and then Elfein is a HUGE get for me. I love that pick. Juju is okay not bad at all. I like what you did here
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    The proof is ultimately in the play. I can understand not wanting Cam at sixteen but if midway through the season, we are moving and scoring the football, if Joe has ample time to make reads and if it appears we have two stalwart bookends for the next five years, all will be well. Sometimes the context of a full draft, rounds 1-6 can soften a disappointing first round selection. And a little distance can and add perspective.
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    Moton is pretty much pegged into strictly a man blocking scheme and even then, he has to have major improvement to his footwork. He isn't quick and will give up the edge pretty easily. He's also slow to actually get out his punch, so he's just got to get quicker and faster before he's ready to start. I see no way a team takes him in the second. Apparently dating back to the Senior Bowl, the Ravens had been raving about Humphrey and showing vast interest. Of course, this was before signing Carr, but that won't stop the Ravens from drafting a corner. Humphrey is an excellent fit for the Tampa 2 and Cover 3, both staples of the Dean Pees defense. He's a scheme fit, a fit from a need perspective, and a first round talent from Ozzie's alma mater where he has connections. He's fully who I expect to be the pick (barring someone like Mike Williams being there). I think Barnett might be the most overrated prospect on these boards. You can find my thoughts on him all over the place. I'll fully support it if he's the pick, but he's far from my top choice. I also think you can get better value with a Lawson (second) or Tim Williams (third) than taking Barnett at 16. With Allen, those shoulders are apparently turning in major red flags. I don't think he comes even close to the Ravens if they check out, but if he begins to slide into the teens, I think he falls past the Ravens because that's a big red flag to how bad those shoulders are. I think Wilson is one of the top DB's in the class and I fully expect him to be a starter because of his vastly advanced ability to excel in press. He just lacks the long speed, but there's going to be a team that will value his technique over his athleticism (Seattle anyone?) and I'd bet money he goes in the first.
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    Peterman, from what I've heard, is being viewed in a similar light as Prescott as a later round guy capable of starting early. I think he and Kaaya are both forgotten in the shuffle. I really don't understand the hate for Humphrey.
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    Foster at 16 would be a steal. He is the epitome of what being a Raven is all about. We don't have any enforcers currently and he would put some teeth back in our defense.
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    I think his talent level is up there with Garrett and Adams. If he was a grade A character he very well could be first overall
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    As we get closer, I do believe we'll go O line first. Nothing else can improve if we don't have a dominant O line, in my opinion. Most of Joe's issues come from when he's being hurried into throwing. A dominant O line will help that a lot, not to mention helping the running game.
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    Ozzie is going to have good options. Guess I'd be least excited about an OT at 16.
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    The Ravens don't need a 1st round receiver, they do need a 1st round pass rusher.
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    I hate to say it but if Cam Robinson is as good as advertised, he would make a lot of sense.
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    No lol. As much as I like Tavon, you are definitely sleeping on Jimmy Smith. He is a top 5 corner if not higher in the NFL and one of the most underrated corners in the league. Led mostly every category last season until hurt. A team that was #1 the first 12 weeks went down to #9 or whatever it was in just the final 4 weeks with bottom 10 performances in those four weeks. Tavon is good but Jimmy Smith healthy is elite. People sleep on him because his lack of durability. But he really is a star in this league.