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  2. I think Steelers took JuJu to prevent Ravens getting. There no way they need another receiver. After Cooper was gone, all the other receivers would not have been a top 3 guy on our roster anyway. The pick I question was Wormley. May have been better to grab a OT or C there, but I think he will be a good player. However, you have to think someone on the roster now will be cut
  3. In Maxx's first year, he was coming on at the end of his first season, TE is typically a position that takes time to get acclimated to the NFL. Last year he was on IR all season, give the guy a chance.
  4. Bowser +2 Wormley +2 Williams +2 Nailed day 2. Hoping to keep it rolling for day 3.
  5. Rivers and Beckwith are off the board already. I'd replace them with Joe Mathis and Jalen Reeves-Maybin
  6. Derek Rivers got drafted by the Pats.
  7. At OT Will Holden and Adam Bisnowaty are still available, and I know some around here like Eric Magnuson
  8. I'm hoping for Brad Kaaya.... I really am. Sorry Joe.
  9. I love Morgan, I think we like him and I put him in all of my mocks. If you hammer out some minor technique issues then you've got a very good LG immediately.
  10. lol I just posted Jordan Morgan as my guess for next pick. Lets hope. I think he could play RT or LG... def better fit for LG... and step in day 1 to become a 10 yr type starter with all pro upside.
  11. Y'all will be surprised when we draft a QB.
  12. Some of my favorite day 3 prospects: OL: Jordan Morgan, Jermain Eluemenor, Jon Toth, Chase Roullier, Justin Senior, Zach Banner WR: Ryan Switzer, KD Cannon, Noel Thomas, Deangelo Yancey TE: Jake Butt, Bucky Hodges, George Kittle, Jonnu Smith RB: Donnell Pumphrey, Tarik Cohen, Jahad Thomas DB: Howard Wilson, Damontae Kazee, Corn Elder, Nate Hairston, Treston Decoud, Desmond King, Eddie Jackson LB: Harvey Langi, Kendell Beckwith, Keion Adams Edge: Carl Lawson, Derek Rivers, Ejuan Price DL: Eddie Vanderdoes, Carlos Watkins, DJ Jones A cpl of these may have been picked. I stopped watching the 3rd round after our picks. But plenty of talent with big upside... Calling Jordan Morgan as a Ravens pick. Has Ozzie written all over it.
  13. Got to sleep in, so I'm feeling good I'm a bit upset that Carl Lawson and Ejuan Prince - and to a lower extent Joe Mathis - are still available right now considering I think we're going to stay pretty far away from pass rusher for the rest of the draft. I think that safety is the only position on D that there's a possibility that we address, Des King or Eddie Jackson to make it a triple crown of Bama players would be steals this late. However I think we're going to go oline in the 4th, even if we trade back a bit, with Jordan Morgan.
  14. I don't see our offensive situation as bleak as many think. That being said, I would have liked to see a top notch OL picked. If we had that, I would be alright. I wanted Mike Williams, but we weren't getting him unless we traded up.
  15. I'm sure the Patriots are worried. Jefferson on Gronkowski and Weddle on any other TE they have (Allen), and Young and Humphrey should be able to cover guys like Hogan and Cooks. Then we got pass rushers galore in Williams and Bowser. I like what we did here.
  16. I love Bowser and Williams oicks 2 stud pass rushers. But now its on to Day 3, must address WR/OL. Rnds 4-6 options... OL Roderick Johnson, julien Davenport, Chad Wheeler, Will Holden, McDermott OG Dorian Johnson, Zach Banner, Siragusa, Asiata, Eluemonur Wrs Westbrook, Dupree, Ford, N.Brown, Switzer, Chad Hanon, Josh Malone, Kd Canon, So gotta come away with WRs/OL today, or offensive weapon. I could see if they feel a TE like Jake Butt fell to them, or Something maybe a generational prospect take him. But must come away with offense
  17. You do realize Ozzie did pick Matt Elam and Author Brown just to name a few. We'll know how good this defense is or could be after the Bengals game. This guy's don't need their heads swelled any more than they already are.
  18. The defense better be ready to score some points, Joe will be running for his life, and the run game will be non existent! we pay Joe $20 some million, and don't protect him, WHY?
  19. I'm actually really surprised at some of the talent left the draft. There's still some really good players.
  20. At $25m a year, Flacco needs to do more, period (see other $20+ QBs such as Brady & Rodgers). Who was the goof that gave him that contract? Ozzie could have had a better deal but agreed to walk away.
  21. Humphrey actually excels at stopping short passes. It seems like our defense is now perfectly built to stop the Pats.
  22. *People are having coronaries". Relax folks. There are still a lot of offensive guys out there that are Great Players. Not only that. I don't believe we are done on the veteran scale. I still believe that Ozzie and Co. bring in some players in the next week or so. There are teams that are going to release players. Players that are out there in Free Agency, and we have seen this more lately, that have not signed because they wanted to wait until after the draft. They want to see where they are needed and wanted.
  23. Yeah, but they also lost a good RT and the best WR on their roster. The defense, that was already top 10, is getting upgraded and an offense that struggled for much of the season is getting weaker.
  24. To be fair to mark sanchez he's not a good qb but apparently he was invaluable to dak Prescott last year as a mentor type guy and I think that's part of the reason the bears brought him in with mike Glennon and now trubisky
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