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  2. Yeah, that's a good idea. Trade away a maybe half decent player for the "third worst edge rusher" in the NFL. The only way I'd do that, is if the Eagles were dumb enough to take Pathetic Joe and his pathetic contract off the Ravens hands.
  3. Washington Malcolm Smith 3 stars
  4. This past fall, there was a small article in SI wherein a sports marketing firm is planning to launch a professional cricket league here in America. The version of cricket to be played is called Twenty20, or T20 - a variant wherein a match can be completed in three hours. There are no teams announced as of yet, nor locations for the clubs, but the firm is hoping to make good - and I'm looking forward to this. I welcome your comments in regard to this possible new league.
  5. I may try to obtain "The Tender Trap" on DVD sometime soon; great Frank Sinatra movie with Debbie Reynolds, Celeste Holm and David Wayne.
  6. I like the draft. I think one way to make it better tho is to take an Olineman instead of De'veon Smith (who I like too btw) and to put Hall or another tier 3 pass-rusher not named Phillips. I didn't watch any tapes of him, just the senior bowl drills and he didn't look comfortable there. Too easy to contain him. I promise I'll find some tapes and build an informed ompinion on the guy as soon as possible. I love Smart and saw you were also mentioning him back in November, if I'm no mistaken. Reeves-Maybin would be an interesting one too.
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  8. Despite the cuts you mentioned and the 2017 space that would be so created we will have to deal with Mosley, Jernigan, Urschel contratcs which will be expiring one year from now. All of this might work for one season but it would be a big problem already in 2018. The draft itself looks good imo. I like it, even tho you've been too optimistic on Pocic (who should be a lock in the top 50-60), Switzer and Price, imo.
  9. Broncos LB, Gerald Hodges 2 Stars
  10. Broncos LB, JT Thomas 0.5 Stars
  11. Broncos LB, Paul Worrilow 0.5 Stars
  12. Miami Dolphins Spencer Paysinger 1 star Miami Dolphins Jelani Jenkins 1.5 stars
  13. Most years a 11 mil NT and a 8mil RT would land you at least a 3rd and a 4th round comp. Probably not this year tho because of the number of drafted players in that 2012 draft potentially jumping ship. Comp picks formula depends on a number of things and for starters, I see a few other players that could surpass Williams and Wagners contracts thus droping us to a 4th and 5th round comp picks. (Collins, Cyprien, Jeffry, and a few others)
  14. Rotoworld thinks Pitta might be gone. One can only hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Cleveland Browns ILB Lawrence Timmons 2 stars
  16. We won't have that much cap space
  17. Cleveland Browns ILB Malcolm Smith 2 stars
  18. Cyprien is a guy I really liked coming out of college. The knock on him back then was if he was fast enough transitioning to the NFL level. Well he proved that to be wrong as he's much faster in game speed than his 40 time. He would be a great compliment to weddle but i don't know if his price is doable. I would be hesitant to just let go of Webb but if Cyprien is the reason then it's good enough for me
  19. Cleveland Browns ILB Kevin Minter 4 stars
  20. Facts must be hard to handle. It's ok, we have all been there, but most of us actually graduated. The Ravens poor FO and awful coaching is what's hard to handle
  21. I really like the idea of individualized program for each player that addresses their specific needs. Plus if he can address the muscle imbalances with each player that should be a great preventative measure, so hopefully we see a reduction in achilles and hamstring injuries.
  22. I'm still throwing all my apples in the WR bucket for Zay Jones.
  23. It was such a joke that Harbaugh and the staff came back. And it's hilarious/sad when feel try to deny that our drafting ability is falling off a cliff. Made me sick to my stomach when all saw Marty was coming back, THEN I saw ALL of them were back. Makes me wanna puke. And that offensive line statement....I though it was funny when there was a article on here asking if John would ever run for office....He'd be a perfect politician. There's always crap coming out of his mouth, says cliche things that "should" be said, then does nothing. That's the Ravens coach....... :(
  24. When have i disagreed with "we need to draft better?" I dont get some people on here, they completely ignore when "homers" criticize the FO yet the moment we stand by a decision the negative neds come out and attempt to bash, with no informed opinions other than,,,,we suck at this, we suck at that, etc. You are so blinded by your negativity and lack of an informed opiion you cant even tell when people agree with you. Yea, cause DSmith, SSr, Boldin, Wallace, Weddle were such terrible signings..they're sooooo old. I didnt like the Watson signing, not one single fan will like every single move by the FO. If you want to pay a G 13mill a year, have fun, sound like a Raiders fan, Have they won anything yet? Nope. And poor drafting has nothing to do with retaining a player..... Don't know if you noticed but the Raiders organization is in a much better state than ours right now. Live in the past all you want. And KO averages 11.7 a year over his contract, not 13. And yes, having the best Guard in football (him and Yanda) for 11.7 over the 5 years, especially with the cap going up, is not a bad deal at all. Not responding or getting involved in the whole conversation, but those last few lines just don't make any sense
  25. Corey Davis is my #1 on my wish list. I think king would be a great replacement for Webb and/or weddle when they're no longer with the team. Only thing I wish in this scenario is an upgrade on the offensive line at some stage in the draft.
  26. So how's your bookmark working out for you. Reportedly literally no early interest in Cutler to the extent, that he hinted retirement. Still think a below average QB like Flacco is worth being paid 24,5 mil? Just to add the source: “(He’s) one of several veterans who are still considering whether they want to play, whether they want to not play, retire, walk away,” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said Wednesday on NFL Total Access. “A lot of things in play here for Jay Cutler.” The Cardinals, one of the possible landing sports for Cutler noted they have ‘zero interest’ in the QB.
  27. I completely agree, 2013-2015 his cap number corresponded very fairly to his quality as a QB. It was not the problem back then and not once did I complain about it. From 2016, however, he is one the highest paid QBs. Unfortunately, he is not playing even as a top 10 QB. If he was, I would not complain. Or, if his cap hit ranked around 15th among QBs (which would still be pretty generous), i.e. he'd get 18-19M, I would not complain either. It would open up enough cap space so we could afford not losing some of our key FAs. Instead, he's soon to be the top paid QB, but in spite of that needs a lot of help from his teammates to be adequate. We can not afford that, though, one of the biggest reasons for that is Flacco's contract. Of course it was just one year under his enormous cap number. Who knows, he might be the league's MVP next year and justify his contract. I really really hope so. But if he doesn't and has another below average season, it'll be interesting to hear what the FO has to say about him. I also agree with you that this probably would not be an issue, if we would have been able to draft better, especially in the early rounds and especially on offense. But we haven't. This is the other major reason why, in my opinion, we are in such a crappy spot right now. And I've called out the FO on these boards many times for it. In fact, most of our recent early round draft picks have been some of the biggest busts in the league. And the few truly great early round picks we manage to find we can't keep, because we don't have the cap room.
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