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    Wallace and I'm not thinking too hard about it. I got a lot of love for what Torrey has done here but I think Wallace can do a bit more than him.
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    The Falcons blowing a 25 point lead isn't Ryan's fault..... But Rings: Flacco:1 Ryan:0 Matt Ryan's Number is 2, Joe Flacco's number is 5. If you put two and five next to each other the number 25 is created. Joe Flacco has 1 super bowl ring. 25*1 is STILL 25.... The Falcons blew a 25 point lead. Never forget.
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    Ryan didn't choke, the falcons as a team did. Speechless
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    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000775730/article/xavier-rhodes-leads-top10-no-1-cornberbacks The ranking is just the Top 10 #1 Corners in terms of passer rating allowing when in coverage, but the write up on Jimmy points out a few key stats. The 45% catch rate of receivers in his coverage was 2nd lowest in the league, and the just over 9 yds per reception in his coverage was THE lowest. Also, in looking at the team passer rating chart... you see just how dominant our right side coverage (defensive) was.... where Jimmy mostly lined up. Nice to see someone outside Baltimore taking notice of Jimmy's dominance, and diving deeper than just INT's and break ups to show statistically how great he's been. Also nice to have that validation and some concrete numbers to throw at fans of other teams when I argue with them that Jimmy definitely is a Top 5-10 CB in the NFL... and they disagree just because they haven't heard of him.
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    Can we officially start talking about Yanda making a trip to Canton? This guy played over half the season on basically one arm and not only played at an all-pro level at right guard, but he did the same darn thing at left guard. I don't think you can overstate just how difficult that is to pull off. There is going to be one Jonathan Ogden sized hole in our line whenever he decides to hang it up. I can't help but get a little upset every time I think about all the potential years we could have had Yanda and KO mauling people together. Oh well, you can't afford what you can't afford. Congrats Marshal!
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    Thoroughly convinced that the patriots aren't the best team.. it was the falcons used the dean pees play book at the end of the game...
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    Not going to answer that poll. I change my mind every week...
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    Not sure if I've read anything questioning Jimmy's abilities in coverage. But stating the obvious, you can't cover anyone standing on the sideline in street clothes.
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    Frankly, he's just 1) bummed out that people all calling him out for playing so badly in the playoffs and 2) "hurt" from getting beat so badly Sunday. He wants sympathy and people to beg him to come back. As many others have said: drama queen.
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    He is WALKING away from the game. I would suggest he is amazingly over the top lucky.
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    Why not have Perriman watch all of Julio Jones' games and Flacco watch all of Brady's games too then??
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    Impossible. We don't accept those types of opinions around here.
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    It already started and you were skipped
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    Some people on these boards take the term "knee-jerk" to a whole new level.
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    To be fair he didn't lose the game for the Falcons. They hardly had the ball in the second half. He is a really good QB and I applaud him for his MVP season and I disagree with you that he choked. Where is the evidence of him choking? In fact he made some incredible plays or should I say Julio Jones made the best catch I have seen all season on that snag on the sideline.
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    Doesnt matter. Just enjoy the superbowl and hope cheatriots lose
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    Jabrill Peppers, of course.
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    i would find another team to root for if this was our draft
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    I don't think he's underachieved, so much has been expected of him but he's played in a dreadful offense. Everyone is talking up Pierre Garcon but let's comparing him side by side to Britt, I don't think he's been all that much better. Pierre Garcon G GS Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Att Yds Avg Lng TD 2016 Washington Redskins 16 16 79 1,041 13.2 70T 3TD 2015 Washington Redskins 16 16 72 777 10.8 39T 6TD 2014 Washington Redskins 16 14 68 752 11.1 70T 3TD Kenny Britt SeasonTeamReceivingRushingFumbles G GS RecYds Avg LngTD AttYds AvgLng TD FUM Lost 2016 Los Angeles Rams 15 15 68 1,002 14.7 66 5TDs 2015 St. Louis Rams 1614 36 681 18.9 60T 3TDs 2014 St. Louis Rams 16 13 48 748 15.6 63T 3TDs Like I said before, Garcon played in an offense that was up there with some of the passing offenses in the league and ranked 2nd in the league and 3rd overall offensively. Comparitevly Britt played in an offense that ranked as the 31st ranked passing attack and 32nd ranked offense as a hole. I'll also keep in mind that Kirk Cousins is light years better than anyone the Rams have. I like Garcon, but it's like if Julian Edelman were to come here from New England, that's nice but is he going to be better here than what he was with New England? I could certainly say that in our case, we would get a much better Kenny Britt from LA coming here and that's taking into account his impressive season.
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    Major ups to @-Truth- and @RavensFanMania for their hard work on the new, revolutionized version of the State of the Franchise where, get this... almost all of the math will virtually be done for you. We're opting to convert to a Google Doc spreadsheet this year where all you have to do is input your signings, trades, etc. and the math will be done for you via pre-populated formulas. Both of them worked tremendously hard on this and we think it will help manage the cap from both a member and management perspective a lot better. In order to access the document, please send an email address via PM to either myself, Truth, or RFM. Please don't everyone send them to me. A guy can only take so many PMs lol
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    If you had taken them, Flacco would have retired, Harbaugh would have quit, and we would have traded away CJ Mosley for a 7th rounder in real life. Come to think of it, some of our fans would love all three moves
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    Lol, we are just trying to make it fair for everyone joey.
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    I never once thought the game was over when the Falcons lead by 3 TDs; I had a feeling it's a setup for the Pats to make the first team to ever come back and win with 3TD deficit in SB history...
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    How awesome would it be to take a guy named BOWSER. Maybe he can kidnap that princess Brady in next years AFCG
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    It's official Zay Jones is amazing Ozzie draft that man please
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    Can we sign him just so i can laugh every time his name is called?
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    Well, actually, it does cut it. Look at the history of the NFL and tell me the team that is consistently good all the time. I mean literally pick anybody. We say that the Patriots are good all the time. Yet, for about the first almost 30 years of their existence as a franchise, they weren't that relevant at all. No SB appearances for the first 31 years in the NFL, and only two Conference Championship appearances in their first 26 years in the NFL. Stop and think about that for a second... how would you like to have a franchise that didn't play in a SB for 30 years straight? You guys freak out over 3 years. Most of you would have jumped ship after like year 10. Same thing with the Steelers. Viewed as this great, consistent, historic franchise who has the most SBs. Yet, they had a 26 year gap between SB appearances (never played in one in the 80s or 90s), and had only one Championship Game appearance in that same period. One Conference title game over 26 years. Can you imagine how you would react if that happened to a modern day team? Again, you'd have jumped ship long ago. Its called perspective. The best of the best franchises over the course of time win a Lombardi maybe once every 8-10 years, and literally all of them have 5-10 year stretches at least where they are largely irrelevant in the league.
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    Zuttahs making the pro bowl.. Time to end the pro bowl
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    Next year I am rooting for you guys to make the playoffs. Our only chance is if you eliminate the Patriots for us.
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    The Ravens are STILL the only AFC team to not crap their pants when they have to play at Foxboro in January.
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    In all my life I have never understood the reasoning behind this.....
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    Gonna bookmark this paragraph and wait until you see how much Tony Romo and Jay Cutler get paid in FA this season, as proof to validate what Joe's value would be worth (plus inflation) 2 years from now when that happens. Should give me a good chuckle. You can not seriously suggest that Romo or Cutler will get paid 24+ mil?! You know what, how about a wager? If Romo or Cutler get paid in the same ballpark as Flacco (23-24,5 mil cap hit(!) for 2017) under their new contracts, then I shut up for the rest of eternity regarding Flacco's salary and admit that below average QBs are worth 24mil. But if Romo and Cutler both get paid less than 23 mil (cap hit) for 2017, then you publicly admit that Flacco is vastly overpaid for a mind numbingly below average QB that he is and stop defending his contract. How's that, sound fair?
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    I think Micah Hyde would be a great addition to this team. He can play outside, slot, and both safety positions which would let the Ravens be more creative on the defensive side. To me, he is like a very poor man's Tyrann Mathieu. Also, with the amount of injuries we have at DB, his versatility would help soften the blow if/ when one of our guys go down.
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    I was really going to wait until after the combine and the start of FA to make my third mock draft but it's late and I have nothing better to do...so buckle up, here we go. I usually don't try to predict trades, but I'll make an exception here since this is being made pretty much on the fly. We trade our 1st (16th overall) and 3rd (Comp) to Detroit in exchange for their 1st (21st overall), 3rd, and 4th. So basically we're moving back in the first, up in the third, and acquiring a 4th. Round 1 (pick 21) - Sidney Jones // CB // Washington // 6'0", 185 lbs Jones is my top all around CB in the draft, but here I have him as the third CB taken behind Wilson and Lattimore. Why? I feel Wilson is the better CB within 20 yards of the LOS, but Jones is better all around, and Lattimore just has wicked potential. Jones is remarkable at staying with his man no matter what and staying disciplined while in coverage. Personally I think he's the best all around coverage corner in the draft, he doesn't have a major pitfall in any kind of coverage, he can do it all. On top of that, he is a surprisingly reliable run defender as well. We saw this past year what happens to our defense when Jimmy inevitably gets hurt, we go from being a contender for the best unit in football to hot garbage. Jones can step in right away and start opposite Jimmy on the outside, and let Tavon move inside to slot where his skillset is better suited. If/when Jimmy goes down we can kick Tavon back out and keep rolling forward. Round 2 - Haason Reddick // ILB/EDGE // Temple // 6'1", 237 lbs Reddick is a very interesting prospect, I don't know if there is anyone in the LB class that is more athletically gifted than him. I fully believe that with him and Correa on the field together our unit would be extremely tricky for offensive coordinators and players alike to decode, having two guys that can switch between ILB and EDGE would allow for some creative playcalling that'll disguise what we're going to do. Together he and Correa can be a duo that plays off each other and make each other better. The two of them on the field together would shut up the Correa deniers real quick, they seem like a pair that could spell nightmares for opposing offenses. However, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Reddick is in danger of not being here, in a relatively weak ILB top end, and he being so athletic and smart, he could start to rise even moreso than he already has. Round 3 - Jay Guillermo // C/G // Clemson // 6'3", 310 lbs It's no secret that Zuttah was the weakest link in our starting oline unit, we need to draft his successor. Since the Gradkowski debacle Zuttah has been a valuable asset starting at center for us and being mostly reliable, but this past year he took a very noticeable step backward. With a year of development Guillermo can take over from Zuttah and be our center for the future, in the mean time he is valuable depth up front in case injuries keep popping up. Guillermo fits the new look our oline seems like it'll go in now that we have a new set of coaches working with them, Guillermo is nothing if not a mauler. I don't think he'll be a guy capable of taking over year 1, so with him I think Zuttah will most definitely be starting come next year, which many around here would hate, but he's safer than the alternatives. Round 3 (from earlier trade) - Noah Brown // WR // Ohio State // 6'2", 220 lbs I know people hate taking WRs based on potential, especially since it hasn't worked out amazingly for us yet, but Brown is a very special case. First of all, I expect us to address the WR position in FA, honestly I don't think we can afford not to, the FA WR class is relatively strong with some notable names that we can afford to add, i.e. Garcon, maybe even a Brandon Marshall if he gets cut. Now Brown has all of the tools to be a great WR, he should have stayed for his final year at OSU, but he decided to declare early. He's a big bodies WR with good speed - though not a speedster, maybe he can sneak into the late 4.4s as far as the 40 goes - but on tape I am impressed with his ability in the intermediate area and his release off the snap is top tier, the guy gets separation more than his receiving numbers would indicate. Probably my favorite thing about him is that he is a very aggressive run blocker, just watch the guy, when it's time to run block in gets in there and attacks, which is great for a team like us that really wants to establish the run from the onset of the game. Round 4 - Ejuan Price // EDGE // Pittsburgh // 5'10", 246 lbs Unfortunately, based on where he's from it's pretty safe to assume that he's a Steelers fan, that being said, I'm happy to look the other way in this case. If Price is available this late then all teams are foolish to let him go by unpicked. Forget about his height, as a situational pass rusher in the NFL Price will be a star from the get go. His spin move is Freeney-esque, but he uses a variety of moves to get to opposing QBs and he's damn good at getting there. He's an immediate upgrade to our lacking pass rush and, in my opinion, he does have the strength to be more than just a situational guy eventually. Round 4 (from earlier trade) - Jordan Morgan // OG // Kutztown // 6'2", 313 lbs Another Senior Bowl kid that really impressed me playing at LG, held up very well in both pass blocking and getting very good push as a run blocker. Small school guy so he obviously needs some work, personally what I saw at the Senior Bowl as an area that could be improved is that he's impatient, if he doesn't have someone directly in front of him to block he moves out of position to block someone off the LOS, leaving the QB potentially vulnerable and opening himself up to a penalty for being downfield. Also, while run blocking he tended to move his guy straight back rather than trying to wall him off and opening up a hole. That being said, he held up very well against both Carlos Watkins and Montravious Adams, two guys that I really, really like that'll go much earlier than him, and I feel like both of the problems that I mentioned are fixable in time. One of our downfalls this season was lack of depth along the oline, Jensen regresses and Urschel just hasn't taken the step forward that we want him to. Now add into the equation that it's a possibility that Wagner will leave in FA (hopefully not, I think it would be a mistake to let him go), kicking Lewis out to RT in all likelihood, leaving us with a gaping hole at LG, we need interior blockers badly. One of the more intriguing - at least to me - things that I've found while going through the process is that in the past 10 years (possibly even further back, I didn't go back farther) we have taken a small school guy every year with only one exception (2011). I don't know about you all, but this is just a pattern that I never really noticed. And also something to keep in mind: we met with Morgan at the Senior Bowl, take from that what you will about whether we like him or not. Round 5 - D.J. Killings // CB // UCF // 5'10", 180 lbs Getting to that point in the draft where I'm just going to name an under the radar guys that I like, Killings is that guy. He's on the smaller side, but the guy is really smooth and QBs didn't challenge him all that much, however, when he was challenged he always showed up. Obviously not a perfect prospect right out of the gate, is any CB this late? but I see the tools of a guy that will surprise some people if given the shot. We need depth at slot CB, believe it or not I don't want to rely on Powers again next season, and I like DJ's fit with us. Round 6 - John Law // ILB // Appalachian State // 6'1", 235 lbs Again, guy I really like, see sideline to sideline athletic ability, coverage skills, packs some punch in the run game, and possibly most important, the instincts are there. ILB depth was a problem even when Zach Orr was on the team, now that he's gone we could use another guy, even if it's someone who won't see the field much aside from special teams. Also, having an ILB named "Johnny Law" would just be great. Round 7 - Karel Hamilton // WR // Samford // 6'0", 200 lbs This late, could be anyone, but during the East/West Shrine game Hamilton showed off some unbelievable hands and speed to go deep. Samford has been pumping out some good talent the past couple years, Michael Pierce for example, and I can see Hamilton carving out a role in the NFL. Main thing is though, guy has a top tier set of hands and I'd love to have this guy, for a team that for whatever reason loves to take guys with lots of speed and questionable hands - every freaking time - it'd be nice to have a guy with a set of reliable hands, and the guy even has the speed we always want so it wouldn't be much of a departure.
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    On your part it was a great move
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    Thank goodness we didn't lose the SB and have to offer flimsy excuses to justify a collapse of epic proportions. We made the plays when we needed them, the Falcons did not. Goes across all phases and players. Yes, including the QB position.
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    We now have politically correct owner of the DC franchise.
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    The most interesting thing about this, and something I've never thought about previously, is that Rice is the only 2nd round pick we've resigned. Sadly, that worked against the team since he only played one year under the new contract and it was a very bad year for him on the field
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    1. Cleveland Browns- Myles Garrett DE Texas A & M: Much like the Texans in 2014 when they took Clowney over a QB, I don't see the Browns passing on Garrett. Good building block for Greg Williams. 2. San Francisco 49ers- DeShone Kizer QB Notre Dame: What to expect out of John Lynch? Who knows, but they do need a QB. Kizer is here for now, unless they like what they see out of Watson leading up to the draft. 3. Chicago Bears- Jonathon Allen DT/DE Alabama: They could fall for Watson but Allen is too good to pass up. If the Bears plan on winning the NFC North, they have to get to Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford. 4. Jacksonville Jaguars- Leonard Fournette RB LSU: When the Giants won their Super Bowls, they had backs like Jacobs and Bradshaw to compliment Eli Manning. Fournette can be the compliment Bortles needs to take pressure off him and have a good running game to control the clock. 5. Tennessee Titans(via LA)- Mike Williams WR Clemson: The Titans reportedly like Williams and he would make for a great number one for Mariota. 6. New York Jets- Marlon Humphrey CB Alabama: Revis Island is sunk. Revis is old and his age showed big time last season. The Jets grab his replacement taking advantage of this great corner class. 7. Los Angeles Chargers- Jamal Adams S LSU: I had Hooker here but with his recent surgery I expect him to drop, a little. The Chargers missed Weddle, and get his replacement here. 8. Carolina Panthers- Solomon Thomas DE Stanford: Charles Johnson is a free agent, if they bring him back this pick changes. For now, the Panthers get a stud pass rusher as they look to rebound and get back to the playoffs in 2017. 9. Cincinnati Bengals- Derek Barnett DE Tennessee: If the Bengals cut bait with Adam Jones for his latest stupidity, this changes to Lattimore. They need someone opposite of Dunlap, and Barnett could provide exactly what the Bengals need to jump the Steelers & Ravens in the division. 10. Buffalo Bills- Deshaun Watson QB Clemson: Someone will fall in love with Watson. Whether it's the 49ers, Jets or Bills remains to be seen. With Tyrod Taylor expected to be gone, the Bills finally hope they found their franchise quarterback in Watson. 11. New Orleans Saints- Reuben Foster LB Alabama: The Saints defense is still a mess, taking a LB like Foster could help turn things around. 12. Cleveland Browns(via PHI)- Malik Hooker S Ohio State: I'm dropping Hooker for now but not too far. The Browns need safety help and take advantage of a top prospect falling to them. 13. Arizona Cardinals- Corey Davis WR Western Michigan: Fitzgerald told ESPN that he is coming back for 2017 but they need someone for the future. 14. Philadelphia Eagles(via MIN)- Dalvin Cook RB Florida State: Carson Wentz is going to have input on what the Eagles do this off season and a RB like Cook will most certainly take pressure off Wentz. 15. Indianapolis Colts- Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio State: Chris Ballard knows the impact of a talented corner as he was there when the Chiefs drafted Marcus Peters. This will provide a huge boost to the Colts defense that badly needs improving. 16. Baltimore Ravens- Quincy Wilson CB Florida: I think it's time we get a legit corner opposite Jimmy Smith. We can not go into 2017 with Wright as a starter, Tavon will make for a great nickel and a solid 1-2-3 punch with Smith/Wilson/Young and Double W(Webb and Weddle) at Safety. 17. Washington Redskins- Zach Cunningham LB Vanderbilt: The Redskins can upgrade from Will Compton and Mason Foster. 18. Tennessee Titans- Jabrill Peppers S/LB Michigan: Tennessee grabs their Safety of the future. The Titans need to upgrade their secondary, and get a major boost here, 19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Christian McCaffery RB Stanford: With Doug Martin's suspension and the fact he's cooled off since his rookie year, the Bucs are ready to move on from him. They may trade ahead of Philly for Cook but for now take the third best RB in this class. 20. Denver Broncos- Cam Robinson OT Alabama: No matter who the Broncos franchise QB is, Denver needs to upgrade their protection. Robinson is great value here and can immediately start at right tackle. 21. Detroit Lions- Caleb Brantley DT Florida: They took A'Shawn Robinson last year but having someone who can grow along side him for the next 8-10 years would be ideal. 22. Miami Dolphins- Taco Charlton DE Michigan: Mario Williams is likely to be released, and Miami needs some young pass rushers. 23. New York Giants- Jarrad Davis LB Florida: Kelvin Sheppard is a FA and will need to be replaced. 24. Oakland Raiders- Malik McDowell DT Michigan State: The Raiders need to improve their defense, as they were ranked toward the bottom of the league. If the Raiders want to take the next step, improving the defense is a must. 25. Houston Texans- Mitch Trubisky QB North Carolina: The Texans ownership has already said Osweiler will have competition next year. Trubisky will fall as soon as the height concerns(shorter than what North Carolina lists him at) become reality. That won't stop Houston as they are in need of a true franchise quarterback. 26. Seattle Seahawks- Ryan Ramcyzk OT Wisconsin: The Seahawks offensive line was the weakest part of the team in 2016. An upgrade at OT is needed and Ramcyzk will give a boost to Russell Wilson's protection in 2017. 27. Kansas City Chiefs- Takkarist McKinney OLB UCLA: Dee Ford is entering a contract year, will KC give him the money he's looking for? If not, they can prep another pass rusher to take over when he leaves. 28. Dallas Cowboys- OJ Howard TE Alabama: The future after Tony Romo is clear, Dak Prescott. Jason Witten is playing at a high level but grooming his successor would be wise. If this happens, Dallas' offense will be set for the next 10-15 years. 29. Green Bay Packers- Sidney Jones CB Alabama: The Packers secondary makes our secondary look good. An upgrade is badly needed as they can not continue wasting away what time Aaron Rodgers has left(Turns 34 in December) 30. Pittsburgh Steelers- TJ Watt OLB Wisconsin: James Harrison may comeback in 2017 but they need to find some young blood. Watt would provide Pittsburgh a talented pass rusher opposite Bud Depree. 31. Atlanta Falcons- Dan Feeney G Indiana: Chris Chester is a free agent, and part of the Falcons success is because they invested in their offensive line. They continue doing so here. 32. New England Patriots- Tim Williams DE Alabama: Yeah Williams is likely to drop to the second round but the Patriots did pick up Michael Floyd after his DUI. Chris Long and Jabaal Sheard are free agents, so the Patriots take a gamble on a troubled player and will be called geniuses and that this was a great move, opposed to someone else taking him and being called a bad pick. Ravens Round 2-4: Round 2, Ethan Pocic C LSU: This may be a reach in the second but Travis Frederick was a reach when he was picked too. An upgrade over Zuttah is needed, and giving him competition may light a spark under him. Or Pocic will out perform him, take over and help lead our running game to great success like he did for Leonard Fournette. Round 3, Tyus Bowser OLB Houston: We pay lots of attention to the Senior Bowl, Bowser was the sack leader for Houston and showed off his coverage skills during senior bowl week covering a first round prospect in OJ Howard. Ozzie and co will snatch him up and make him another senior bowl standout drafted by the Ravens. Round 4, Cooper Kupp WR Eastern Washington: We haven't addressed WR yet in this draft but something tells me we may do so in FA like we always do. So while it took a while, we finally get that WR to pair with Perriman.
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    Don't think he ever beats new England in Boston in January personally. Not many have and flacco has been a huge reason we've been able to, so has rice.
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    If you made me pick right now, I'm running up the podium with Mike Williams or Marshon Lattimore.
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    Get ready ya'll. 2017 sign ups will be coming soon. We're bumping the game back ever so slightly this year so we can get those cap updates.
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    i will say without question that i think jimmy smith a better cover guy than any of them, i think ive seen each of those guys get toasted in very limited watches(ill watch maybe 3 or 4 games from them per season) more than i see from jimmy in all of his games. ive seen sherman get beaten deep many many times, i dont see talib get beat very much at all but his utter ignorance separates them, norman is pretty scheme locked but he doesnt get beaten much, peters is a feast-or-famine guy who loses far more than jimmy, peterson is an exceptional athlete but he gets beaten by the elite route runners whereas jimmy shuts down AB almost every time he plays him. i honestly feel like if jimmy smith was given 3 fully healthy seasons where he wasnt rehabbing all year and playing out of shape, he would be the best cover corner in the league during that span. he would have the lowest target, completion, YPA, and passer rating-against numbers league wide, he does it year after year while playing at far less than 100%. its really a shame he cant stay healthy.
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    Id argue that Dixon absolutely has the potential to be one of the best running backs in the league.
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    We should have a million football fan march to protest the tyranny of the Patriots.