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  2. I think the big issue on the offensive end was Red-zone scoring, I love Tucker but the offense made him look too good, they need to keep him off the field sometimes. I would like to point out that while the Ravens were good at avoiding 3 and outs, they surely did not do a good job of obtaining 1st downs ranking 26th in the league in that category, you can find all of the worst offensive teams in the league in that group. I think the issue is still the Ravens not being able to sustain Drives, especially in situations where they got good field position, something we saw too many times.
  3. He would have to take a pay-cut but why would he be a back-up? He was pretty good overall and had a top-5 coverage grade in the final 6 weeks of the season. I think Webb was one of the guys who contributed largely to the secondary in the 1st half of the season. IMO Webb has been catching too much flack this season.
  4. I don't know about a pay-cut, I think they're going to just flat out cut him. You got a group of young(Yes, unproven guys) that you invested so much into, time to see who steps up. Not to mention that as others have said and I totally agree with this, Joe is becoming too reliant on Pitta and needs to spread the ball around. I am a fan of Pitta and will never forget what he did for the Ravens and the memories he gave us fans, but it might be time to move on.
  5. Here is one for you Tank92. Make sure to read the facts!
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  8. Atlanta Falcons Trade Update: Mohamed Sanu (6 Stars) There's too many "ifs" on the Free Agent WR market and the proven commodities are going be overpriced. I'm willing to listen to offers for what possibility a top ten WR in the free agent market.
  9. Cut: Mike Wallace, Elvis Dumervil, Kendrick Lewis, Benjamin Watson (Savings 16.5 million) Trade Round 7 for Conner Barwin (7.5 cap this year) Free Agents: Alshon Jeffrey (5 years - $65 Million; ala TY Hilton's contract 4-5 cap this year) Tony Jefferson (4 years - $24 Million; 3-4 cap this year) Sylvester Williams (4 years - $20 Million 2-3 cap this year) Resign: Lawrence Guy Kyle Juszczyk Still leaves the team around 7 Million to round out with some veteran backup Round 1: Corey Davis, WR: Western Michigan Round 2: Desmond King, CB: Iowa Round 3: Ethan Pocic, C: LSU Round 3 Comp: Zach Banner, OG: USC Round 4: Ryan Switzer, WR: UNC Round 5: Ejuan Price, OLB: Pitt Round 6: Xavier Woods, S: Louisiana Tech Davis gives us a player to work the intermediates, while Switzer gives us a guy to work the underneath with Perriman taking the top off. King is a natural ball hawk who fills in across from Jimmy pushing Wright into a lesser role where he can excel more. Pocic and Banner give us a massive (literally) boost to the left side of the line allowing Lewis to move to RT Price is a Dumervil clone, only much younger and cheaper. Woods is an under the radar guy that has the bark and leadership to take a late round flier on
  10. Matthew Stafford still played great last year with out Megatron but his touchdowns and completion went down from his 2015 seasons.Every quarterback has a blanket and it's not like Stafford reached a new level of quarterback play after Calvin Johnson retired atleast according to stats . I doubt The Ravens aren't going to sign a veteran receiver and if they do or don't Joe Flacco will simply just have to find another blanket to throw to . The last time he didn't have a security blanket was in 2013 and it didn't work out well for him which motivated The Ravens to sign Steve Smith Sr in the first place.The only way Flacco get's better is if he actually does something similar to what Matt Ryan did during the offseason in 2016 which is probably hiring a good quarterback coach to work on his mechanics, working with his receivers, and working hard to get on the same page with Marty M so by the time training camp gets started he'll be comfortable within the offense.
  11. I'm a bit Pitta fan, but I think this is probably the best result. A ton of catches yes, but most short receptions with no YAC. A paycut is a possibility, but the incentives threshold is going to be much higher this year since he played in all 16 games and had 80+ receptions, so finding a middle ground may be more difficult this time around (it was easy last year since he played 0 games in 2015). I'd also be leery of incentives again, since they will hit the 2018 Cap as a negative adjustment if earned, thereby reducing Cap space (just as the $3M in incentives he earned in 2016 are now going to be a negative adjustment on the 2017 Cap). I'd prefer they use this year to clean up their Cap and doing incentives that could end up hitting the 2018 Cap isn't in furthering that goal.
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  16. I believe the best piece the Ravens could get in free agency is Johnathan Cyprien. That's the player we need at the back end; a physical type hard nose safety that could give us some physical ness in the secondary and he's will be a perfect complement with Weddle. Johnathan Cyprien made 127 tackles last year as a safety so that would be a huge addition to the team.
  17. Great points.
  18. Just seen the best two round mock so far, Barnett in the first with us trading up with I think Philly to take Budda Baker. Talk about instant infusion of talent. Baker's tape might be the most entertaining to watch. He might not be the honey badger but he certainly looks like the Tasmanian DevilšŸ˜ˆ
  19. Weird, we haven't drafted someone as good as Reed....who is easily considered one of the best S's of all time....damn our FO sucks. You act like we are the only one who misses on draft picks, its comical.
  20. When have i disagreed with "we need to draft better?" I dont get some people on here, they completely ignore when "homers" criticize the FO yet the moment we stand by a decision the negative neds come out and attempt to bash, with no informed opinions other than,,,,we suck at this, we suck at that, etc. You are so blinded by your negativity and lack of an informed opiion you cant even tell when people agree with you. Yea, cause DSmith, SSr, Boldin, Wallace, Weddle were such terrible signings..they're sooooo old. I didnt like the Watson signing, not one single fan will like every single move by the FO. If you want to pay a G 13mill a year, have fun, sound like a Raiders fan, Have they won anything yet? Nope. And poor drafting has nothing to do with retaining a player.....
  21. 3 safeties in a row? No thanks. Besides, going in drafting for position is how you end up reaching and making a bad cut. usmccharles = dacosta and we've seen that drafting the best player available has really helped us build a solid foundation of young players over the past five years- lol... something needs to change- plus we've brought on 10 safeties and 10 TEs to this team and none of them have been as good as Pollard, Reed, Heap, etc...
  22. Ravens need a lot of help period. maybe let someone else run the draft this year besides oz and dacosta
  23. Sad to see Wagner go but like KO we have to let them go due to poor frafting and trying to play catch up with old FAs
  24. Easier said than done, Harbs..Dallas drafted very well to build that line- what we did was take Elam in the first round, as well as Perriman in the first round- that's not how you build the line that will win game in the trenches- enough said
  25. Hate to see this potentially happen but would agree with the move. Joe is too reliant on Pitta, much like Stafford was with Megatron. Then after Calvin's retirement he spread the ball more to different recievers not being stuck on one specific. Joe did the same with Steve Smith, this could make Joe better the same way it helped Stafford since he won't have either of his blankets.
  26. Are you ever going to suggest solutions, ideas, opinions outside of this team sucks at everything? I'm convinced you were on this board with a different screen name. I get you don't like the direction we are going, but you literally just sit here and complain about everything. Why not actually try to say something where we can develop a discussion, ya know... What message boards are for. usmccharles = Eric DaCosta The truth hurts, and Chuckx999 only is telling the truth- if he didn't care, he wouldn't be on this site like me telling the Ravens what went wrong. The Ravens can't live in the past anymore- lets' face it, we've had bad drafts, bad coaching (secondary and Juan Castillo), and hopefully, we'll learn from our mistakes and be better. Now that Flacco takes up so much salary cap space, it puts our FO to be that much better and smarter about drafts- so if we don't succed there, we won't make it- that's why the pats are so good every year- they know how to draft people that fit their system- we've had so many different systems, we dont know who we are- we used to be a defnesive team but now we think we're an offenseive team- we're neither. we had a top ranked defense last year because we had an easy schedule becasue the prior year we did terrible. the solution is give oz and dacosta and harbs one more year- if they can't succeed, then someone needs to get the ax Complacency is not good, and i commend Bisciotti for being patient but hes a smart businessman and wont let this go on forever either if we continuie to have poor results
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