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  2. Im expecting a trade down to around 23 and possibly selecting a lineman.. I would love to draft Taco or Peppers if they are still there after we trade down..
  3. I wanted Honey Badger and La'el. If Conley falls to the 2nd, pull the damn trigger, Ozzie!
  4. Speaking of spoilers, here is some info on all of that
  5. It's in Ravens Talk. Only admins can start threads in the Game Threads forum.
  6. This is what the people want.
  7. I've tried. Might stop one or two. We can still suspend you. :-)
  8. And the reply to that tweet was so do the Browns
  9. And PLEASE, I'm begging you, don't spoil the announcements. No matter what you see on Twitter, etc., don't post spoilers before the pick is formally announced on TV. PLEASE!
  10. No he didn't. He tweeted that the Falcons are at 31 but want to move up and Bills are at 10 but wan't to move down.
  11. confirmed
  12. I haven't been here all day and this is the first thing I read.....sheesh.......LOLOLOLOLOL
  13. Taylor moton is my guy
  14. Of course you chime in with your 2 cents just like that other genius when i requested keep your 2 cents to yourself please. Just ENTER THE PICK -how difficult was that? Jeesh maybe they have a kiddie board you all can migrate too when the babysitters here blow this thing up
  15. I think there is a good chance that no one will be left that the Ravens want to draft at 16 and they trade back a few spots to get someone in the second tier of their board and an extra 3rd round pick.
  16. Let's see what goes. I'm not sure what to expect tonight.
  17. Steve Smith also said Cooper Kupp is the best WR in the draft. Hes media now. As much as i love him, his opinions are just opinions. And highlights tapes arent a great way to get an opinion on a prospect.... its literally a compilation of their best plays. Gotta evaluate the bad too.
  18. Lamp has a great sponsorship deal as well
  19. Somewhat related question: anyone know the best way to watch the draft? I've always just stuck to ESPN, but always wondered if theres better options out there.
  20. Today
  21. not taking westbrook. 2 DV cases.
  22. Like that worked ever before
  23. He's my Hail Mary pick, step off sister
  24. Wasnt going to pick Lamp, but now that you mention it.....
  25. Go to main page, scroll over "flock" then choose contests or whatever it is. Pick the pick for $10k. I swear if you choose Lamp you won't make it through the night...not a threat, not that warning mean anything at this point anyway...
  26. Latest rumors are that Newsome instructed Foster to act up at the combine, assuring his drop to where the Ravens are cool with trading up to take him. How's that, @arnie_uk ?
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